Shut Down Farm Accused Of Incredible Animal Cruelty

Target: Javier Salazar, Sheriff of Bexar County in Texas

Goal: Shut down farm accused of horrific animal cruelty.

A total of 46 horses were removed from Schwartz Farms following many reports of cruelty and abuse. Despite the facility’s claims of being a rehabilitation center for neglected horses, employees have reported that the horses are malnourished and underweight, some even starving to death. Additionally, reports say that other animals on the farm have suffered cruelty, such as the refusal to milk a mother sheep after her baby was born without a head and thus unable to nurse.

The fact that this farm advertises itself as a rehabilitation center despite the alleged maltreatment of the animals is attention grabbing. Reports have said that the neglected horses look healthier and happier when they first come in, growing thin and gaunt and sick during their time at Schwartz. Some of the horses have allegedly died of starvation due to the low quality of their feed.

This alleged abuse continue. Although the horses have been rescued and will be placed in competent care, many more animals on this farm remain. Sign this petition to demand Schwartz Farms be shut down and its animals rescued before more damage can be done, if found guilty.


Dear Sheriff Salazar,

Schwartz Farms in the city of Converse has been accused of horribly mistreating its animals, most notably its horses. According to news reports, many of the farm’s employees have reported instances of such cruelty to your office, and some have even quit their jobs at that farm.

You must call for the farm to be shut down. The facility advertises itself as a horse rehabilitation center, but according to reports the healthy horses that are taken in soon lose tremendous amounts of weight due to malnutrition and poor diet, and some of the horses have allegedly died of starvation.

The horses have all been rescued, but many other animals in the care of Schwartz are still at the farm. The farm must not be allowed to continue to operate, especially under the claim that it is a rehabilitation center, if this is proven false. Shut them down as soon as possible.


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  1. Rosslyn Osborne says:

    These people must be punished for false advertising, cruelty and neglect, therefore be Jailed.
    Their assets sold up to pay for the removal, veterinary costs, care and re-homing of every one of these animals. If there is any monies left over, it can be donated to a charity, of their choice. If they are released from jail they must never be allowed to own or associate with any animals for the rest of their lives.Thank you.


  3. Beth Marie says:

    Why does the city allow this? Are there NO laws or law enforcement? This is unbelievable. The petition should be forwarded to Governor Abbott. The animal abuse in Texas is out of control and no one is prosecuted. This is just another example of animal abuse in Texas with zero consequence!

    • I agree with you it’s about time something was done about the cruelty there what’s the matter with the laws in this supposedly great state don’t they have any

  4. It amazes me the way that some people treat animals. .it’s absolutely disgusting. .if you can’t look after them properly and give them what they should not have animals. .these people need to be charged and all animals need to be removed from the property. .they should not be allowed to have animals ever again. .and they should be heavily fined. .not just a slap on the wrist. .or jail time. .the business should be shut down also !

  5. Shut this down And punish these bastards and never allow to own animals again . Starve these mongrels.

  6. Totally immoral and unforgivable! . . . The day mankind evolved on earth is the day life on earth became a living hell for animals! . . . “The soul is the same in all living creatures, although the body of each is different.” ~ Hippocrates ~ . . . and no one can dismiss the strong possibility of reincarnation! . . . Our purpose in life is to evolve and become better human beings . . . Anyone that condones, supports, participates, spectates and profits in the exploitation, suffering and harming of animals in any way whatsoever or attempts to justify the exploitation and harming of them have not only failed the animals, they have completely failed themselves as a human being! . . . How would you like it if another species evolved on earth and treated humans with the same arrogance and disregard then reared you or snatched you from your natural environment and family or snatched your baby/child from you to be exploited and subjected to the same immoral treatment and then brutally disposed of when no longer fit for purpose? . . . Thought not! . . . Anyone with such a callous disregard for life really does not deserve the precious gift of life themselves! . . . It really does speak volumes about those in government and authority when they allow such immoral treatment of animals . . . Any decent responsible government with an ounce of morals and compassion between them would put a STOP to the immoral treatment, exploitation, suffering and harming of ALL species of animals IMMEDIATELY once and for all . . . ALL animals are ‘sentient living beings’ (which is more than can be said for those that condone, support, participate, spectate and profit in the exploitation, suffering, harming and murder of them) they are not ‘objects’ to be used, abused, exploited, treated as commodities, slaves, vehicles, hunted, used for so-called sport, entertainment, experiments, financial gain etc. In today’s world we now have a vast choice of food and materials so it is not necessary for humans to consume or wear any animal products either, (let alone exploit dogs and treat them as disposable objects brutally discarding them as a matter of convenience) people only do so for ‘pleasure’ and ‘vanity’, unlike caveman who hunted for ‘survival’ as do wild animals . . . If there were no animals humans would survive on a vegan diet! . . . Purposely farming animals does not make it any more acceptable to exploit and harm them either. Regardless of whether they are tame, wild, born naturally, purposely farmed or produced in a lab, ALL animals are ‘sentient living beings’ on the same level as humans, with a soul, character, emotions, intelligence and awareness of their own and they are fully aware of how they are being treated; they feel pain, fear, anxiety, stress, grieve and cry tears too. Like humans animals bond with each other and have a voice and communication of their own, just because it isn’t a language of the human species is no excuse to ignore their pleas, cries and screams for life and to live in peace free from exploitation and harm. Animals are people in different bodies (and they are by far better people than those who condone, support, participate, spectate and profit in the exploitation, harming and murder of them), it is only the physical abilities between species that sets us apart, humans can do things animals can’t and animals can do things humans can’t. Unfortunately humans possess ‘egos’ causing many to discriminate and arrogantly think they are more important, special and superior to other species, even to their own kind and immorally think their deluded belief of superiority gives them the right to exploit and harm others. They refuse to acknowledge animals are ‘sentient beings’ making it easier to treat them as ‘objects’ to exploit and harm . . . A life is a life regardless of species and all deserve compassion and respect . . . It is no more acceptable to exploit and harm animals than it is humans . . . Society can never truly progress until it progresses morally and stops the exploitation, harming and murder of animals and others and that can’t possibly happen while those in governments and authorities continue to condone the exploitation, harming and murder of animals! . . . Governments worldwide should be legislating and enforcing laws to protect the welfare of ALL species of animals, tame and wild, protecting their habitat and educating people about compassion and respect to all ‘living beings’ and as to why animals are an important part of keeping environments balanced by maintaining biodiversity that contribute to a healthy ecosystem . . . NOT condoning and encouraging barbarism and the exploitation, suffering, harming and murder of them for the sake of human arrogance, so-called jobs, business, beliefs, entertainment and financial gain etc. . . . Also for the welfare of all species of animals, the environment and human health governments worldwide should be promoting, encouraging, and supporting a vegan lifestyle . . . . . . SHAME on those that condone, support, participate, spectate and profit in the exploitation and harming of animals in any way whatsoever and SHAME on those in government and authority for allowing and letting them get away with it, you all not only make life a living hell for animals you make the world a very depressing place causing misery, mental anguish and distress to those of us that empathise with other ‘living beings’ . . . Who knows?! . . . Another possible lifetime your soul (what little you have) or the soul of someone you care about could reincarnate into the body of one of the poor creatures you have no respect for and suffer the same exploitation and cruel and barbaric (in fact for all you know, one of the poor creatures being exploited and suffering could be a reincarnation of someone you once cared about) . . . After all . . . Quote . . . We shouldn’t treat other ‘living beings’ human or animal in a way we wouldn’t want to be treated . . . What goes around comes around, if not in this lifetime, any possible future lifetime . . . I would never under estimate Karma! . . . One thing is for sure . . . Mankind’s abhorrent behaviour and dependency on animals makes the human species rather inferior and pathetic unlike animals who survived on their own and managed themselves perfectly well long before certain humans evolved on earth making their lives a living hell.

