Oppose Anti-Semitism at Pride March

Target: Rahm Emanuel, Mayor of Chicago

Goal: Oppose exclusion of marchers holding Jewish flags at Chicago’s “Dyke March.”

At Chicago’s recent Dyke March, a lesbian pride event, several marchers carrying flags with the Star of David were asked to leave. One organizer claimed that the Jewish rainbow flags were making fellow marchers feel unsafe, with regards to the Israel-Palestine conflict. According to the Windy City Times, Laurel Grauer, who was told to leave the march, said it was because her flag “was a trigger to people that they found offensive.”

Ms. Grauer went on, “It was a flag from my congregation which celebrates my queer, Jewish identity which I have done for over a decade marching in the Dyke March with the same flag.” She added that she was questioned by fellow marchers as well as organizers of the march.

Pride marches are meant to be inclusive and supportive for the LGBTQ community, and this incident was the opposite. Add your name to the petition below to oppose the exclusion of these marchers in Chicago.


Dear Mayor Emanuel,

At Chicago’s recent Dyke March, several marchers were asked to leave the event because they were holding gay pride flags featuring the Star of David. Organizers told the marchers that the flags were considered offensive and supportive of Israel.

While the Israel-Palestine conflict is important, pride events are meant to provide an inclusive, supportive environment for members of the LGBTQ community. Jewish pride flags should not be considered so offensive that marchers holding them are asked to leave a pride event. I ask that as Chicago’s mayor, you address this incident and work against anti-Semitism and for inclusivity in the city.


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Photo credit: Tony Webster

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  1. Gen Lovyet Agustsson says:


  2. Not signing this petition.
    This is not anti-Semitism. It is anti-Zionism.
    I wish people would stop unfairly labeling people who oppose Zionism as anti-Semites.
    The reason Ms. Grauer was questioned by people at the Pride March was to find out if she was a Zionist. She said she was. That is why she and the others were asked to leave.
    A Zionist as defined by the founder of Zionism, Theodor Herzl, is “a person who desires or supports the establishment of a Jewish state in the Land of Israel, which in the future will become the state of the Jewish people”. Zionism is all about an EXCLUSIVELY JEWISH STATE – completely racist. That is why they are – and have been for 69 years – ethnically cleansing the Palestinians.
    The Star of David, to Palestinians, is a symbol of the terrible oppression and ethnic cleansing they have been suffering at the hands of Zionists since 1948.
    Please do some research. There’s a lot of info on the web about this.

    • Chris Sabot says:

      It’s sad, if a petition on this site has the word “Jew” in it, it is guaranteed to have a comment from you that dismisses the reality of antisemitism. It’s like you can’t help yourself.

      • So all you can do is ignore my very valid arguments and insult me?
        I have every right to defend people who are being falsely accused of anti-semitism.
        The label of anti-semitism is being used to deflect attention away from the horrendous crimes of Israel against the Palestinian people. I find that abhorrent.

    • Anna Borsey says:

      Maybe you would like to comment on the ethnic cleansing of Jews that was carried out by the Arab World: Iraq and Iran, Syria, Lebanon, Egypt, Libya, Morocco, Tunisia, Alger, and Yemen. Around 1 000 000 million Jews lived in the Arab world at the end of WWII. Today, there are ca 8500 left, mostly in Morocco.
      Jews had lived in Iraq for over 2,500 years and they considered it their home. In Iraqi Jewish businessman, Shafiq Adas, then the country’s wealthiest citizen, was immediately arrested on trumped-up charges and publicly lynched. This was followed by bombings targeting Jewish institutions, arbitrary arrests of Jewish leaders, and massive government seizures of property.
      The Jews who were driven out were not allowed to take with or sell their property. ALL their possessions as well as their savings, all their money, was confiscated and they were expelled with nothing except the clothes they wore. They were deprived of their citizenship of these countries.
      State-sanctioned pogroms descended on Jewish neighborhoods, killing innocents and destroying ancient synagogues and Jewish cemeteries. New, draconian laws prevented Jews from public worship, forced them to carry Jewish identity cards, and seized billions of dollars in their property and assets.
      The total area of land confiscated from Jews in Arab countries amounts to nearly 40,000 square miles — about five times the size of Israel’s entire land mass.


