Severely Punish Shelter Owner Who Allegedly Caused Horrific Suffering of Homeless Dogs

Target: Roy Brown, Procurator Fiscal for Ayr Sheriff Court

Goal: Seek maximum penalty for dog shelter owner who allegedly forced homeless dogs to suffer extreme cruelty and neglect.

Dogs at a refuge shelter were reportedly found in horrifying conditions. The dogs were reportedly found suffering from malnutrition, weight loss, lameness, fractures, infections, and ulcers. The owner had reportedly failed to feed the animals or provide treatment for their health problems.

Zara Brown, the owner of Ayrshire Ark, a refuge dog shelter, admitted to causing the unnecessary suffering of eight dogs. Brown had been claiming to rescue homeless dogs. She contacted outlets to make excuses for the long-term suffering the dogs in her shelter were forced to endure. She was “ill with stress after housing up to 20 rescued dogs at a time,” The Scottish Sun reported. Brown is currently awaiting her sentencing, which is coming up soon. If this woman, who’s been called “a real life Cruella de Vil,” isn’t harshly punished, more animals will probably suffer. That is why it’s imperative that we urge authorities to do everything possible to see to it that this never happens again. Please sign this petition to demand that she receive the maximum penalty and a permanent ban from working with or owning animals in the future.


Dear Mr. Brown,

The owner of a dog refuge shelter reportedly “rescued” homeless dogs only to neglect them and leave them to languish. The poor animals were reportedly malnourished and found suffering from severe problems such as lameness, fractured bones, infections, and ulcers.

People like this are likely to become repeat offenders if the appropriate action is not taken to stop them. That is why we demand that this woman be given the maximum punishment and a lifetime ban from ever owning or working with animals.


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Photo credit: The Scottish Sun

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  1. Teresa Moy says:

    Ignorance is bliss! This scumbag wanted to look good in the eyes of people but,failed by a long shot with the suffering of these poor animals.

    Lock her up big time!

    People like this will keep doing it because they get a silly fine,which they cant pay ,so as usual they get away with it.This kind of person will do the same again.

  2. Cruel sick evil vile scum. Should be punished severely for causing animals pain and distress. Banned from keeping animal’s for life and locking up.

  3. michelle taylor says:

    Throw the book at this evil dog abusing bitch!I would love to see her given a death sentence.

  4. All these poor Animals want to do is Love you and please you. I’d like to go full John Wick on this piece of Human Garbage.

  5. I’m a Christian and I love animals and they by no means should be treated harshly there’s no reason for it , it’s truly sad.But I want to say this this person is a human being yes she did a horrific crime yes she did and I’m not saying she shouldn’t be punished for it but she’s a human being for God sakes she did wrong like we all have done because we aren’t perfect so before you judge a person look at yourself this woman that your speaking so harshly about could have been your mother your sister or your aunt that you love dearly now would you be asking for them type of treatment I don’t think so.So I’m sorry I can’t sign this.

    • This person is not a human being she is evil and did these horrific acts purposely. If she was part of my family, first this wouldn’t happen and if it did I would be the first to demand the most severe punishment.

  6. Sonja Beyer says:

    Take away her license for a dog refuge shelter and never ever let her keep any animals again + give her a servere punishment!

  7. Margaret Melnick says:

    This sick bitch must be punished to the fullest extent of the law and never ever be allowed near animals again. What is needed is unannounced checking on ALL animal shelters to make sure they really are what they claim to be.

  8. tina robertson says:

    Start exterminating these ppl. They are a disease. Since tht is wishful thinking… Criminal activity at shelters always includes theft not only of money being taken and not used for animals, but also criminal drug use and trafficking. The drugs animals need and also the drugs that are supposed to put them down are being taken for recreational use and profit. As if that isnt bad enough, that means the animals are being given who knows what- whatever they replace those drugs with. Refilled vials and bottles could contain anything which means the animals suffer even more. All so some vile $hits can get high. Lock them all up for these crimes so they can be (umdumpsters for prisons. And hopefully give them no medical care. Just let them be abused in prison until they die. Sounds like an excellent plan. Please feel free to use it.

  9. What a horrible person. .she intentionally made these animals suffer..she knew that what she was doing was wrong. .she should have to lose her license. .get a fine ..or jail time or both and never be allowed to have animals again!

  10. This person who has abuse and tormented these homeless dogs should be prosecuted to the fullest, to revoke her license as well. She should be punished for every animal was harmed and killed. I am an animal lover who’s against animal abusers. Such a horrible person to do to these helpless animals. She has no heart what so ever!


  12. Denise Innes says:

    I get what Alley was saying but im an animal lover especially dogs. My husb., 3 kids & i are homeless because our dog comes first. Im so sick of reading these abuse articals. It needs to stop. We as humans need to be the voice for these animals. They have feelings just like humans.the only way to make it stop is extreme punishment. Maybe Ally needs to utube dogs being slautered in china for meat shed have a whole new appreation!!!!!

  13. Rosslyn Osborne says:

    Sad this woman who claimed to be ‘ill and stressed’ from ‘looking after’ 20 dogs?
    Why did she take on so many dogs in the first place?
    When she found it overwhelming why not pick up the telephone and call for help?
    Or simply surrender the animals to an accredited dog shelter?
    No this is purely sadistic behaviour and ultimately the animals suffered!
    Jail and suspension from ever being able to own, associate with any animals ever again.

  14. Beth Marie says:

    Absolutely disgusting!

    • They should lock her up and starve her boy of all the excuses my heart goes out to those darling dogs hope they throw the key away

      • Kaycee Kaye says:

        Wow; your response along with other calls for violence & death threats/wishes have helped me decide against signing this petition. Starving a child because of their parent’s misdeeds & crimes is beyond disgusting & sociopathic. While animal abuse is horrific, calling for abuse of a child is worse! Shame on you!!!

  15. This in my opinion ranks right up there with elder abuse and torture and sexual abuse of children because they cant tell.It is the job of society to be the voice for these helpless creatures who were also made by the Creator.

  16. this is supposed to be a shelter put this sick bitch in jail and throw away the key

  17. This scumbag needs to be punished to the fullest extent of the law!!!!

  18. Grant Parsons says:

    FUCKING B-I-T-C-H. Kill the whore.

  19. This abuser must be punished to the fullest extent of the law,nothing less will do.SHE MUST NEVER HAVE THE PRIVILEGE OF OWNING AN ANIMAL OF ANY KIND AGAIN….

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