Stop Texas School From Paddling Children

Target: Karl Arnst, Three Rivers Independent School Board President

Goal: Revoke approval of paddling as disciplinary measure in school district.

A Texas school district has approved paddling as a disciplinary measure for misbehaving students. This method of discipline is controversial and considered outdated by many; in the past, teachers who struck an unruly student would be punished themselves, and the parents could easily sue the school for abuse.

While the The Three Rivers Independent School board will allow parents to opt out of this new rule, the fact that corporal punishment will be considered acceptable from here on out is unacceptable. There are many things wrong with this method; it is not only highly frowned upon for adult authority figures to use violence against a child, but there are far better ways to put an unruly student in his or her place. Furthermore, violence against a child may have the opposite effect of making them angrier and more likely to lash out and cause more trouble.

Corporal punishment is legal in Texas, but that should not apply to schools full of impressionable youths who could be badly warped by such methods. Paddling is outdated and runs the risk of having the opposite effect that the school system believes it will. Sign this petition to demand the school system revoke its approval of this barbaric punishment.


Dear Board President Arnst,

Your school district’s decision to allow paddling as a disciplinary measure is unacceptable. Paddling is considered outdated, and it is a needlessly cruel measure to take against unruly students when verbal punishments can have the same effect. The use of physical force against students is not only abusive, but can have the opposite effect of making them act out even more rather than putting them in their place.

Legal or not, corporal punishment against students is not acceptable. Adult authority figures should not be given license to physically abuse minors. Revoke approval of this method of punishment immediately.


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  1. Wouldn’t it better to Paddling the adults that urge to hurt the children?

    • Gen Lovyet Agustsson says:

      why abuse adults and children? violence is not the answer to the problem.

      • Sorry if you misunderstood, but that was just a statement in contrast to reflect how stupid it is to physically or psychological children.
        I know since I was abused in both way (not sexual though)by my stepfather for some years starting at the age of 7-8

  2. It’s just so sad that people in this day and age still base their beliefs on child discipline on ancient fictional religious writings – mainly the Bible.
    Has it not been generally agreed today that hitting a child is abuse?
    Texas outlawed beating prisoners in 1941. But beating children is ok?! Sick!

  3. Jacqui Skill says:


  4. There is no reason why one must use physical punishment on a child. If it’s wrong to put your hands on one’s spouse, it is wrong to put your hands on a child. Use your head; there are a million and one ways to deal with a child without using physical force. The so-called “brats” that people say are not getting enough physical discipline are acting out for a reason. We need to find out that reason and deal with that reason, not hit them. And, before someone brings up the Bible and using the rod so as not to spoil the child, listen to this: The rod was used to guide the sheep, not to hit them with it.

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