      • Ethnic cleansing is a horrendous crime! No doubt the Jews were ethnically cleansed and that is appalling.
        Jews are simply not unique in their victimhood though.
        Ethnic cleansing has been perpetrated against many peoples throughout history. Arabs, Christians, Hindus, Muslims, Buddhists, Dards, Greeks, Serbs, Zoroastrians, Armenians, Kurds, Tibetans, Tutsis, Chechens, Sudanis and many other peoples have been brutally ethnically cleansed.
        In North America, it is estimated that about 100 million Native Americans were ethnically cleansed by the Europeans!
        There is ethnic cleansing going on right now in some countries. It’s horrible and unconscionable.
        Right now, and since 1948, the Israelites have been ethnically cleansing the Palestinians. That’s going on right now!
        Does having been ethnically cleansed in the past, give people the right to ethnically cleanse others?
        Somewhere, somehow, ethnic cleansing MUST END.


        • Justice for animals – In case you didn’t read my comment, I AGREED with Anna that the Jews were ethnically cleansed. I am saying that having been ethnically cleansed is not unique to them. And I am asking if that fact gives them the right to ethnically cleanse others.
          I get it that you don’t like lgbtq people.
          You are saying that they are such horrible people, but the people they asked to leave were lgbtq as well. Weren’t those lgbtq people “cowards, hypocrites, etc.” as well? Your argument makes no sense to me.

          • Where do you see jews cleaning others???
            They just keep remember what happen to them as far as I understood. And why do u come saying is not unique to them? That is no necessary unless u think they should shut up, looks like. lgbt are often very non normal people. I know many gays who are much less to trust than hetero people. Didn’t you know some are quite passing without notice but those with all evidence have a mental problem should be locked up, as they cause big troubles to others. is like people with addictions. Everyone is always so concern with the poor things, oh poor things. Poor is the ones who fall into their lives, as they end up in very difficult situations, no one talks is about the victims these people cause as they are on the loose. how many women suicide themselves after suffering years of abuse from an alcoholic husband? I know several in years passed there was no help for them. I just feel sorry they didn’t kill the bastards first. No ones talks about the children marked for their lives, is about about the poor drunk or any kind of drug addiction. Save my time. I think in the victims which never recover from such a trauma. They do those things because they want, is not forced to them, like child marriage is forced, like jews were forced (I am not jew), like other things.

          • Justice for animals – Since you asked – Jews are ethnically cleansing the Palestinians and have been doing so for 69 years – since 1948, when they began invading and destroying Palestinian cities and towns. You can just google this if you want to find out more info.
            As for the lgbtq issue, I’m not really here to discuss that, as that is not really what the petition is focusing on.

  3. I love how people that are protesting for equal rights and inclusiveness are the first to judge others based on their own opinion of what is right or wrong and try to exclude them. I don’t care if they were Zionists…who gives you the right to exclude them based on your beliefs and opinions or what they stand for. That makes you the same as someone who wants to exclude gays based on their religion, beliefs or opinions. You can’t have it both ways. Prejudice is prejudice.

    • I am glad you are against prejudice. However, why are you then defending the right of prejudiced people to walk in a parade carrying their symbol of prejudice, the Star of David?

      • Get off of here you idiot. If you want to spew anti-Israel bs find another forum.

        • Is all you can do insult people?

