Praise Prison Time For Man Who Forced His Dog to Attack a Cat

Target: Daniel Brabender, Erie County Judge

Goal: Applaud prison time and ban on animal ownership for man who forced his dog to torture and kill a cat.

A man who ordered his pit bull to attack a cat has been banned from animal ownership and sentenced to prison time and probation. Kenneth Joint of Erie, Pennsylvania, recently pleaded guilty to a first-degree misdemeanor count of animal cruelty as well as a third-degree misdemeanor count of criminal mischief. He will spend between 11 and a half to 23 months in prison and will be on probation for three years afterward.

In a video posted to social media by Joint, he can be seen ordering his dog, named Kovu, to attack a cat in the basement of his home. The attack was so bad that it resulted in the cat’s death. According to Lisa Stiles, the local Humane Society’s chief investigating officer, the cat “most likely had a very slow and painful death.”

Kovu has received several weeks of training and rehabilitation and is up for adoption. A representative of the Humane Society said that Kovu is “a good all around dog. He wants to please and that was kind of his fault… he had a bad owner. He pleased that bad owner in a negative way. With a good owner, with positive training, he will be positive.”

This cruelty not only killed an innocent animal in a torturous manner, but could have resulted in the euthanasia of an innocent dog as well. By harshly punishing this man, law enforcement has sent the message that cruelty like this will not be tolerated. Sign below to applaud this harsh sentence and ban on animal ownership, which will save animals from being put at risk of harm by this man in the future.


Dear Mr. Brabender,

Kenneth Joint was recently handed a prison sentence, probation, and a ban on animal ownership for forcing his dog to attack a cat in the basement of his home. Though the cat was killed in the attack, the dog was able to be rehabilitated and is currently up for adoption.

This sentence not only ensures that Joint will not be able to harm more animals, but sets an example that could deter future offenders. We, the undersigned, thank you for sending the message that animal cruelty is not acceptable.


[Your Name Here]

Photo credit: Erie TV News

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  1. nilda Rippon says:

    Signed to punish this abusers evil in prisomment for long periods of years! This evil inhumane should be locked up in jail for life this is dangerous in world society. Signed


  3. Rob Holder says:

    I in no way agree with this man’s behavior concerning animals.. .. . I have to mention the fact that I pay u.s.a. taxes and I don’t believe that my tax money should be used in this manner.. .. my government is there to protect the people, as stated in the Constitution the United States of America.. .. .. our tax deficit cannot be hindered by side issues such as this.. .. .. .. the goal of our government is being seriously blurred if we keep this up we will no longer be a prosperous Nation.. we will sink to the depths of the third world countries, where they have to eat their animals just to survive . .. .. .. .. ( put people first not animals) . . .

    • first of all, thank you so much for your “compassion”. second.. Ted Bundy.. David Berkowitz .. Jeffery Daumer.. all started with animals and went on to people. and third.. Rob Holder is an idiot.

    • Rob Holder – How people value and treat animals is hugely important.
      What’s the point of having a “prosperous nation” if it’s citizens are cruel, sadistic and barbaric toward some of the most innocent and vulnerable – animals?

    • tina robertson says:

      Fuck you. His role is prison bitch. Dont worry he wont last long. They will use him up. Your tax dollars are and always have been used for worse that this. This is a good use of taxes. This man is most likely a rapist and future killer of humans. Proactive. You are an idiot if you want us to wait until hes done worse. Ppl like this dont stop. This is bad enough for me to wish him death but evidently you dont care. You are an idiot. But you are welcome that this criminal is not on the street. In fact if he doesnt get rammed to death in prison (i hope) then i hope he becomes your neighbor. Since hes not so bad to you, then i wish hum on you. Is he good enough to be around your loved ones? Are you gonna feel safe you comfortable idiot? You are right about one thing tho. Ppl like this man should be put down permanently. No reason to waste tax dollars feeding the bitch. But since that doesnt happen, at least hes gonna get butt rammed to death in prison.

      • tina robertson says:

        Btw this was a reply to the idiot who thinks punishing cruelty is a waste of tax dollars. And btw if our country ever became like the countries who “had to” eat their pets, i would gladly kill human filth to feed pets. Maybe ppl like you should be on that list. Cause you dont sound like a defender of the innocent to me bitch

  4. Thank you Judge Brabender! If more of these people served time and had their names publicly displayed on a animal abuse registry, maybe they would think twice about abusing an animal.

  5. the FBI says this is supposed to be a tier one felony. what’s with the misdemeanor charge? and why are people wanting to kill cats because they get tossed out and have to hunt to survive, but are ok with dogs trained to hunt and attack?

  6. Patricia James says:

    Mmmmm, lets throw this man to the lions and let us watch them tear him to pieces! You sick, vile excuse of a man!

  7. Good news.
    As well, I’m very glad to hear that the dog involved has NOT been killed for what he did, and that it is recognized that he was just trying, as all dogs do, to please his master. In a good home he will be a good dog.

  8. tina robertson says:

    Hey tougher prison guys who are this pussyfart’s roommate: use this man’s holes til he dies. We need to throw every bitch like him in prison and call it a dating program for lifers. They need girlfriends to use up. Then send them more bitches who pick on the weak.

  9. Barton Dixon says:

    “If a man aspires towards a righteous life, his first act of abstinence is from injury to animals.” Albert Einstein
    “Compassion for animals is intimately connected with goodness of character; and it may be confidently asserted that he who is cruel to animals cannot be a good man.” Authur Schopenhauer

  10. 11-23 months is not long enough he should have life in prison& get the electric chair.. poor kitty.& doggy he forced to kill the kitty.

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