Stop Poisoning Drinking Water with Fluoride

Target: US Congress

Goal: To get cities and municipalities to stop adding fluoride to drinking water

Over 60% of the US’s water supply is fluoridated – a practice that began in the 1950s when it was believed that adding fluoride to water, food, and toothpaste would strengthen children’s teeth.  However, in recent years, the American Dental Association (ADA) has confirmed that fluoride (which is a toxic substance) destroys tooth enamel, particularly in developing children and babies. In a study done in New Zealand, it was recently discovered that the teeth of children in non-fluoridated areas were, in fact, better than the teeth of children in areas where water had been fluoridated.

The most common result of fluoridation is a condition known as dental fluorosis, which causes the enamel on teeth to become mottled and discolored, essentially decaying the tooth from the inside out. Dental fluorosis affects about 20% of children in the United States, especially children living in areas with fluoridated water who brush their teeth more than once a day.  On top of causing damage to teeth, studies are emerging which show that fluoride can hamper brain development in young children and can even lead to bone cancer and kidney disease.

Despite the numerous studies proving how dangerous this water can be, the US government is a key supporter of fluoridation. There is no reason to keep adding this poisonous chemical to our water systems, but faulty science and political motives have kept it a part of city policy for years. Tell Congress to remove fluoride from our drinking water and stop destroying our children’s teeth.


To the United States Congress:

In recent years it has become known that adding fluoride to water sources can be detrimental to children’s health. Alongside causing dental fluorosis, which causes enamel on teeth to become mottled and eventually causes teeth to rot from the inside out, it has recently come to light that the toxic chemical can also stunt brain development in young children and lead to bone cancer and kidney disease later in life. With all of these facts on the table, it is clear that this practice should be stopped immediately.

Why the US still spends millions of dollars a year to promote and add fluoride to city water is unclear. The dangers of fluoride poisoning far outweigh the potential benefits of the chemical additive. We urge you to immediately cease the fluoridation of city water and call a Congressional hearing on this issue, looking into stopping any future use of this dangerous chemical in America’s food and water.


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  1. Ken W. Simpson says:

    This is blatant scare-mongering. Perhaps it relates to the quantity of fluoride used. In Victoria, Australia, we have had flouridated water since the 50’s without any such problems. In fact, fluoride is good for the teeth – not harmful – and there has been no indications of brain damage, kidney disease or bone cancer.

  2. Ken, please pull your head out of the sand. See the fluoride has already cause you brainfog.

  3. David Foster says:

    These are bold claims indeed; there are hundreds of papers and studies in the scientific literature that clearly delineate the value of fluoridation. Let’s see some references that support the claims in this petition, that is, references in respected scientific journals.

    • J. Gabrovsek says:

      I would like to quote a couple of sentences from “General Immunology” by Edwin L Cooper Pergamon Press 1982 page 129
      Phagocytosis in mammalian cells is a process that requires energy that is dependent on the glycolytic pathway. Glycolysis can be inhibited in hematocytes by antimetabolities such as arsenite, iodoacetate and fluoride.
      Phagocytosis is accepted as a major host defense mechanism in vertebrates and in invertebrates.

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