Eliminate Capitol Building’s Sexist Dress Code

Target: Congressman Paul Ryan, Speaker of the House

Goal: End sexist dress code against female reporters in the House of Representatives.

Female reporters and other female Capitol Hill staffers are being discriminated against by a sexist dress code implemented by Congressman Paul Ryan. Female reporters are being barred from interviewing representatives outside the House Chambers if those reporters are showing their toes or their shoulders.

The current dress code only says that women must be dressed in “appropriate” attire, with the definition of “appropriate” decided upon by Speaker of the House Ryan. However, the Republican Congressman has unfairly used this opportunity to sexualize and police women’s bodies.

There is nothing inappropriate in baring one’s shoulders or toes in these stifling summer months. To say so is to further perpetuate a culture of sexualization toward women. Sign the petition and demand that Paul Ryan end his sexist dress code.


Dear Speaker Ryan,

Female reporters are being barred from conducting interviews in the House of Representatives simply because they are showing their shoulders or toes. Your definition of an “appropriate” dress code is nothing more than another example of men’s over-sexualization of women’s bodies.

While there is no doubt that men and women on the Hill should wear professional attire, you should not be scandalized by female’s shoulders or toes. There are many other issues you and your fellow congressmen and women should be worried about. I ask that you end this sexist dress code toward women and allow them to go about comfortably doing their jobs.


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  1. Even as a man I think that some category of women have a way to dress as gone beyond all boundaries decency. For example, take a lot of women in film and show business where you tend to show as much as you dare and allow to expose.

    I think women are beautiful whether inside or outside, but being fed by promiscuously dressed women seeking attention is something I can handle without.

    What worries me most is the impression of all children and adolescents and the risk they face with plagiarizing this behavior. Unfortunately, it’s like much else, the money that controls it all.

    Unless the human takes control of the money, it’s the money that takes control of the human

    • Bengt – As much as I respect your views and agree with many of them, I have to disagree with you on this one.
      Women exposing their shoulders and toes does not seem provocative in the least to me. This kind of clothing is standard normal wear now, and has been for a long time, especially in summer. I think men should be able to handle a normal thing like this.
      Paul Ryan is a devout religious man who seems to be imposing his oppressive and repressive religious views on these women. Does he say MEN cannot expose their shoulders and toes as well? No, only women. Please think about this. Thanks.

  2. Dear B Denno.

    Thank you for your response and opinion.

    sorry if I was little unclear in the case, but I didn’t talk about women exposing their shoulders and toes.
    I talk about the category that caring more or less transparent clothing or where a cleavage goes all the way down to their navel so their boobs almost pops out as some female actors and show business people do of stage.

    I’m not against that the women want make them self’s more beautiful and showing their shoulders. I just wonder where we are going to draw the line in the moral perspective considering, as most of us know, that the younger (adolescents) generation who have not establish their identity more or less plagiarizing their idols.

    By the way, I’m not an old conservative that don’t adjust to time in the way I need. The age is just a technical factor on my body while my spirits is not a day over 30.

    Hope this make more cense to you my friend.

    • Dear Bengt – Thank you for your reply.
      I am sorry that I misunderstood what you were exactly saying. And I’m glad you’re not against women showing their shoulders and toes.
      Your concern about where to draw the line morally regarding clothing I totally understand, especially I think where it comes to influencing children and adolescents. We have a responsibility to help them grow and develop into adults who have good morals and ethics. And show business isn’t helping in that matter, that’s so true.
      I think it’s great that, while you are getting older – as we all are! – your spirit is young as ever! And I can see that you have respect for women, so thank you. I am a woman, in case you didn’t know.
      Thanks Bengt my friend for your response.

  3. Thank you dear friend for your caring response.

    Take good care of you and your family.

    GOD Bless you all in the name of Jesus Christ and Holy Spirit.

    • And thank you Bengt my dear friend.
      I appreciate your blessing even though I don’t believe in a God. May you and your family be blessed as well.

  4. Margaret Melnick says:

    I have one question why is it everyone gets up in arms when a women shows her breast but not with a man?I know I will hear a women’s breast is a sex object but that is merely because men decided that long ago. I know men who have larger breast than women and still go topless. In some Countries Men and women both go topless just wear a loin cloth and these men do not become overly excited. I myself would never go topless because of the way I was raised but I think in today’s world we are far to obsessed with sex.

  5. Gen Lovyet Agustsson says:

    boobs are not sexual objects! stop sexism right now! lets abolish gender binary dress code now! let these people be themselves!

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