Service Dogs Allegedly Shot By Officer Deserve Justice

Target: Janee Harteau, Minneapolis Chief of Police

Goal: Punish a police officer who allegedly shot two non-aggressive dogs and demand better training procedures for all officers.

A recent video appears to show a police officer searching a backyard in response to a burglary call. After several moments, one of two dogs approaches the officer in a non-aggressive manner while wagging his tail, before coming to a standstill several feet away. The officer responds by shooting the dog in the face, and then shooting the second dog in the yard when it panics and runs toward him.

The two dogs, Ciroc and Rocko, are physician-prescribed service animals for the LeMay family in Minneapolis. They are expected to survive their injuries yet the entire family has been traumatized. According to Jennifer LeMay, her 13-year-old daughter had accidentally tripped the alarm minutes before she witnessed the officer shooting her dogs.

The officer’s own testimony claims that the dogs charged at him and that there was an “aggressive action” which occurred off camera that prompted his response. The Minneapolis Police Department is now reviewing his claims as well as the video, yet there is no word whether or not the officer will face any punishment.

Sign this petition to demand that this officer be severely reprimanded if his actions are proven to have been unfounded, and that all officers receive proper training in handling dogs so that this situation can be prevented in the future.


Dear Chief Harteau,

A Minneapolis police officer has allegedly shot two service dogs in their own backyard in response to an “aggressive action” which was not captured on a homeowner’s security camera. In the available footage, the officer, who was responding to a false burglary call, appears to draw his weapon on a dog who is approaching in a non-aggressive manner and then shoots him in the face after he comes to a complete halt. The second dog was shot seconds later after it panicked and ran.

These dogs did nothing wrong and did not deserve to be shot. We demand that this officer be punished for using excessive force if found culpable, and that all of your officers be better trained in how to handle any dogs they may encounter.


[Your Name Here]

Photo Credit: Jennifer LeMay

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  1. The cop should have jumped right back over the fence instead of shooting two dogs who were there doing what we have dogs to, PROTECTING THEIR YARD. Why wasn’t the false alarm status transmitted to the alarm company and the cops?????

  2. Cops are such cowards. That they would be afraid of a dog running toward them wagging his or her tail, and shoot them in response, is the epitome of cowardice.
    Please check out the video “Cops are Cowards” on YouTube, by Larken Rose.

  3. Please train your officers better. These officers need special training counseling and a slap on the hand for doing such a heinous thing. These officers being hired by the police department that he’s days are unqualified Young lots of times they are self-serving and expect immediate gratification. I am not impressed with a police force in its entirety. Too bad many of my friends were police officers and they say the same thing. Let’s do some good policeman let’s find Predators let’s find people who are cruel to animals and cruel to other people do your job and stop being cowards.

    • Margaret Melnick says:

      I am not so sure training is what the police force needs. Most people (myself included) know the difference between an aggressive dog and one that is just happy to see you and wants to say hi. Don’t think it is a training problem think it is more of an “I am God and I will do what I want without any consequences”. Certain type of people SHOULD NOT BE IN A POSTITION OF AUTHORITY. I think better screening when Police officer are hired would be a better solution.

  4. Maria Nowicki says:

    This kind of incident is becoming all too common. There have
    been dozens of similar stories. The cops in this country
    are out of control idiots. They need A LOT of training.
    Dogs are loyal and protective.
    I personally am more afraid of cops than I am of any dogs.
    The cops are just plain stupid and gun happy.

  5. Shoot first ask questions later. …seems to be a theme with the American police force…


  7. michelle taylor says:

    Yank oinker pig cops have an atrocious global reputation, as many are corrupt and animal murdering scumbags.There are very few descent ones.



  10. We need real men and women manning our streets, not cowards. I just love the cop’s alibi “in response to an “aggressive action” which was not captured on a homeowner’s security camera.” How ironic that the “aggressive” action was the only thing NOT caught on camera. LIAR!!

  11. Lisa Zarafonetis says:

    Signed & shared❗️?

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