Demand that McDonald’s Reduce Drink Sizes

Target: Donald Thompson, CEO of McDonald’s

Goal: Reduce the size of drink cups at McDonald’s.

When McDonald’s first signed a deal with Coca-Cola, the only drink size at McDonald’s restaurants was a 7-ounce cup. Today, even the child-sized drink exceeds this 7 ounces and measures in at 12 ounces. While some countries have smaller drink sizes, in the United States, McDonald’s sells up to 32-ounce sodas, containing over 300 calories. People wonder why there is an obesity problem in the United States, yet they continue to buy and consume these oversized beverages. Children are becoming obese and developing diabetes earlier because of the number of calories and amount of sugar in drinks this large. It is necessary that McDonald’s decreases its drink sizes in order to stop the obesity crisis from getting worse.

While many people argue that consumers have the right to choose what drink size they want, often people do not realize how large the large cup actually is. If someone is very thirsty when they order food, it is natural to order the large soda, but whether the large is 32 ounces or 20 ounces, the customer will probably be satisfied either way. If people still want that quantity of soda, they have the option of buying two cups, but it will make them stop and think before actually consuming that much soda. People will think, “Do I really need two cups of soda?” instead of absentmindedly buying a giant 32-ounce soda due to momentary thirst.  We must demand that McDonald’s reduces its drink sizes in order to decrease obesity rates and keep people healthy.


Dear Donald Thompson,

It is necessary that McDonald’s reduces its drink sizes. In 1955 when McDonald’s initially signed a contract with Coca-Cola, the only drink size available was a 7-ounce cup. Now the smallest soda size available is 12 ounces and the largest is a whopping 32 ounces. With sizes like this, you are making it easier for customers to make absentminded decisions and purchase the large soda without realizing exactly how large it is. The amount of sugar and number of calories in this much soda is absurd and is making the obesity crisis much worse.

While people have the right to chose the small cup instead of the large, if someone is thirsty, they won’t think twice about ordering a large soda. Even if they realize how big the soda is once they purchase it, they will likely drink all of it due to the fact that they are thirsty and already purchased the cup. If the large soda was only 20 ounces, people who order a large soda would still be satisfied because they know they bought the largest drink possible. In order to decrease obesity rates and keep children healthy, it is imperative that you reduce the drink sizes sold at McDonald’s.


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  1. Soda and sugary drinks should be discontinued and out of business. Corporations have conditioned the public to consume toxicity.

  2. Petitions like this beg government and corporate America to take our freedoms and liberties. I know what I’m ordering. I know what I’m consuming. It’s MY choice. I don’t need anyone else making decisions for me. I’m an adult. I’ve made decissions for myself for many years and if I choose to purchase 32 ounces of tea than that should be my right. Who decided people can’t make the right choice for themselves?

  3. Steve Young I would like to reply to your comment. Im not sure if you are a Christian person or not but I know in the bible God asks us to only consume what our body needs and not to over indulge. Im not by any means trying to be ugly to you or try to prove you wrong im just simply stating what I have learned. I live in the most obese state in America. I wish I could change this but I alone simply cannot. I think this is a great idea.. maybe not go back to the 7oz cup but to reduce the size (while also reducing price) on the Large 32 oz drink would be a great start.

  4. This is ridiculous. First off the large had shrunk by 10 ounces over the tears, be the smallest large in average in fastfood restaurants.

    Peole want a bang for a buck, not imposed idiots gelling them what they should have. While calories can be a concern for some, get a non sweat tea. Rather then illogical how many calories is in soda and everyone should get less for the price.

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