Reinstate Professor Unfairly Fired for Supporting LGBTQ Rights

Target: Henry J. Eyring, President of BYU-Idaho

Goal: Reinstate professor who lost her job for supporting LGBTQ rights.

An adjunct professor was unfairly fired for posting in support of LGBTQ rights on her private Facebook page. Ruthie Robertson refused to retract her statement and lost her job at Brigham Young University-Idaho as a result.

Robertson was confronted by administration members at BYU. She was told to retract her statement and “pray.” Although her post did not breach any contract and even after Robertson edited the post to announce that her words did not reflect BYU, the school let her go.

A private Facebook post, one that does not attack a certain group or offend another, one that only went against the rules of a church, should not warrant an individual losing his or her job. Sign the petition and demand that Robertson be reinstated.


Dear President Eyring,

Adjunct professor Ruthie Robertson was unfairly fired for voicing support of LGBTQ rights on her personal Facebook, independent of the college. She did not breach contract, nor did her words hurt anyone.

A personal belief should not warrant someone losing his or her job, especially if that belief or comment is made independently of the school. Colleges are supposed to be places where ideas flow and where character and understanding improve. Silencing views that oppose your church will not do that. I demand that Ms. Robertson be reinstated.


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  1. As I do not know what LGBTO is,I cannot sign this partition. However,if the letters stand for any kind of so called gays.I will never support these people.

    • Dawn Nelson says:

      Let’s hope that no one in your family ever decides to come out of the closet and announce that he or she are gay or lesbian because you are about as bigoted as any person I’ve ever seen or heard. And anyone looking to you for acceptance is sadly out of luck. I know people like you. They are afraid of gays and lesbians because of their own ignorance. They have never done any research regarding the subject, their ignorance let’s them think that if they get close to a gay or lesbian they might become just like them. Bigots think that every gay and lesbian who walks the face of the earth will molest boys and girls and/or turn them into gays and lesbians…and on and on and on. Ignorance and hate is such a heavy weight to bear. What a shame that you have so little compassion for others that you exclude anyone who is in any way different from you. You would be surprised that there are many people who you interact with probably on a daily basis that are gay or lesbian. Not all gays or lesbians are easy to spot…..are you aware of that??? I suppoose you are also anti Native Americans, Hispanics, African Americans and any one else who doesn’t fit in your neat little box of what you think people should be. And while your are being a bigot tell me please…..have you ever had a DNA test done???? Wouldn’t you be shocked if it came back showing that you have blood from Africa or that you have roots in Mexico or Spain or even that you are a tiny portion Native American?? How would that change your outlook? Would that give you any change of thought? Shame on you for being so damned rightous. Nobody died and made you God. Get off your high horse mister because if you keep up with your current train of thought regarding others you will find yourself standing on the outside of the Pearly Gates begging to get in. Life is a lonely place when you live it thinking you are the only one who is perfect.

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