Punish Cop Accused Of Strangling Black Boy

Target: Dennis Murrin Jr., Chief of the Lansing Village Police

Goal: Punish officer accused of strangled black teenager.

An off-duty cop in Lansing Village, Illinois, was allegedly caught on video strangling a black teenager simply for being on his property. According to news reports, the victim had been examining a friend of his who was injured in a fight, and when the teens tried to leave the property, the off-duty officer attacked the black boy and began to choke him, threatening his life. The victim, 15-year-old Jordan Brunson, claimed that the officer attacked him without even asking why he was there, and he did not know the man was an officer. The man has yet to give his side of the story.

“It’s yet another example of a white officer using excessive and unreasonable force against a 15-year-old black boy,” said the civil rights attorney representing Brunson’s family. Indeed, this is the same tired old story told with different names. Trayvon Martin, Michael Brown, Eric Garner, and countless other black boys either attacked or outright killed by white police officers; Brunson is just another boy who did not deserve this kind of violence. The cop, who has yet to be identified by name, must face justice for his reported actions. Sign this petition to demand this man be punished to the full extent of the law.


Dear Chief Murrin,

A police officer on your force was allegedly filmed attacking and choking a black teenager who wandered onto his property to check on the well-being of a friend. The video footage reportedly showed the officer using excessive force and threatening the boy’s life, and the man has yet to be reached for commentary or his side of the story.

This is another example of a white police officer attacking a black boy unnecessarily. Too many black boys have been brutalized by the police within the last several years, and Jordan Brunson was lucky enough to survive. There is no telling whether the man might have actually killed him.

You must punish this officer for his reported actions, possibly even terminate his services. There was no reason for him to use such excessive force, especially when the boy was doing nothing wrong. Ensure that this officer faces justice as soon as possible.


[Your Name Here]

Photo Credit: The All Nite Images

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  1. Gillian Miller says:

    If this is what really happened then the officer should be punished. The problem is that it is an alleged offence and the petition author is asking for punishment without any investigation and I am reluctant to sign something so blatantly unacceptable. Punish an officer who has been found to do so or investigate the offence but not someone who has yet to be found guilty.

    • I live in Illinois most likely the officer won’t even be investigated.Look at The cop Drew Peterson the Bolingbrook Cop that murdered his 3 wives but a Lawyer got him off the one’s missing and his own brother started drinking knowing he moved a drum for him.they said he wasn’t credible because he was a drunk!

  2. Kathryn Irby says:

    Punish cop who strangled a black boy–NOW!!! It’s long past time that damn cops be held accountable for their numerous killings and abuses of innocent citizens who are simply minding their own business!!!

    • Czerny A. says:

      Judge and jury, are you? And you have these quick stats, how? If so many cops out of the millions on the job are racist killers, wouldn’t there be more incidents? If you’re ever in need of an officer, please don’t call for help because he’ll kill you as soon as look at you, especially if you’re innocent.

    Most done by people who live on the taxes of this officer and other and in their countries white are totally persecuted and discriminated and racism against all is a must. Stop the BS.

    Gillian I am with you but even this guy invade private property and i can bet was even as they use to be thinking it was all his, to be stupid and uneducated to the officer and if it was a black officer against a white, no petition no nothing. THE FACT IS I SEE EVERYDAY RACISM AGAINST WHITE PEOPLE WHO PAY FOR MIDDLE EAST, BLACKS WHO WANT SO MUCH THE INDEPENDENCE IN AFRICAN COLONIES AND THAN ALL LEFT COMING TO OUR COUNTRIES WHO HAD TEACH AND GIVE THEM ALL. I SEE WHITE BEEN HUMILIATE,being discriminate in their own countries in the blacks and middle eastern countries and others. migrants and immigrants come most to live as parasites and even think we own them, when it is the opposite, they own white people everything even their own countries.

    • Since this cop was the alleged aggressor, having allegedly choked and threatened the life of the black man, I fail to see how the cop is being discriminated against. He is not the supposed victim here.

    • The colors of a humans skin is NOT in the core subject here.

      The core is exclusively a matter of human justice in a court of the law.

  4. As in all cases of alleged cop infractions, I think it should be investigated by an impartial, independent investigator.
    If he is guilty, he should be fully prosecuted like anyone else would be.

  5. RoseMarie Dorer says:

    Whenever a cop is called to the scene it’s almost a guarantee they’re going to make sure someone dies… especially if that someone has a complexion other than white.

    • Czerny A. says:

      If it’s as you guaranteed, there would be a lot of dead black folks in NYC and other urban areas. Don’t be glib and race-bait, please.

  6. Czerny A. says:

    Why is there a rush to judgement and a petition for justice when complete facts are lacking? The man was on his own property as a private citizen and not an officer, so why categorize this as a cop on black killing? Why were the young men trespassing in the first place? These are not helpless little boys; a teenager is perfectly capable of fighting back: it’s not that easy to strangle someone. More impartial facts, please. Until then–I will not sign.

  7. I think we need the whole story. We all know that teenagers often lie to keep out of trouble. The truth will come out and then if this was an unprovoked attack on the boy then the policeman should be punished as anyone else would be. The boy however should not have been trespassing either so there may be a lot more to the story. I am not going to assume it was a racist attack until it is proven because that word is overused much to often and without cause.

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