Keep Front Yard Vegetable Gardens Legal

Target: Drummondville, Quebec Mayor, Francine Ruest-Jutras

Goal: Allow citizens to maintain front yard vegetable gardens without legal or financial repercussion.

A Canadian couple will soon be heavily fined for the vegetable garden that makes up their front yard. In Drummondville, Quebec, law states that a vegetable garden cannot take up more than 30 percent of a resident’s front yard. The couple must scale back their beautifully groomed and eco-friendly garden or face heavy fines and legal repercussions. Please sign this petition and protect the couple’s right to a front yard garden.

Josée Landry and Michael Beauchamp began their front yard garden early this year with the goal of losing weight and utilizing land. The couple has obviously spent a lot of time to create a space that is not only functional, but also attractive. Trellises, planting boxes, gravel, and walkways create a professional looking garden that fits the modern feel of the home’s exterior.

Regardless of looks, a front yard garden is illegal in Drummondville, Quebec. According to CBC News, the town plans on extending the law that prevents citizens from having a vegetable garden larger than 30 percent of their front yard. A new measure, effective this fall, will make all front lawn vegetable gardens illegal in the small river town.

Rather than persecuting this inventive couple, we should be using them as an example to follow in the “green” movement. Please sign this petition and support front lawn vegetable gardens, sustainability, and environmentally friendly efforts.


Dear Mayor Ruest-Jutras,

Drummondville residents Josée Landry and Michael Beauchamp have cultivated a beautiful and environmentally efficient vegetable garden as their front yard. Unfortunately, due to the town’s municipal code, it is illegal for them to fill more than 30 percent of their front yard with vegetables. Please re-evaluate the intent of this municipality and allow the couple to keep their garden.

It is also shocking to hear that Drummondville will be enacting a law that prevents anyone from having a front lawn vegetable garden. The Landry/Beauchamp garden is a great example of how to utilize a front yard with an attractive and efficient full scale garden. Rather than persecuting these responsible citizens, you should be commending them on their creative and environmentally friendly use of space.

Please allow this couple to keep their vegetable garden and support green efforts in your community.


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Photo Credit: FarmCity via Yahoo

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  1. Why try to stop the best and most ecological way to get the most superior nutrition?

    • arrest gov workers who ban gardens! it is illegal to ban gardens! whatever "law" they make up out of thin air to ban gardens is uncontitutional and illegal. says:

      Because sadist gov and corrupt big bussiness want people to be posioned, sick, weak, tired, slow, poor, dependent, so their easier to control, enslave and kill.

  2. Seems to me that the garden looks better than some lawns do. What is wrong with growing your own food. What stupid laws will they come up with next. I have seen cars and junk on front lawns that should be outlawed.

  3. Katherine says:

    As a lifelong organic farmer, I say let them grow their food on their property. Its not like it’s unsightly or
    unattractive. I’m appalled that taxpayers have to be subjected to such rules ! Its THEIR property, they should be able to do and grow
    what they want with it!

  4. arrest gov workers who ban gardens says:

    Gov purposely causes 75%+ of poverty (while parents who don’t care for their children cause about 24% of poverty), by not letting people take care of themselves(grow food, build a house, sleep/settle somewhere…), excessive regulations on jobs that result in it being too expensive for many to pay all the bribes in order to be given the “privilege” of running a business or being employed also leaving some business to not able to afford to hire a lot of workers, excessive taxes and fines on actions that victimize no one, resulting in some people not being able to afford to care for themselves or give to charity, plus often breaking up assemblies and punishing people for socialization (because people are interdependent on each other, and corrupt gov wants people to be dependent on gov, so corrupt gov can decide who lives and dies, it doesn’t want people to be able to go to themself or friends or non-gov for help)

    time/resources wasted over-punishing should be better spent correcting the root incentive of why most people commit crime(because corrupt gov members steal their better options to make wealth to purposely make them poor, forced dependent, or resort to crime), by spending it on giving the poor efficient welfare, job training, and defensive means to protect their right to freely use the land to be independent, and cut taxes and excessive regs on producers of survival products to create more good jobs, instead of taxing good jobs to fund excessive punishment.

    Government’s only “justification” to exist is to provide security and welfare for those who can’t do so for themselves, actually corrupt government does the opposite and it is the main cause of why so many people are poor and unsecure/unsafe.

    The parasite must let the host live in order to suck it’s blood, yet corrupt gov is a retarded suicidal parasite who tries to suck the host dry, reducing the amount of blood gov can suck daily.
    you must allow people to be healthy and produce so their will be something to steal/tax and something to buy to become wealthier. excessively punishing people for feeding themselves or small things that shouldn’t be punished, is a waste of time and resources that could be better spent producing wealth. happy healthy strong workers are more productive.

  5. make growing plant foods legal worldwide in their own homes!

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