Urge Australia to Stop Inhumanely Killing Feral Camels

Target: Jan Ferguson, Managing Director of the organization responsible for the Australian Feral Camel Management Project

Goal: To stop the aerial shooting of feral camels.

The Australian government has supported the killing of close to 50,000 feral camels that currently inhabit the country. The reason for this is that these feral camels are causing a significant amount of damage to the natural environment. Supporters of this plan fear that their numbers will only grow if left untreated. Unfortunately, inhumane methods are being used to dispatch the animals. Aerial shooting from helicopters is the main practice used to kill the camels.

The problem with this method is that the animals shot in these aerial hunts are seldom killed in a quick and painless manner. Often they are merely injured and left to die a long, painful death. Younger and weaker camels that depend on other members of their species may succumb to dehydration or starvation, slowly prolonging their deaths.

8,000 camels have already been killed in this cruel manner. Now is the time to take a stand and demand a better solution for this problem. PETA suggests that the camels could be controlled better through the use of exclusion techniques and deterrents. If the killing is absolutely necessary, a more humane method could be implemented in order to prevent needless suffering. Sign this petition today to urge the Australian government to cease their aerial shootings.


Dear Jan Ferguson,

I urge you to stop using aerial shooting of feral camels. These poor animals are often forced to endure long and agonizing deaths as a result of an injury or maiming. Unfortunately, the shooting does not always execute these animals in a painless manner.

A better, more efficient and humane method is needed in the dispatch of these camels. It seems unfortunate to kill so many of them. If possible, they should be controlled better through deterrents or techniques that could exclude them from certain environments to prevent destruction. If the killing is absolutely necessary, please reconsider the techniques currently being used to torture these animals to death.


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  1. what is the motivation for such atrocity towards these magnificent, compliant animals who have served us through history and have given us a foundation for trade as early as the time of Marco Polo?

    • I think the motivation is that they are not native to the continent and their numbers are increasing so fast that they are causing considerable environmental damage. What can they do about them, according to the report I just read the camel population in Australia is estimated at one million now and expected to double in the next nine years. There are no natural predators to the camel in Australia, so what suggestions do people have for how to solve the problem?

      • Castration. Killing won’t solve the problem and is not ethical. They introduce them and now, they want to kill them.

  2. Also, the alternative of sending them to slaughter does not bear thinking about. The stress of capture, transport and death is far worse than a quick shot from a helicopter.

  3. Artur de Castro Carvalho says:

    Não temos o direito de maltratar e matar animais, os quais querem viver, assim como nós! Temos que parar imediatamente com a prática cruel como são tratados os animais, isso trás apenas dor e sofrimento para os animais indefesos, os quais estão querendo viver normalmente, mas são impedidos pelas pessoas. Repensemos nossos atos!
    * * * * * * *
    We have no right to mistreat and kill animals, which they want to live, just like us! We must immediately stop the cruel practice are treated like animals, this brings only pain and suffering to defenseless animals, which are trying to live normally, but are stopped by people. Rethink our actions!

  4. Stop, the animal cruelty, I cannot believe Australia being killing around 8,000 camel. Stop .that is not the best solution.

  5. Really, this animal is good for the Arab world. The camel gives them transport,milk,fuel,meat and it is a freindly compromising animal eer found on earth. Kindly send these animal to the berbers or arabs of he Sahara desert.
    Stop killing these animal when they can feed the poor in North Africa.

    • if their so important how come when my cousin caught a black camel and triedto sell to a arab trader who was buying camels in australia he killed it on sight and ate a small piece. they are destru tive to the enviroment. would you rather camels or a few dozen native species.

  6. Linda Grundei says:

    I cant understand this fucking things… how can u look into the mirrow without hate???

    U reap what u saw….

  7. masacatior says:

    It is such a hipocrisy to kill them because they don’t fit the humans need. This is the same kind of notion that lead the thylacine to extinction. One animal is not better or worse than another. ‘Feral’ species is just a sad excuse. We could introduce pretadors to attain equilibrium of the population, like wolve and jaguars (dingos don’t hunt camels), and let the camels live as a new specie in Australia.

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