Demand Justice for Endangered Monkeys Killed in Vietnam

Target: Vietnamese Military Prosecution Office

Goal: Punish Vietnamese soldiers who tortured and killed rare monkeys, and prevent future incidents from occurring

Three Vietnamese soldiers have been detained for torturing and killing two endangered grey-shanked duoc monkeys in Vietnam’s Central Highlands area. The men were caught when the public became enraged by one of the men’s Facebook postings which contained pictures of the torture and killings. One of the photos showed a monkey, thought to be pregnant, being forced to smoke a cigarette before it was tortured and killed. The Vietnamese military is investigating the incident and ensuring the public it will deal with the soldiers appropriately. Sign the petition below to support the military’s prosecution efforts and demand justice for these rare and beautiful animals. This incident also brings to light the need for education about endangered species, and treatment of animals in general, by military personnel stationed throughout the country. Ask the Vietnamese military to use this horrific incident as an opportunity to implement education programs for soldiers.

The three soldiers have admitted to the killings and said they bought the monkeys from local citizens. The flippant nature of the incident reiterates the need for education about animal welfare and protection. The grey-shanked duoc monkey is one of the world’s 25 most endangered primates. Their population is thought to number around 700 and is threatened by hunting and deforestation, and now by the trade, torture, and killing by individuals who should know better. There are a number of projects in Vietnam dedicated to conserving and protecting the monkey, but progress will never be made if incidents like this continue.

Perhaps the most disturbing part of this incident is that the soldiers did not think what they did was wrong. Authorities have acknowledged that there is a need for education and awareness of the natural environment and treatment of animals. Please support the military prosecution of these soldiers and ask that an appropriate punishment is applied. Also, support the implementation of education for soldiers so future incidents do not occur.


Dear Vietnamese Military Prosecutors,

Your detainment and investigation of three soldiers involved in the torture and killing of two endangered grey-shanked duoc monkeys is a positive step towards ending the possibility of an incident like this occurring again. Soldiers stationed throughout the country should be positive role models. They should respect the natural environment and be informed about how to interact with wildlife they may encounter. Please carry out your investigation thoroughly, and apply an appropriate punishment that sets a precedent for the seriousness of torturing and killing animals.  This incident is also an opportunity to implement education programs for soldiers so they are aware of the animals they will encounter in the areas they are stationed, and understand why it is important to conserve these natural environments.

The need for awareness and education is reiterated in the way in which the soldiers carried out their actions. They did not seem to think what they did was wrong. There are many projects working to conserve and protect the grey-shanked duoc. The actions of these soldiers undermine those efforts.

Please punish these men appropriately, and develop and implement programs to inform soldiers about animal welfare and protection.


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  1. What world is this? Who are these people? Humans? I don’t think so! I’m reallly ashamed to be a part of this mankind, luckly mother earth will get ride of that, it’s just a matter of time.

  2. Sime Validzic says:

    Why was this petition not created on Change.orh or I usually ignore anything on ForceChange because because it is not possible to see which petitions one has “signed” and “signing” a petition more than once is a waste of time since, I assume, the petition author has to delete multiple “signatures” by the same person. Why do effective activism when one can run on this useless treadmill multiple times (I am being sarcastic)?!

  3. Felicity Brach says:

    What these sub-humans did to these precious innocents is beyond evil. There are no words vile enough to describe what these cretins are! My heart is aching & in agony thinking of these little ones, that I can hardly bear it. Knowing that there are others out there that feel the same pain, is helpful. Heaven help us with such depravity that we are aware of constantly.

  4. Catherine OHora says:

    There is evil everywhere and it attacks the weakest. I cannot get my head around the despicable cruelty these poor creatures suffered.

  5. almaraye almaraye says:

    Ils sont completement fou, irresponsable,et inhumain.

  6. Skin THEM alive

  7. Diana Dragolea says:

    So what happened to those murderers?! Were they imprisoned after all, will they be supervised to be stopped from doing such things again? Because obviously they are mad and could do the same to children or yet other animals, whatever defenseless creature they can find. I hope they die.

  8. Diana Dragolea says:

    Education is one very important thing, but they cannot just say a stupid thing like they didn’t know what they were doing, EVERYONE can see that torture is horrifying and wrong, everyone feels they must not do that. But this is proof that they are guilty liars who should be given maximum punishments because they shame their entire country.

  9. Vicky Cole says:

    It would be disgusting for anyone to subject anything to this ridicule and torture but the fact they are endangered and were abused by those who are supposed to represent authority and influence a number of people makes it even more despicable and brutal?

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