Don’t Strip Grizzly Bears of Endangered Protections

Target: Greg Sheehan, Acting Director, U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service

Goal: Protect population of Yellowstone grizzly bears by keeping their endangered status intact.

The Trump Administration is going to strip the Yellowstone grizzly bear of its endangered species status. The population of the grizzly bear has rebounded significantly under the Endangered Species Act, but the animal still needs protection.

Removing the grizzly bear from the endangered species list will open it up to habitat loss and hunting. After a few years, the bear will once again see startlingly low numbers.

The grizzly bear’s resurgence is proof that the Endangered Species Act works. All of the hard work and success that went into keeping the bear from extinction will be for nothing once protections go away. Sign the petition and demand that protections not be stripped from the bear.


Dear Mr. Sheehan,

The Yellowstone grizzly bear has seen an incredible resurgence since it was added to the endangered species list, going from a population of just over 100 to a population of nearly 700. However, now the government is seeking to strip the bear of its protections.

The bear is proof that the Endangered Species Act does work. Stripping it of its protections will only put the bear back at the startlingly low population levels it once had. I ask that, despite its increase in numbers, the bear continue to be protected under the Endangered Species Act.


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Photo Credit: United States Fish and Wildlife Service

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  1. Susan Ifland says:

    I guess Trump is not the man I thought he was! He should be ashamed of what he is doing to our animals!!!

  2. Blair Weston says:

    That vile prick has to go. I can hardly wait for the next election. Shitfuckers like him and his cross-eyed inbred family are causing so much suffering for animals.

  3. Pattie Wolf says:

    I voted for Trump and I am sorry I did. He has proven over and over he is after our wildlife = the bears, the wolves, the mustangs. They want to kill off all our wildlife – what is the purpose – money???? LEAVE OUR WILDLIFE ALONE –

    • Hard to believe that Trump acting in this way is a surprise to you. Did you not know that he condones trophy hunting. Ivanka uses animal products in her clothing line and his sons are photoed in front of their kills.
      Think that makes it pretty obvious that Trump was not going to protect animals.

  4. Put all wildlife on the endangered species list or that evil piece of shit Trump and his flunkies will kill every animal alive!!! This SOB and his family are the most hateful sub humans on the planet!

  5. Leave them alone! Why does that asshole and his 2 neanderthal subhuman waste of skin sons feel the need to eradicate every animal on the earth..just for the thrill of it cause it makes them feel like big tough men..they are disgusting they make me sick

  6. Denise Devereux says:

    Well done USA for voting in TRUMP and his monster adult sons.
    Is there no-one in the government administration that has the balls to stop this.
    May the wraith of God come down like a spear on the perpetrators, enablers and supporters and hurt them and theirs where they wil hurt most.
    Satan is waiting for them where they will burn in a sea of fire, receive no mercy as they have shown other species of Gof’s creation and their pain will be constant for eternity.
    “The greatness of a nation can be judged by the way its animals are treated.” MH
    Respect and Compassion for all creatures GREAT and SMALL.

  7. For too long, the amazing animals of the world have been subjected to the most dreadful torture and suffering. These horrible killings have brought grizzly bears the brink of extinction. Now, as soon as they have started to make a recovery, there is a mindless proposal to lift protection!


  8. This Administration is so bad and so dangerous for our wildlife and their (and our) environments. It is so WRONG and unfair that this administration that we now have in Office does not have any regard for animals of any kind, nor for their habitats. We have to fight back and not let them undue everything we and so many biologists and conservationists have been working hard at educating all of us about. There is proof in the science and knowledge.

  9. Please preserve America’s true icons! Promote Eco-tourism!
    Killing = annihilation of a God-given creature!

  10. Trumps older 2 sons are “POACHERS’ . So this man will help support the murder of innocent animals just like the two Dark hearted men like to murder them. It is so sad to see under this clown poor animals safety and future is declining.

  11. Lisa Zarafonetis says:

    Signed & shared❗️?

  12. trump – a synonym for everything negative

    trump – a synonym for satan/devil and hisdevil brut

  13. Simon Rimmer says:

    Trump needs to learn compassion and empathy for all animals.

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