    • Karan Capon-Richards says:

      Brilliant. Hope the scum bags read it. Pity somebody can’t have an accident with a gun and rid the world of nasty people who harm lovely animals

    • Kathy Khoshfahm says:

      Ginette – Every person on Earth should read your comment. It is right on and it is reality. Thank you for explaining it in a way I could not…

  7. lisa atkinson says:

    On their page states they a rescue for neglected abused animals and will have a forever home with us but one reviewer said they shot 3 horses, not excatley the image of a rescue centre.

  8. lisa atkinson says:

    Says they have ducks, chickens, sheep, turkeys, mini donkeys i hope they going to be rescused aswell not just the horses.

  9. Brian Miller says:

    Yeah, don’t forget the other poor animals, as well. NONE of them should be at this place.

  10. Marilyn Glasgow says:

    So this is Texas. Cowboy country. And this is how they treat their animals? Where is the oversight here? Where is the city, the state , the spca, the farm boards, etc, etc? Once more a nasty, cruel human has proved that we are the worst species on earth. I say, give it back to the animals,.

  11. Lisa Zarafonetis says:

    Signed & Shared❗️?

  12. I can’t even describe how badly I want to destroy these sickos that do horrible things to innocent creatures. I hope they receive no mercy when they receive what is coming to them.

  13. Kathy Khoshfahm says:

    Javier – For those of us who tirelessly sign these Animal Cruelty Petitions on a daily basis, please use your position and power to prosecute Schwartz Farms to the FULLEST EXTENT ALLOWED BY LAW! Enough is enough! The fact that these animals were tortured while being held at a so-called Rehabilitation Center disgusts me to no end. Show the world that Bexar County has a zero tolerance for animal abuse. Please!

  14. Lilian Caughlin says:

    why is it so hard to ensure the welfare of all animals. It may cost money at first to enforce it but once in place it could save many millions of dollars. People convicted of animal cruelty should not be allowed to own any animals period in the future. If they do seize their assets including homes. It’s done where drugs come into play which creates a lot of revenue. We would see a lot less crimes against animals committed. Politicians and law makers are lazy and don’t think outside the box. Most people would support this as they treat their animals well.

  15. Stupid, ignorant cruel bastards. . . . . .how could you NOT FEED YOUR ANIMALS?!!!!!! DISGUSTING AND DESPICABLE HUMAN BEINGS – ROTTEN SCUMBAGS.

  16. What are the authorities waiting for ???? Surely the poor condition of the horses is enough evidence that the rest of the animals need rescuing and quickly !!!

  17. OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!SHUT THIS HELL NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!! THESE LOW LIFE ANIMALS ABUSERS WILL ROTTEN IN HELL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  18. Joanne Connarty says:

    Is the state of Texas trying to complete with China?, although no one could beat China ( and Korea)for out and out animal cruelty and abuse,(sorry ,”festivals”)there does seem to be a few close seconds.

    Why does the law allow it,it is an absolute disgrace which there is no excuse for.
    There is no place for scum who abuse innocent animals in Today’s society.
    When are we going to start giving animals the protection they deserve?
    Some of the disgusting things i read makes me ashamed to be part of the human race,but then again these scumbags are not human and should be removed from away from decent people.

  19. what the hell kind of laws do they have down there to allow this cruelty to go on hang these bastards slowly

  20. why is there even a petition for this, surely logic and compassion says that this should happen without need for a petition. as i’ve questioned many times what the fuck do some people think in their tiny wired-wrong minds, I am continually gobsmacked that this sort of thing happens on a daily basis. control and power over less fortunate animals cannot make someone feel special. good deeds and helping others give you a warm glow not hurting someone.

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