          • The Star of David is a Jewish symbol that was MUCH later adopted by the state of Israel. Likewise, Christians and Muslims often consider a cross or crescent respectively as a symbol of their faith irrespective of any individual country. A Muslim that wears symbols of their religion is not necessarily making a statement about their allegiance to any political leadership. As a Jew, regardless of my opinion about current Israeli leadership (always complicated), the Chamsa I wear around my neck reminds me of my faith. Furthermore, as someone who’s people have been repeatedly persecuted, it reminds me of my responsibility to fight for social justice for all. I don’t really understand how my wearing of a Chamsa or a Jewish Star has anything to do with my political beliefs. Secondly, no other attendees (that I’m aware of) were questioned specifically because of their religious symbols. No organizers accosted attendees with muslim symbols to ask if they supported political leaders of the world that have done horrendous acts in the name of the Quran. They exclusively questioned the Jews. Wouldn’t our world be a better place if people of all different religious faiths could support minorities and fight for social justice together?

          • To RG- Thank you for your comment, and for not just insulting me. I appreciate what you are saying.
            The Star of David apparently has been a symbol of Zionism since 1897, and as you say, much later as a symbol of the Jewish people in general. So the Star of David is actually rightly regarded by the Palestinians as a symbol of oppression, since it is the Zionists oppressing them.
            I don’t know if the Zionists at the parade were the only ones approached about their symbol. If that was the case, I agree with you that it was unfair to single them out like that.
            I am glad that you are fighting for social justice for all. And I hope that includes the Palestinians. I know many Jewish people are doing so, including the group of ex-IDF soldiers called Breaking the Silence.
            Thank you RG.

      • For you the star is prejudice, for me the lgbtq is prejudice as they just proved again and so many times.Also is not in nature men puting penis inside the asses of others let’s say the true, let’s say the words ok? Even go to hospitals and ask what kind of problems some of them face for the rest of their life because ass is not meant to be used as vagina, is a total different thing and that’s nature work which is correct, men work is the one who gets trouble capisce?

    • Charlann exactly what I though. My comment is above. These lgbtq are a bunch of cowards, hipocrites, fakes, selfish, who just want the others to feel sorry for them and get the most they can, faking their are victims of society, that’s all. These people have mental problems more than anything else and want the others to think they are perfectly normal, when they are not. These act towards this woman just shows their true nature which I always though it was exactly like that.

      • As I pointed out in my comment above, the woman and others who were asked to leave were lgbtq as well. You are defending lgbtq people at the same time you are criticizing them. Confusing.

        • I am not defending lgbtq people because they have some defective genes no doubt, only they don’t want to assume, well some assume as they say it is in their system and they are born like that, so it is in the genes and it is against nature a male to stick a penis in another male ass, so much that ask on hospitals how many end up there with ass/bowels problems for life as that area was not suppose to be for that, like vaginas are but still to be treated carefully. Nature is right much more than human so lgbt should be shut up and don’t come with BS talking they want is to be treated better just because they are lgbt, like others want to same because they are niggers, or muslin, is all about blackmail the poor white people who pay for all the mental disgrace. But even if I was defending the lgbt nut cases, they are the last ones that should ask anyone to leave because of a another one who also wants to call attention maybe even with much more reason than them. Capisce?

          • Sorry, I don’t really understand – capisce – but thanks anyway for attempting to explain.

  4. RG you said very well. I am not jew at all, and I was raised in catholicism. So if I wear a cross around my neck the will ask me to leave??
    I bet if it was a muslin symbol they will understand of course as they will shit in their trousers to tell a muslin to leave. Which shows after all the killings do effect, after all death penalty for many crimes would do a good no no to many ones committing crimes.People need to use the brain before they come to write.

    • Good point about the cross. Should people be upset about people wearing a cross? After all, the cross is associated with the Roman Catholic Church, who perpetrated the Inquisition and the persecution, torture and killing of thousands of people throughout the middle ages.
      To be fair, maybe people should be upset with all symbols of oppression and persecution, including all religious ones.
      The Star of David not only represents a past persecution, but a present, ongoing one that should not be tolerated. That is one way it differs from the cross.

