Remove Donald Trump From Office

Target: Paul Ryan, Speaker of the House of Representatives

Goal: Evaluate whether Donald Trump is fit for office.

A commission may soon be given the power to evaluate Donald Trump and possibly remove him from office. Representative Jamie Raskin (D- Maryland) introduced the bill in April, but it has gained more support in light of Trump’s increasingly erratic behavior as president.

According to Representative Darren Soto, a co-signer of the bill, “The mental and physical health of the leader of the United States and the free world is a matter of great public concern.” If the bill becomes law, a bipartisan commission of 11 members would be formed and tasked with evaluating the president’s mental and physical health. If the commission found Trump unfit for office, they could provide consent to the vice president, who can remove the president based on the 25th Amendment.

Donald Trump has provided more than enough evidence of his instability as a leader, and it becomes more important every day to have a secure method for removing him from the Oval Office. Add your name to the petition below to ask that the House of Representatives pass this important bill.


Dear Speaker Ryan,

A group of House Democrats has introduced a bill laying the foundation for evaluating Donald Trump and potentially removing him from office. As House Speaker, you know very well that Trump has proven himself incredibly unstable as president, especially in recent weeks.

I urge you to work in the House to pass this bill and ensure the creation of a bi-partisan commission to evaluate the president’s ability to lead. It is critically important to have an established method for invoking the 25th Amendment.


[Your Name Here]

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  1. Cynthia Mattera says:

    He is the worse president ever! Selfish, greedy. He doesn’t car about animal welfare, healthcare, jobs, veterans, senior citizens. He only cares abut himself and big business. He needs to go!

    • Trump is helping make more jobs/helping health care/elderly care/day care/bringing back more businesses/lower taxes/making America safer/has helped the Vets get better care. He cares about all. Media is lying to you. Don’t believe it. See Next News Network or Jim Beckwith and more on Youtube. You don’t have the correct information.

  2. Maria Nowicki says:

    He is a narcissistic sociopath.

  3. Dixie Denis says:

    About time!

    Please lock him up too

  4. Kalliope says:

    Well – I’m not an American resident, but in my opinion this “president” will bring his country to the worst it ever has been in his whole history with that, what he calls politics. He is greedy, selfish, childish, immature, megalomaniac and he runs an unrealistic and world-threatening policy. If he will be allowed to continue, he not only will make a lunar landscape out of the beautiful environment of his country – he also will bring all those which are already living on the edge of a bearable life closer to much more worse situations!

    • Media is lying. They are saying the opposite to what is true.He is not what you describe. The Left is not mentally/emotionally healthy and believe the lies. Protesters were hired to get it all started by Hillary/Soros etc. They are enjoying the chaos in knowing the truth they started. See Jim Beckwith or Next News Network on Youtube for what is true. Media is enjoy the pretend story. They may lie about many things in one sentence. It is not ok for them to do this.

  5. Gen Lovyet Agustsson says:

    u all republicans shall be fired!

  6. Carol Minardi says:

    Trump 2020??????

  7. You guys are f’n kidding me! You liberals refuse to see the good he is doing, damn snowflakes.

  8. This is very sad. Trump is not what the media say. They say lies/false/fake information and people believe the lies and act on it. The media is laughing and enjoying influencing people. They are just doing it for ratings and enjoy harassing. Find out the real truth. See Next News Network or Jim Beckwith and more on Youtube to know what is really true compared to the lies of the press.

    For example: FACT: According to the most recent data, 1,066,360 families in Texas paid $247.5 million in penalties to the IRS for the right not to purchase health insurance.
    Myth vs. Reality: Democrats are claiming the healthcare bill currently being considered by the Senate will “cut” Medicaid. However, under this bill Medicaid would increase from $393 billion this year to $464 billion in 2027—and that’s adjusting for inflation. Clearly, not a “cut.” .

    • Shasha – The news sources you cite – Next News Network and Jim Beckwith – seem to be Christian-based. No doubt they have some truth – and maybe truth that the mainstream media doesn’t cover or lies about. However, they are biased as well. Like most news agencies they have part truth and part misinformation.
      It is never good to rely on just a few news sources, or only sources with a religious slant.
      The fact that Christians and some other religious groups unconditionally support Trump kind of baffles me. He cannot be considered a moral person by most standards. Sorry but God did not choose Trump as President.
      Please start checking out a variety of news sources in America and around the world, secular as well as religious, with an open mind. I think doing this, and doing critical thinking about what we read/watch, helps to protect us from misinformation and outright lies.

  9. Maria Nowicki says:

    His ENTIRE cabinet should be removed from office!

  10. Politicians are like diapers; they need to be changed often and for the same reason – Mark Twain.

  11. Steve Day says:

    The poster of this insolent and petty petition is aptly named – Brittany McSorely, is a Sore Loser.

    It would be nice if we could block/ignore petitions from individual posters like her. Arrogance like hers is a disease.

    • Steve Day – I agree with the poster of this petition.
      Being able to think for oneself, and to have the courage to speak out against a leader who appears to be mentally unstable and unfit, is not arrogance or insolence.
      Rather, your unquestioning obedience and allegiance to such a leader is disturbing. Unquestioning allegiance to authority has been and continues to be a huge source of trouble and oppression in this world.
      We have every right to question and object to Trump and every other “authority” who appears to be unstable and/or evil.

  12. How about making the Whitehouse great again? Trump has only tried to undo the achievements and hard work of Obama and ALL other preseiidents and politicians. Trump promotes discrimination, hate and exploitation of others when society desperately needs to unite in love and compassion.

  13. Javier Donoso says:

    Unfortunately Donald Trump is nihilistic and he will start World War III which will destroy the entire planet if we allow him to be President of the USA any longer!!

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