Urge Air China to Stop Transporting Monkeys

Target: Air China

Goal: Stop the inhumane transport of monkeys from China to the United States.

Air China remains one of the few major airlines that still transports monkeys via airplane. These animals are often taken from their natural environments to be shipped the long distance to laboratories in the United States where they are used as research subjects. Other monkeys are bred in captivity for their entire lives, living in cramped factory farms, raised only to be used in experiments.

Air China has been cited four times this year alone for violating United States animal welfare laws. Clearly, they do not care about the state of these animals. The long flights can often be traumatizing for the monkeys, who are crammed in small wooden crates and transported in the cargo holds of planes.  Monkeys are highly intelligent creatures and share the same feelings of fear, boredom, depression and loneliness that humans do. It is unfair to treat our fellow beings this way and subject them to such conditions.

Most major airlines have stopped this cruel practice, and it’s time for Air China to do the same.  This mistreatment of animals cannot be allowed to continue and something must be done about it. Voice your opposition and sign this petition to urge Air China to cease the transport of monkeys.


Dear Air China,

Please stop the cruel practice of transporting monkeys via airplane from Asia to the United States. It is unfair that these animals are destined to become test subjects for scientific experiments, but it is just cruel to put them through such a torturous journey beforehand.

The conditions on these planes are often cramped and dark, which can be traumatizing to animals. Monkeys are very intelligent creatures and share the same feelings that humans do. They experience fear, boredom, and loneliness in the same way, and it is unfair to put them through such an awful experience.


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  1. At the end of the trip, a far worse fate remains in animal research lab.

  2. compassion and education one desperately needed here
    forms in nature who share our planet.. It’s gonna take a lot of natural color paint in many layers to cover your shame. Now it’s just plain torture

  3. dominique says:

    ANYONE who treats animals in this way are definitely not civilised ,some doubt as to whether they are actually human —-no soul ,that’s for sure.

  4. Air China has now the great opportunity to wake up and start a human policy: they can (if they want) stop transporting monkeys to any experiments, -which are allways a hell for living sensing animals, – animals also feel all the feelings we do. Is there anyone who would want be the object of those experiments -painfull and fearfull physically and mentally? I am sure, no one of you or us would want such a destination for himself.
    I urge Air China to become a company with compassion, ruled by people with heart. If not, it is ugly policy: who would want to fly with a company that takes part in a chain of torture?

  5. I’m more concerned about what happens to the victims after they reach Auschwitz. Humans are worse than Nazis by nature. And when they’re allowed to run amok to slaughter and experiment, every other species is unsafe.

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