Senate: Revoke Trump’s Presidential War Authority

Target: Mitch McConnell, Senate Majority Leader

Goal: Approve language revoking presidential war authority.

Congress has a chance to remove Donald Trump’s power to authorize war. The House Appropriations Committee has approved an amendment to revoke the Authorization for Use of Military Force (AUMF), passed in 2001 and used to respond to the 9/11 attacks. The amendment was added to the defense spending bill, and the Senate will need to approve it next.

The amendment was introduced by Representative Barbara Lee of California, who voted against the AUMF in 2001 because she “knew then it would provide a blank check to wage war anywhere, anytime, for any length by any president.”

Considering Donald Trump’s complete lack of military experience, unpredictable temperament, and overall instability, it is critically important that he not have the power to authorize war whenever and wherever he chooses. Add your name to the petition below to ask that the Senate approve this amendment and revoke the AUMF.


Dear Senator McConnell,

The House Appropriations Committee has approved an amendment that revokes the Authorization for Use of Military Force. Since it was passed in 2001, the AUMF has been used to justify military action in Iraq and the fight against ISIS. As Rep. Barbara Lee said, the authorization is essentially “a blank check to wage war anywhere, anytime, for any length by any president.”

In just six months, Donald Trump has proven himself to be one of the least stable, most volatile, and most poorly experienced presidents in American history. It is in the best interest of the United States that he not have the power to authorize military action on a whim. I urge you to work in the Senate to pass this amendment and revoke the Authorization for Use of Military Force.


[Your Name Here]

Photo credit: Gage Skidmore

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  1. Totally agree with this petition. Trump is unstable, capricious, and full of himself, and should be prevented from doing any warmongering whatsoever.

    • Amen to that my friend!

    • You suck as a American!!as a soldier, I will follow every order. Go America! God bless Trump!!

      • I am not an American.
        I am sorry that you are a soldier who is eager to obey the orders of such a person as Trump.
        War is a terrible thing. I find it quite disturbing that you are so eager to fight in a war.

        • Exactly, not American!! Your opinion doesn’t count!!

          • This petition site is not just for Americans. It’s for anyone in the world who wants to sign and/or express their opinions.
            Stop being so myopic. There is a world outside of America.
            And people can and do care about what goes on in other countries besides their own.

          • As well, what happens in America greatly affects many other countries around the world. Our opinions do count.

  2. Paulette Mirfield says:

    As evidenced by all the tantrums and lies in the past few months, it’s evident he’s not stable but a spoilt child who will make everyone pay for every supposed insult. Do we really want his fat little fingers on a button of mass destruction? He doesn’t care if innocents are harmed or killed – proof is in the bombings in the Middle East. I would definitely feel more secure if he didn’t have authority to COMMIT us to yet another war. My grandson doesn’t have “bone spurs” and I don’t have enough cash to buy him some unlike 45’s parents.

    • Have you ever stepped foot in the Middle East? Grab some damn boots and stop complaining if you never done a thing for our awesome country except draw a check!!

  3. Mireille Urbain says:

    Depuis que Trump a été désigné comme le candidat des Républicains, je tremblais qu’il ne soit élu car son instabilité me fait craindre le pire. Le jour où il a été élu, j’ai entrevu la perspective d’une troisième guerre mondiale totale. Et tout ce qu’il dit et fait me conforte dans cette opinion. Etrangère, je ne devrais pas me mêler de la politique étatsunienne. Mais Trump entraîne le monde entier dans le chaos et donc, le monde entier est concerné et doit pouvoir exprimer son opinion auprès de ceux qui peuvent entraver, arrêter ce délire dont les conséquences seraient tragiques pour tous les continents.

  4. C.A. Rose says:

    As well as being a pathological liar and a lifelong bully, Trump is immature,ignorant, arrogant, petulant, vindictive and malicious. He refuses to admit culpability and plays the victim of liberal media to the idiots who voted for him. He is a criminal who lies, dupes and steals from workers and the American people. He cares about money and nothing else. He is open in his admiration of dictators and is doing his best to get dictatorial powers for himself as shown by his attempt to get all voting records under the pretense of rooting out “fake” voters. He is unfit to have been a candidate in the first place. He is dangerous and needs to be stopped. When will Republicans in DC stop putting the GOP ahead of national safety and security? Is blind lock-step obedience worth destroying the country and maybe the world? Once that piece of garbage pushes the button it will be too late for the GOP to get a backbone.

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