Ban Breast Implants for UK Girls Under Age 18

Target: United Kingdom House of Commons

Goal: Don’t allow minors to undergo dangerous breast implant surgeries.

Recently, a British mother made headlines for urging her 14-year-old daughter to get breast implants, publicly stating that the young girl was going through a ‘funny phase’ for not wanting the procedure. While implants pose serious health risks for all women, young girls are particularly at risk due to the fact that their bodies are still maturing. In spite of the danger, the UK currently has no minimum age limit for breast implants, a serious issue that needs to be corrected.

The youngest girl to undergo breast augmentation in the UK was 12 years of age. While this may not be the norm, increasing numbers of girls under the age of 18 are preparing for breast augmentation. Even more disturbing is the fact that parents are granting approval for the operation.

Health risks that accompany implants are expansive and serious. Females with implants are twice as likely to die from brain cancer, three times more likely to die from lung cancer, and four to five times more likely to commit suicide. Implants can lead to infections such as deadly toxic shock syndrome. They make tumors 50% less visible during mammograms, decrease ability to breast feed, and require additional surgery every five to ten years. The younger the age at which surgery is undergone, the more likely infections and complications are to arise. This does not even take into account the psychological implications that come with a child transfiguring and sexualizing her young body.

The fact that parents would allow their young daughters to take on these risks for cosmetic reasons clearly demonstrates that not all parents know what is best for their children. This decision should be taken out of their hands. By signing the petition below, you can ask the United Kingdom House of Commons to change current laws in order to ban breast implants in children under the age of 18.


Dear House of Commons,

Currently, there is no minimum age at which a girl can obtain breast implants in the United Kingdom. With the consent of a parent, girls as young as 12 have undergone cosmetic breast augmentation in your country. While parental consent requirements are in place, they do not protect from poor adult decision making. Recent news stories have shed light on the number of parents who not only allow but encourage their young daughters to get implants.

The health risks caused by breast implants are disturbing — they leave females twice as likely to die from brain cancer, three times as likely to die from lung cancer, and four times as likely to commit suicide. Other risks include deadly infections such as toxic shock syndrome, the obstruction of mammograms, complicating breast feeding, and implants require additional surgery every five to ten years. In girls whose bodies have not fully matured, these risks are only increased. In addition to these physical ramifications, the psychological effect of transfiguring and sexualizing a child’s body is unknown and sinister.

Parents who would expose their young daughters to these dangers should not be given the choice in the first place. Please protect the innocence and well-being of your country’s young girls by prohibiting breast augmentation under the age of 18.


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  1. tuppennyblue says:

    Hmmm… I signed this beceause I agreed with the principle, but who exactly are you asking to take action here? The House of Commons is not a single entity to which you can address a letter or a petition, it has 650 individual members of a variety of different political persuasions (I work for one of them). Furthermore, the principle of ‘Diffusion of Responsibility’ will ensure that no one will respond to this at all! Alos, owing to a ‘strict Parliamentary protocol’ MP’s will only respond to issues raised by their own constituents. Who exactly are you planning to send the petition to? Better to petition the Prime Minister or the Health Secretary than the whole House!

  2. DragonTech64 says:

    It is ridiculous and hurtful to provide breast implants for underage girls. Why augment what has not had time to grow? She may well grow into a figure she would appreciate. Not to mention that no matter how large or small breasts are, they are perfect the way they are – natural. Rather than belittling women for not having a “Barbie Doll” figure, media should be showing girls that they are great no matter their body shape or proportions. This whole fascination with breast enlargement is just not healthy.

  3. Allison,

    @tuppennyblue has a good point, which really needs to be addressed if this petition is to be at all effective.

    Also, while I don’t doubt that the information given in support of the ‘goal’ is true, it would lend a great deal of weight if you provided references. I know I could google to find out about those 12 year old girls, but I presume you have the source already so it would be helpful to provide it.

    I’ll add my name on the assumption that you will act on @tuppennyblue’s advice with regard to the recipient of the petition.


    gives a list of the few important names.

  5. No girl can develop normally after such an invasive and unnatural procedure.

  6. Give the mother a brain augmentation!

  7. UK government has done a great job to Ban Breast implant surgeries. My suggestion is that in every state, every country Government should Ban Breast implant surgeries.

  8. Not sanctioning the environmentally and health unfriendly breast implant industry doesn’t serve the youth.

  9. I completely agree with this petition and think it’s great that the age limit has been increased to 18.
    Since the increase in age, has anyone experienced or heard of surgeries in the UK still offering minors breast implants?

  10. They did a great job to Ban Breast implants under 18. Every Government should think about this. We get 1-2 requests from 15-17 years old girls and just too early.

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