      • B Denno get a life!!! First Israel is not cleaning palestinians, but those muslin scumbags are always and always provoking someone, doing all they can to disrespect, to murder. They palestinians=muslin support hammas which do forced marriages of little girls=pedophilia not to say many many more of horrendous crimes against female children and women, like all muslin never mind when they invade other countries (palestina was nothing, is nothing without Israel what they want is to live in the others money doing crimes and be consider victims. it is them who kill their own children to blame I). About catholicism if we are here to say how many killings anyone had done in the pass, either religion, or king, or person, or vikings, or ostrogodos. In my country we had at least 9 invasions and we fight them all. In Europe we had all wars, plagues, civil wars. The inquisition was used as others used other things.It was killings everywhere and thanks God they should even have now death penalty for many crimes or do you think this amount of human could be here if millions had not gone? Wake up. Also at least catholicism is evolving (and I don’t agree with many things like against abortion, oh no, abortion is a right every woman has and it is her body, she only she decides, even men don’t pass nothing like women great lives they have)islam is the most bacwkards thing and U defend palestinians who are islamics and have killed much more than most religions and kings together still are to massacrate and many crimes are now disguised, and you had the nerve to talk about catholicism? Look to what u defend, go and read some books about what is life in those shit countries. islam is pure evil killed MUCH MUCH MORE FOR ME IS WONDERFUL AS LONG AS THEY KILL IN AMONG THEM AS MORE AS BETTER.

      • And because of your comments B DennoI migh buy a star of David and also I will wear my gold crosses with big proud. In the pass there was another life, u are imbecile if you come with those fake arguments. islam still is doing abhorrent every day and you don’t say nothing about that even worse defending who believe in those horrific ways>>> palistinians. Israel has intelligent people, civilized who need to take measures because they live near crazy fanatics, the whole world should do the same against islamics who only parasite everywhere they go, and use women below trash and are in fact below worms.

        • The Catholics are no better than the Muslims as they have a pretty bad track record of massacres and persecutions.
          I want to make it clear I am not defending Islam. I am defending Palestinians from the persecution and ethnic cleansing that has been going on for many years. Most Palestinians are Muslims but some are Christians.
          The Jews you are so valiantly defending are also no better than Muslims. In their Talmud they promote oppression of women, pedophilia with little boys and girls, and racism, declaring that they are the chosen race. So why are you defending them? I thought you didn’t like those things.
          As well, you are getting rather abusive, so as I like to keep things as civil as possible in my discussions with people, I will probably avoid discussing issues with you too much anymore.

          • Islam is not comparable to any other religion even bec is not a religion is a cult. U didn’t get it did u? U can’t come with things that happen long ago, otherwise we would still discussing in the caves time who invade and kill more ok? But catholics had evolved besides the misogyny and many other things and they recognise mistakes and errors, islam had kill more than all the other together and still is killing. palestinians are muslins most, like ociodental are christians most, so don’t come with excuses. If Israel had been clean palestinians they wouldn’t exist by today, which would be good, but unfortunately the parasites always survive. If u knew what islam is and defends you would know that between jews or muslin there is not doubt an easy choice to make. Also i doubt jews defend what u say, so stop inventing and lying u must be a muslin, but even if they had done that in the pass, they evolved and now days is crime pedophilia in all over the world except parts of africa and muslin.Many places can abusively do it saying the minors consent but their brain is not ready to take decisions of that nature, that’s why they are minors. If u knew about islam they also think they are the chosen race in different words. They are allowed to kill all infidels because allah chosen them. They can lie which catholics have a much more moral code and lying is a sin as well as eat to much, as well as envy. I had already said to u this and u keep coming with the same imbeciles ideas. I am not abusive u are. Keep coming with the same when I already answer just bec u have nothing more to say. If u say i am not concern about what u claim jews do ( they like other religions evolved the devil cult is gone back do u understand?)why do u defend palestinians as they are muslin and they do all u said to me jews defend but in a much more extreme way.

