Demand Justice for Dog Starved and Thrown Down a Garbage Chute

Target: Essex County Prosecutor’s Office

Goal: Prosecute Kisha Curtis, the woman who starved and thew her pit bull down a garbage chute, to the fullest extent of the law.

Most people have probably already heard the story of Patrick. The pit bull was starved almost to death, closed inside a plastic trash bag, and thrown down the garbage chute of a 22 story Newark, New Jersey apartment building. What some people may not realize is that, although Patrick’s former owner Kisha Curtis was arrested and charged with one count of fourth-degree animal cruelty, she has not yet been charged.

Patrick was found inside a garbage bag the day after St.Patrick’s Day 2011. The pictures taken of Patrick on the day he was found are shocking to say the least. It was later discovered that Patrick had been thrown down the garage chute from the 19th story, enclosed inside a black trash bag. When he was found by a maintenance worker emptying the garage bin, Patrick was barely alive. If he had not been found that morning, he would have been crushed to death inside a trash compacter.

Curtis is denying that she starved, tortured, or harmed Patrick in any way. She does admit to essentially abandoning him by tying him to a doorknob in the hallway of her New Jersey apartment building. According to Curtis, the dog was in her care for only two days prior to being found inside the garbage, and he was supposedly doing well before she abandoned him. Curtis claims that she was shocked at the dog’s emaciated state just days after leaving her care.

Curtis is applying for a pre-trial intervention. If granted, it would eventually wipe the criminal charge of animal cruelty off her record. Curtis rejected a plea offer that included 18 months in prison, a $5,000 fine, and 30 days of community service. Her next court date is scheduled for July 31st.

There is no possible way that a dog could become as emaciated as Patrick was in a mere two days. Patrick’s condition would have had to be caused by weeks, if not months, of neglect. Curtis is obviously lying when she says that Patrick was doing well in her care two days prior to being found next to death. By signing this petition, you are insisting that, if found guilty of animal cruelty, Kisha Curtis be prosecuted to the fullest extend of the law. Demand that her pre-trial intervention not be approved. Curtis thought so little of her dog, a living, breathing being, that she threw him away like he was a piece of junk. Such blatant disregard for life is inexplicable, and should not go unpunished.


Dear Essex County Prosecutor’s Office,

Patrick the pit bull was found in 2011 starved almost to death inside of a garbage bag. Had he not been found by a maintenance worker that day, he likely would have suffered horribly while being crushed to death inside a trash compacter. No living thing deserves to be treated like a piece of trash. The horrors Patrick suffered are inexplicable.

Now Patrick’s former owner and most likely abuser, Kisha Curtis, is requesting a pre-trial intervention that, if accepted, would wipe her criminal record clean. She is claiming that she had nothing to do with the sorry state that Patrick was found in, despite the fact that she has admitted that he was under her care just prior to being found in the trash bin. Curtis is clearly lying when she claims that Patrick was doing well in her care. There is no possible way that a dog could become as emaciated as Patrick was in just a few days. Patrick’s condition was caused by weeks, if not months, of neglect.

Please do not accept Kisha Curtis’ pre-trial intervention request. If found guilty, she should be prosecuted to the fullest extend of the law. It’s unthinkable that anyone could treat any living thing the way that Curtis treated Patrick, throwing him away while still alive like he’s a piece of junk. Curtis’ lack of regard for life is shocking and should not go unpunished.


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  1. I know this is a bit off tangent but could the creator of this petition please change this sentence as there is a spelling mistake in it, the word trial is mispelled as ‘trill’, and the petition is going to go down much better with no spelling mistakes. The sentence is: “Please do not accept Kisha Curtis’ pre-trill intervention request.”

  2. I really believe the only answer is to treat these shits the way they treat there animals, shame it is not possible lock her up and throw away the key.

  3. Photographs of all these monsters who abuse animals should be shown so that people will recognise them for what they are. They should have “animal torturer tattooed across their forehead

  4. an eye for an eye,…give to her what she gave to this precious dog Patrick. starve her while someone eats and drinks in front of her giving her no food or water, when she is down to skin and bones bag her and throw her into a garbage heap. Then after she goes through this , rescue her, give to her a fine and prison term and not allowed to own or be around animals ever!

  5. JoAnne Shepherd says:

    This woman should not go free and should face the highest penalty in the system, and she should do community service work at the Animal Shelter for the next 5 yrs,she should also never ever have any kind of pet, including fish. My gosh if she does this to animals …what might she do to little children who cannot speak up for themselves. I know they cannot stop her from having them but I’d be afraid of what she may do. Glad Patrick is was found, and one day live a happy future with a family that will take good care of him.

  6. How can this woman ever sleep again? Most probably she will because she does not care!

  7. julie thomas says:

    I think she should be chained in a darkened room and left to starve

  8. Paola Scanio says:


  9. Any person who would do this has no conscience. She deserve to be made aware that she must now pay for her stupidity.
    She also must not ever be allowed to have another animal in her possession.


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