Shut Down Ivory Smuggling Operation in Small Chinese Village

Target: Rimsky Yuen Kwok-keung, Hong Kong Secretary for Justice

Goal: Stop international ivory smuggling operations from bypassing ivory ban.

Ivory smugglers were uncovered in the little-known Shuidong village in China. According to reports, this was said to be just one of 10 or 20 ivory trafficking groups working from this village with total impunity despite China’s official decision and attempts to shut down the ivory trade in their country. The majority of the smuggled ivory comes from African elephants, which have been facing an extinction crisis for years. Additional reports have said that the smugglers bribed customs officials to ensure the safe trading of their ill-gotten ivory.

This cannot continue. The ivory trade is unethical and cruel, it has been banned and protested the world over to protect elephants from extinction by poaching, yet this group is undermining all of these efforts for the sake of a profit. It shows no signs of stopping, as the smuggling ring intends to go after the Nigerian elephants for their yellow tusks next.

Officials in Africa and China must put an end to these operations immediately. We cannot lose any more elephants to the ivory trade, and it is imperative that China keep a watchful eye on even the smallest villages to ensure that no more trafficking groups will form. Sign this petition to stop the undermining of the ivory ban.


Dear Secretary Kwok-keung,

An ivory trafficking group has been operating out of the small village of Shuidong, just one of many who have been undermining the ivory ban your country has been working to enforce. These groups have been buying ivory from Africa, where the elephant population is already dangerously low; 80 percent of the ivory that passes from Africa to China has gone through Shuidong.

You must put a stop to this immediately. Your announcement of the ivory ban was a great success last year, but groups like these will render the ban pointless should they continue to operate. Please break up this smuggling ring, not only to stop the sales of ivory but to protect the remaining elephants from extinction; with ivory no longer for sale, poachers in Africa will have no more reason to hunt.


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Photo Credit: Valerie Baron

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  1. Asia is full of barbarians they have no love for any creature all be it themselves. I fear they will never change, as even when laws are passed to protect animals they do not make any effort to enforce them. If it was not for the animal charities persistence by doing all in there power to help nothing would be done at all.

    We who do have morals & compassion must never give up applying pressure it has too be maintained in Asia in the hope that at some point they will learn compassion & learn to understand every life matters we all do have souls & one day there will come a reckoning for all our wrongs.

  2. Vasiliki-Anna Terzopoulou says:

    Yes I totally agree what happens to elephants is awful they are intelligent animals and they don’t deserve to suffer who is buying the stuff anyway?

  3. Lisa Zarafonetis says:

    Hope all ivory smugglers die a horrible miserable prolonged death❗️?
    Signed & shared ?

  4. China = ASIA = don’t give a …. about abusing, torturing, slaughtering animals.

    Rimsky Yuen Kwok-keung, Hong Kong Secretary for Justice – Shuidong village in CHINA:


    Do you, Rimsky Yuen Kwok-keung, Hong Kong Secretary for Justice, and other “decision makers” get money/bribe for closing your eyes on this horrible “business”??????????????????

    Stop international ivory smuggling operations from bypassing ivory ban. PROTECT THE REMAINING ELEPHANTS FROM EXTINCTION.

  5. Once again who is involved the fuckin Chinese, its always in an Asian country that this sort of thing happens.It is sickening to think humans still use ivory for anything..we must stop sucking up the arses of these Asian countries until the ivory trade STOPS and they get their act together with stopping animal abuse in general.. Elephants,tigers etc will all be extinct unless these fuckin Asians start respecting these animals instead of abusing them..


  7. Susan Fong says:

    It is unconscionable that elephants are being slaughtered and mutilated so that their tusks can end up as a decoration or bauble. Elephants need their tusks for survival. Leave the elephants alone. Let them live! And throw the ivory poachers, dealers, and buyers in prison where they belong. They have blood on their hands.

  8. michelle taylor says:

    Extermination of these arseholes is essential.Happy to help implement same!

  9. China wants to be a world player and should start to adopt a few morals and learn some compassion thier goods are for sale everywhere so if you feel strongly about this next time you are out shopping look on the label if it says made in China leave it on the shelf.

  10. Simon Rimmer says:

    Asians need to learn compassion and empathy for all animals. These people will empty the world of every living creature. Poaching must become a death penalty crime!!! Selling ivory must become a death penalty crime!! Time to clean up the human garbage of the world!!!!

  11. Helen Tanguis says:

    The Catholic church is known to own the largest collection of ivory.

  12. Patty van Zeist says:

    Always these cruel cina people.

  13. Typical Chinese – zero empathy for other living beings and anything for a $. Never fail to disgust me.

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