Do Not Return Cows to Farmer Charged With Neglect

Target: Paul Evans, Manager of the Whatcom County Animal Control & Rescue / Field Services

Goal: Reverse decision to return cows to farmer accused of animal cruelty.

Whatcom County dairy farmer Seth Snook will get back six of his cows and avoid felony charges despite reported evidence of abuse on his farm. Snook had claimed inability to feed his livestock due to his wife’s surgery, instead allowing the animals to starve and die; one reporter referred to Snook Brook Farms as “shallow mass graves everywhere she walked.” The charges were pressed in April, less than three months ago.

Regardless of Snook’s reasons and how sympathetic they may be, it is too soon to return custody of these cows to him. Even if he was not intentionally malicious, he still committed severe neglect which led to the deaths of many animals. Snook should not be considered ready yet to have his animals returned, it is clear that Snook Brook Farms has a long way to go before it can be considered safe.

It is never wise to take risks with the well-being of animals, and returning cows to a farmer charged with neglect so soon after the charges are dropped is a big risk. Sign this petition to demand a longer waiting period for Snook in regaining his cows.


Dear Mr. Evans,

Dairy farmer Seth Snook is having six of his cows returned less than three months after he was charged with and arrested for neglect. While it is noble to give a man a second chance and probation after his misdeeds, it is too soon for this second chance. The farm is reported to still be in deplorable condition, and the charges against Snook were severe.

It is a farmer’s responsibility to always ensure that their livestock and property are well cared for. Regardless of Snook’s reasons for the neglect, it is too risky to return his cows so quickly. You must ensure that the farm is safe to return to, and that Snook will be able to tend to the animals properly regardless of circumstances.


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  1. Please take any animals left on this farm from the owner. They should be fined and charged with animal cruelty. Thank you.

  2. Margaret Melnick says:

    What the hell idiot law enforcement Judge decided this idiot punishment? Animal cruelty is the only thing that should be considered. If he was unable to care for the animals did he ask neighbors or friends for help. I doubt it. DON’T GIVE ANY ANIMAL BACK TO HIM. THERE IS NO EXCUSE FOR ANIMAL CRUELTY THEIR ARE THOSE WHO WOULD HAVE HELPED HIM. Did he contact a rescue center and ask for help? I bet not and any rescue center would have helped with volunteers to feed the animals rather than let them starve. THROW THE BOOK AT THIS HEARTLESS EVIL PERSON.

  3. This guy is obviously guilty of neglect and should never be allowed animals again. However, there is no such thing as good care of farmed cows! To continually impregnate them, let them go through the agony of labour, then take their calves away while they cry out in anguish, the baby females to await the same fate as their mothers, the baby bulls to be slaughtered, disgusting!! And to repeat this process over and over until they are cruelly slaughtered. NO FARMING SHOULD BE LEGAL!!

    • I totally agree with you Jane.
      The whole animal farming industry is based on cruelty. It is a cruel industry and should be banned completely.

  4. While I do not condone abuse there should be a support system in place to help animal owners and more importantly farmers. Try stepping into a dairy farmers shoes for a week and you’ll see how fast a situation could become unmanageable. The situation on large commercial industry farms is also deplorable but that’s overlooked. Support local farmers and if you don’t like the byproducts of dairy farming- throwaway offspring- then become vegan.

  5. What the hell is the matter with authorities that don’t see the pattern of this farmer??? SO THE NEXT TIME ALL THE ANIMALS WILL BE NEAR DEAD OR DEAD…IS THAT WHAT YOU WANT??? WHY RETURN THIS POOR ANIMALS TO SUFFER AT THE HANDS OF THIS GUY??



  7. Alice Knight says:

    I do think it is commendable to be given a second opportunity to redeem oneself. However, this is just pure neglect on the farmer’s part. If these cows are being neglected and as written above this farmer’s farm is in poor condition, why would any judge allow this individual to continue running his farm? It seems his neglect of his farm has spilled over to his animals. This decision should be reconsidered for the welfare of the cows as well as the other animals.

  8. Rosslyn Osborne says:

    Please for these animals sake allow these cows to be kept in caring and loving facilities, that have suffered enough.
    If any animals are to be returned at all, this property must be checked on a minimum of twice weekly and be made safe and clean before any returns.
    Please start placing the welfare of animals before money!

  9. Beth Marie says:

    Another failure of our justice system!! People are sick and tired of judges and prosecutors letting animals return to known abusive situations. We pay taxes for this injustice!! What an atrocity!

  10. Animal welfare! Objective and not subjective these abused animals should never be returned, what will happen I wonder if an abused human should be returned to the abuser????

  11. Animal welfare! Objective and not subjective these abused animals should never be returned, what will happen I wonder if an abused human should be returned to the abuser????

  12. No! No! No! That SOB should be condemned to hard labour for the rest of his useless life! Why would any intelligent person return animals to him? Have they lost their mind? If they do so, then they are not better than the offender!

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