          • To Justice for animals – I take offense that you accuse me of abuse. I have not been abusive. I have not insulted you or done name-calling as you keep doing to me.
            I am not Muslim. I am not religious. I disagree with all religions.
            It’s true that the Catholic Church has evolved so I will stick to present-day issues.
            I am defending the Palestinians simply because they are an oppressed people who are being ethnically cleansed. If you don’t understand how Palestinians can still exist while being ethnically cleansed, then please study up on ethnic cleansing.
            Ethnic cleansing is not the same as genocide.
            Presently – today – the Zionist Israeli regime is ethnically cleansing and oppressing them.
            Presently as well, orthodox Jews follow the Talmud, with it’s oppressive and horrifying teachings. No better than present -day Muslim teachings.
            Please open your eyes to these things.
            There are Jewish organizations that agree with me and are fighting to free the Palestinians, such as Jewish Voice for Peace and Breaking the Silence.

  5. B denno u are a palestinian and a muslin. OH so many people are opressed and killed and you only think about hose who defend hamas a criminal organization. I wish palestinians had gone by now as they are muslins and muslin is evil. Catholics are far better if u knew about what one say and the other which can’t be comparison.

    Talmud as bad as u say, I never read it but is not talmud who are murdering innocent people is qu’ran that belongs to evil islam, so it is all said. islam is a backward , horrific thing that regulates all but put women and female children under man (which are inferior to women science prove it) is opressive and horrible and u are not concerned about those? Much more in number than palestinians of course as a selfish muslin u can only think about your kind and man to make it worse. I will defend much more women than palestinians and if they go, so what? More space in this world with much more cultural and intelligent people as jews are than muslin.

    • I can understand why you would think I’m a Palestinian and a Muslim. Why else would I defend them? But I am neither, as I’ve said before.
      I am white, with a European family background and was born and live in Canada.
      I ask you, are you a Christian Zionist?
      I will tell you why I defend the Palestinians so passionately, not being one myself. For many years I was a Protestant Christian, and like many Christians, I was a Christian Zionist. I was a strong believer in the Bible. I believed the Old Testament teaching that the Jews are God’s chosen people and that God gave the Jewish people the land of Israel for their eternal inheritance. And that all non-Jews and non-Christians were “evil”.
      After many months of intense research into the historicity and archeological evidence for the Bible, I came to the conclusion that the Bible is mainly all a fiction. Many historians and archeologists – including Jewish ones – came to the same conclusion.
      So I no longer believe those old stories and realize that Jews are no better than anyone else. I realize that they stole the land from the Palestinians and are oppressing them terribly.
      You might want to read some of the Talmud online, as that is what they are teaching to their children in their schools around the world.
      I am against the Muslim religion and it’s horrible teachings as much as I am against all other oppressive religions.

      • Well I am very glad you are against muslin and in that case u can only be against palestinians as they are part of muslin world, a great part in fact.
        You had believed in bible, I was raised catholic, but i always knew they hide something, is also a very male thing as we still are in male world when WOMEN are superior proved by several evidence, research and science for the ones who have intelligence and knowledge, most times i am arguing with people much inferior to me in everything, so they never reach where I am and some others. So as I use to say I am a woman of little faith or none. I think it is all invented but maybe they get confused between some aliens that came to Earth that is a much stronger possibility. They left ADN in white people and they are laughing till they pee themselves, for this stupid people more everything, but let others dominate them with blackmail of racism and similar imbecile sayings. The jews with their religion is another imbecility but at least they are or try to evolve like catholicism and these societies are with freedom (not so much now days as the media and governments are trying to control our minds in relation to muslin and migrants which the great majority don’t want and it is our right and our land which we transform in what these worms desire, go back and work and put islam under the ground than they might have with our help of course the same societies)and liberty and women have rights besides still get less payment when we work much more in all departments and had been subjugated by men since they realize how much superior in brain we are, since very old times so as they are much more violent they took over. The aliens must be enjoying a lot the dish. So the thing is islam is the bottom line, the horrific, the evil, the nasty, the bad, the ugly and those people are really ugly, nature didn’t help them. Between anything and islam is better anything, and I still also say that at least jews didn’t went to steal ideas to invent their religion and talk in their talmud and other books in Jerusalém the others just want all the time what belongs to other people by fraud, by making a pantomine saying they are poor victims when everyone now is victim of islam which palestinians are part. So if other religions are BS, islam is the biggest BS of all and with the bad side that controls all women, put them under men feet, when if it is to be that way, should be the opposite.So you had bee fooled by religion I have not. Now levae the palestionians to their islam, and they should shut up, if they disappear is just some less muslins, is good for the world. You are now being fooled by palestinians stop that behavior and get into the real world.

