Fire Florida Police Officer Who Reportedly Threatened Black Man

Target: Michael Williams, Sheriff of Jacksonville, Florida

Goal: Fire officer who allegedly threatened to jail a black man for jaywalking.

A Florida police officer recently threatened to jail a black man who was jaywalking, reports say. J.S. Bolen, an officer in the Jacksonville Sheriff’s Department, stopped Devonte Shipman, 21, for crossing a street before the walk signal flashed. In a video of the incident, Shipman questions being stopped, and Bolen seems to say that he could jail Shipman for “disobeying a direct order.”

Bolen eventually gave Shipman a ticket for jaywalking, not carrying his license, and not presenting it to Bolen. However, the statute that requires presenting a license to an officer only applies to drivers.

As police brutality and racism gain more attention in the media, incidents like this shed even more light on the problematic nature of law enforcement in black communities. The threat of jail time for jaywalking is incredibly extreme, and Shipman was also ticketed for breaking a rule that did not apply to him as a walker. Add your name to the petition below to demand Bolen be fired for his alleged discriminatory actions.


Dear Sheriff Williams,

Recently, Officer J.S. Bolen stopped black 21-year-old Devonte Shipman in Jacksonville for jaywalking and allegedly threatened to jail him for the offense. In addition, Bolen issued a ticket to Shipman for not exhibiting his license when asked for it. As I’m sure you know, the statute that Bolen cited for that offense only applies to drivers and Bolen was walking at the time of the stop.

There is a strong likelihood that Bolen’s aggression toward Shipman was related to his race. Shipman was inclined to record the encounter on video out of fear for his safety, and Bolen issued a citation based on a rule that Shipman did not break. I urge you to fire this officer, as his behavior seems unethical and his demeanor unnecessarily aggressive.


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  1. Chris Ferrara says:

    This story seems inadequate/inaccurate. Before I can sign the entire story and verbal exchange needs to be presented.

  2. Gillian Miller says:

    There are far too many petitions calling for someone to be sacked or punished when no investigation has happened. Call for an investigation by all means and even suggest that a heavy penalty be called for IF someone has broken the law or exceeded their authority but to do this is ridiculous and presupposes that the person is guilty. The law says that people are innocent until PROVEN guilty.

  3. Kathryn Irby says:

    Fire the idiotic and abusive cop, who threatened to jail a black male merely for jay-walking–NOW!!! It’s long past time that cops be held Accountable for their numerous killings and abuse of innocent citizens once and for all!!!

    • Maurice Robison says:

      Kathryn Irby: Obama rushed in and blamed the police a few times when it was later determined that the police did nothing wrong. You are way too willing to blame the police. It’s a given that the man WAS guilty of jaywalking! He broke a law! He needed to just keep his mouth shut and comply with the policeman! You’re an idiot for supporting the transgressor!

    • Margaret Melnick says:

      He threatened him but only issued a ticket. Am not sure what the laws on Jay walking are but it could be that jail could be enforced. I am more concern with requesting or giving a ticket for no license as many people who don’t drive don’t have a license. He could have been asking for ID rather than a license. I would like to know more about what happened before signing. People who Jay walk put their lives in danger. When they get hit everyone screams it’s the drivers fault. More cops should start enforcing the Jay walking law by giving tickets. And by the way it has nothing to do with being a black man if a white women or anyone else is jay walking give them a ticket. If you cut across the street in a car you would sure get a ticket. Jay walking is no different.

  4. RoseMarie Dorer says:

    Whenever a cop is called to the scene, it’s almost always a guarantee they’ll make sure someone dies or makes them wish he/she had died.

  5. Jaywalking?!!! Doesn’t the US Police have anything better to do?

    I recommend that Police officer to help elderly people over the street instead of humiliate good Police officers of USA with his personal vendetta.

  6. Proud Racist says:

    Do you really mean we are supposed to sign this stupid petition?? Niggers stink, steal, rob, rape, kill, kidnap, sell drugs and spread diseases. Nobody should care about any disgusting filthy nigger! Niggers belong in jails, and if they resist arrest, they deserve a bullet in the belly.

    • Racism has it’s roots in tribalism. Racism is a delusion – a delusion that one race is better than another. Racists lie to themselves to remain in that delusion, to make themselves feel superior to others, and to give themselves an excuse to oppress others.
      You accuse blacks of – among other things – killing. But you yourself sound eager to kill. You are deluding yourself that you are better than them.

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