Stop Canadian City Parks Department from Burying Rabbits Alive

Target: Richmond Parks Department

Goal: Stop burying rabbits alive in Minoru Park

The city of Richmond, British Columbia, has been struggling with a feral rabbit problem for some time now. In 2010 the city banned the retail sales of rabbits in an attempt to reduce the number of domestic rabbits that were being abandoned. But Richmond’s ‘live and let live’ attitude towards the feral rabbits living in Minoru Park eventually led to a population boom. Now, local residents are concerned that employees of the Richmond Parks Department are trying to cover up the problem, literally, by filling in inhabited rabbit holes.

Richmond park goers are concerned that there is no sure way to determine if burrows are occupied before covering them with dirt. Park Department officials have admitted to filling in the holes, and have stated that it was done for public safety reasons. Reportedly not only were the holes covered over with dirt, which the Park Department argues that rabbits could dig out of, but also at one point the burrows were found to be covered with with planks of wood. The city denies having anything to do with covering the holes with wood.

Richmond residents are concerned with the decreasing rabbit population. They fear that rabbits are dying as a result of being buried alive. Some residents have resorted to opening up the covered burrow holes, reporting that on several occasions trapped rabbits were present inside the covered over burrows. A local rabbit group, Bandaids for Bunnies, has spoken out against the city’s practice of covering over the burrows. Group members feel that rabbit’s lives are at risk, especially very young rabbits.

Now, residents are calling for a new plan to deal with the feral rabbits. Bandaids for Bunnies members are requesting that a sanctuary be created where abandoned and feral rabbits can live out their lives without becoming a nuisance to humans. The group is also calling for stronger laws that ban the dumping of animals. Humane rabbit plans have recently been utilized in surrounding areas. Rabbits can be spayed or neutered so that they can no longer breed, and then released to live out the remainder of their lives. The University of Victoria made news recently when they relocated over 900 feral rabbits into sanctuaries, effectively making their campus rabbit-free.

By signing this petition, you are demanding that the Richmond Park Department employees stop filling in rabbit burrows in Minoru Park. No animal, even one labeled as a pest, deserves to be buried alive. Please urge the city to look into more humane methods of dealing with their feral rabbit population, such as relocating the rabbits to a sanctuary or investing in neuter and release programs. Also, demand that the city get down to the root of the problem and address the issue of people abandoning unwanted pets.


Dear Richmond Parks Department,

It has come to people’s attention lately that Richmond Park Department employees have been seen covering over the entrance holes of rabbit burrows in Minoru Park. Although your department has stated that wildlife species should be able to dig themselves free of the loose dirt used to cover the holes, there is no way to guarantee that this is always true. Residents are concerted that rabbits, especially young ones, are becoming trapped in the covered burrows and dying. In fact, on numerous occasions, residents have reported that when they uncovered some of the covered over burrows there were trapped rabbits inside.

Please stop burying rabbits alive and instead consider humane methods to deal with the feral rabbit population. This is an issue caused by humans, and the rabbits do not deserve to suffer. Consider implementing stronger laws that forbid people from dumping pet animals outside to fend for themselves. For the rabbits who are already present, a neuter/release program could be considered to prevent the rabbits from breeding, or a sanctuary could be constructed for the rabbits to live out the remainder of their lives in peace.

Even if your intentions were not cruel, understand that it is possibly for rabbits to die inside closed burrows. Please stop this cruel practice and find more humane ways of dealing with the feral rabbits and the burrows they create. Thank you.


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photo credit: Laurent Cerveau

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  1. LupusFlaner LupusFlaner says:

    This physically makes me sick. Rabbits are simple animals that wouldn’t hurt o fly. I don’t understand why people just think they can dispose of them like they are trash.

  2. Unbelievable atrocity in the name of so called animal control??? Who is capable of these acts??


  4. Inhwan Jang says:

    Very disapoint… ! & Very very sorry about… poor rabbits.
    Yes~ Canada is no more normalie humen’s country.

  5. The same thing happened at the University of Victoria in BC. I witnessed it. The person in charge if that mass destruction was Tom Smith.

  6. Corinne Johnston says:

    I am Canadian and trust me this distresses me s much as it does most other Canadians. I had not heard about this until now. But as for Canada being the worst place in the world to treat animals – China is far worse because they skin cats and dogs alive. I have signed many petitions for animal cruelty all over the world – and yes including my own country (seal slaughter; Grizzly Hunt; and Polar Bear hunt) but the USA is killing wolves by the hundreds and shooting dogs regardless of breed. Everyone who loves animals needs to pull together and fight this. Animal cruelty is not acceptable anywhere.

  7. Corinne Johnston says:

    Here’s a suggestion. Instead of tarring all Canadians with the same brush – take a look at a map of Canada. See how huge it is. Every Province has it’s own Provincial Government. Send your letters of outrage to our Federal Government and to the Provincial Government in British Columbia. Boycott the PROVINCE of British Columbia. Boycotting the whole of Canada will have little effect, but the small ripple started in BC will reach other provinces and make other people take action too.

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