Injured Kangaroo Disemboweled and Skinned by Attacker Deserves Justice

Target: Amanda Forrester, Director of Public Prosecutions for Western Australia

Goal: Punish person who tortured an injured kangaroo who couldn’t fight back and left it to suffer.

A kangaroo was found partially skinned and disemboweled yet still alive, left to suffer until it died. The animal had a leg injury, and officials suspect that the person responsible took advantage of the fact that its inability to escape to torture and brutalize it. The animal was found lying in a pool of blood, with a large portion of its skin gone. The animal later died of its injuries.

According to RSPCA Western Australia chief inspector Amanda Swift, “This animal appears to have not only been savagely attacked, which in itself is extremely distressing, it was then left to succumb to its injuries and die a slow and painful death.” She went on to urge the public to come forward with any tips, as more animals could face the same treatment if the person responsible is not caught and charged.

This animal was tortured and left to suffer greatly for hours. This act was incredibly cruel and must be taken seriously in order to deter potential offenders in the future. Sign below to demand that the prosecutor seek the maximum possible penalty for the person responsible for this case.


Dear Mrs. Forrester,

A kangaroo was recently found disemboweled, skinned, and left to suffer until it died. Officials suspect that the person took advantage of a kangaroo that had a leg injury and was therefore unable to fight back or escape this torture.

This act displays a shocking lack of regard for life. This kangaroo not only suffered during the initial torture, but was left to languish for hour before it was found and eventually died. We, the undersigned, ask you to seek the maximum possible penalty for the person responsible for this cruelty.


[Your Name Here]

Photo credit: RSPCA WA

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  1. Catch this bastard skin them alive. Punishment to max for these people. This should not be tolerated no excuse for abuse on innocent animals. these people need Jail.

    • Jacinta Copeland says:

      Jail is too good. Acts like this deserve the death penalty. That is one evil subhuman.

    • William Berkeley says:

      Line him up and shoot him at dawn, but not enough to kill him just enough so he suffers hours of agony. Sadistic barbaric waste of space, wish I knew where he is

  2. Lilian Caughlin says:

    wouldn’t it be nice to see somebody like this pervert in the same condition. They are not fit to live in a normal society and should be done away with asap. Goon squad needed.

  3. The savage sub human must caught,skinned alive and brutally tortured until his death. The human monsters can NOT be fixed by jail. They must be caught and destroyed.

  4. Lisa Zarafonetis says:

    The P. O. S doesn’t deserve to breathe our air❗️?
    Signed & Shared.?

  5. boyd hore says:

    Signed and disgusted that anyone could do this .

  6. Camillo Andreoli says:

    Someone nust know the mongrel who did this, Come on speak up. Name and Shame them…..

  7. What sort of low life scum could do this to an innocent animal? People who commit these disgraceful and unthinkable acts do not belong in a civilised society. The world is better rid of the trash who think this behaviour is ok.

  8. OUTRAGEOUS, sick, disgusting sub-human!!! I wonder how he would feel if someone found him injured and decided to take advantage of him by torturing him further? The horrific abuse being inflicted on animals has truly reached epidemic levels!! It’s time to enact extremely strong laws against animal abuse and torture and then the laws must be enacted!! These monsters need to know they can no longer get away with this disgusting behavior!!! RIP dear one…you deserved so much better!

  9. I have no words for this level of cruelty. I hope karma quickly pays a visit to the bastards who did this.

  10. Daniela Bress says:

    The only way to get rid of our human trash is to treat that scum EXACTLY the same way, they’ve tortured and murdered their victims – non-human or human!!!

  11. I would also like to burn this whole pack of animals alive and torment a lot more to death. It is no longer enduring like these poor animals must suffer. These are all feeling cripples of these monstermen.
    They should be extinguished. So much exorbitant brutality and absolute cruelty is no longer to be surpassed.

  12. Marilyn Glasgow says:

    Think of all the space there would be on this earth if we could rid it of the filthy animal abusers. They are not wanted here and really need to die. And the more I read about the way animals are treated in Australia, the more I detest that country, so pack it in with all the others. Poor innocent animals. Never hurt a soul and truly the only innocents on this earth. Damn, damn.

  13. Loser prey on a enjured kangaroo and to skin it alive. I’d like to do that to you after I break your leg. You sick prick. I say print his name and city he lives in and let nature take its course, in other worlds let the people do what they need to do to the loser!

  14. australia again the cruelty is really bad there I hope they catch the creep that did this and jail him for a long time he needs to be gutted and skinned alive

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