  6. Even I forgot to say that I don’t agree with many things in Catholicism and I don’t go to church, in a faith way. I visit them as nice monuments at least there is good taste, nice things to see, the horrible mosques are simple like the house of the devil, really they make me believe there is a devil, but in that case should also be a God right?
    But the main teachings in Catholicism are about good not like islam which is about killing, submission, take over anything, subjugation of women because so they ignorant say, they are inferior when it is the opposite.Need to put Catholicism with big C because islam needs to be without any capital as so inferior that is. Is not even a religion is a sect a cult.

    Catholicism says no abortion i say abortion in any case the woman wants, it is her body in last saying, but is better not to have than to have and didn’t care about. Or you have and take good care which also means have conditions and money, or you don’t have. Human species is not in extinction and on the contrary, so even many should be killed and bad genes are spreading, death penalty should be back for many kinds of crimes starting by the ones against animals of other species as they need to live here with human virus.

    • Hi Justice for animals – Just noticed your more recent comments as I hadn’t looked at this page for a while.
      I’m glad you are not strongly into catholicism, since I agree there are definitely things wrong with that church.
      While I am against the Muslim faith, I am not against Muslim people. That is why I support Palestinians – they are an oppressed people, who are both oppressed by the Israelis AND oppressed by their religion.
      Judaism is also very oppressive, as are most if not all religions. So what I think all people need is FREEDOM FROM RELIGION.
      Religion causes people to obey out of fear. Religious leaders use their supposed god-given authority to control and oppress people, and they use the threat of “hell” to keep people from leaving the religion and becoming free.
      For a freer world I think we need freedom from not just religion, but from all those who claim “authority” over us. That includes imams, rabbis priests, ministers, gurus, holy men, presidents, prime ministers, kings, queens, corporate ceo’s – you get the idea.

  7. Denno! palestinians supoort hamas, they do force little girls to get married with a much older and adult men and if they want they could fight islam as they fight israelis! it is never to compare Israel as at least didn’t oppress women or their people as islam does. islam is much worse than all dictators together. If u ar against muslim faith u need to be against muslim people, because they or most of them believe in that sect. I know many can’t be against as islam will kill but therehad also been fights to put down dictators that had rule for years, there is always a will and most of them particularly men, of course are all in that sect. Also many out of those countries still want to impose (men usually) their sharia shit and islam shit. A society need to have some organization and authority otherwise there are always abusers and unfortunately the humans are getting worse not better. Need to be much less indulgent, need to have death penalty for many crimes and population control in the countries that keep ahving to many and sending their fu… to others. We can’t pay for those migrants, muslins, blacks, and all. if they so much want europe societies they need to be humble and learn there in their own countries how to do it and accept what european people there wotking have to teach. For years and years they got all sorts of help and still didn’t learn the basics. Also demografic control is a must. Also christians evolved and don’t oppress or cause fear, u belong if u want or not, or if u believe or not. I really don’t agree with almost nothing u write and u go into contradiction and say about what u don’t know definitely. I had not time to check spelling but u get the picture.

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