Tighten Animal Abuse Laws After Breeder Received Only a Fine For Neglecting 89 Cats

Target: Rachel Notley, Premier of Alberta

Goal: Ensure that animal abusers are properly punished for their crimes.

A breeder who plead guilty to neglecting 89 cats has gotten off with a $5,000 fine, or just over $50 per cat. While the judge handed down a lifetime ban on animal ownership, breeder Ruth Sogz will still be allowed to own two cats. The fine will not even cover the costs of care that animal shelters had to take on, and the fact that she is still allowed to own two cats leaves them at risk for abuse.

Calgary Humane Society peace officers removed almost 90 cats from Sogz’s home. The animals had respiratory issues due to the extreme amount of urine present in the home. Many had other health issues, including eyes and nostrils plagued by weeping infections, and communicable diseases. Only about one third of the cats could be saved and adopted — 60 had to be euthanized due to their extremely poor health.

According to Humane Society officials, the fine is one of the toughest penalties handed out to those who violate the Animal Protection Act. While the judge did the best he could in ensuring justice for these animals, subjecting 89 cats to such horrific treatment for so long should be punished far more harshly than this. Sign the petition below to ask for harsher animal cruelty penalties, which will serve to deter potential offenders from similar neglect in the future as well as ensure that abused animals do receive the justice they deserve.


Dear Ms. Notley,

A woman recently plead guilty to animal cruelty for the neglect of 89 cats in her home, 60 of which had to be euthanized due to the poor state of their health. She was given a $5,000 fine, which works out to a little over $50 per cat. This will not cover the costs of care that animal shelters had to provide to these cats, which had infections, respiratory issues, and communicable diseases.

While this is one of the harshest penalties ever handed down in a case like this, it is not enough. In order to ensure that justice is served for abused animals and that potential offenders are further deterred from crimes of animal cruelty, penalties must be higher. We ask you to make stronger penalties for animal abuse a priority for you and your party.


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Photo credit: Chriss Haight Pagani

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  1. This breeder should be charged with felonies, and srve prison time!

    • Suzanne Casterlin says:

      I agree.This woman got off easy.She should never be allowed to have another pet as long as she lives
      We have to send a message that this is unacceptable and will not be tolerated or it will never stop.

  2. All animal abusers must be fed to lions or crocodiles. Let the animals sort them out!!

  3. She’s still allowed to own 2 cats?!?! WTF???

  4. Tina shurtleff says:

    When is law enforcement and judges going to take crimes against animals seriously. This woman will Reaffend again. Animal crimes lead to crimes against women and children as there is a correlation between animal abuse and domestic violence. This women needs jail time and counseling

  5. Margrit Simons says:

    Fines should be a deterrent against the abuse and neglect of animals!
    A slap on the wrist does not serve this purpose!

  6. Alison Zacharis says:

    Animals have no way of escaping the evil we humans inflict on them, but if a dog or wild animal reacts in defense or retaliation, we kill them. This is despicable and it’s time the laws were stricter against animal cruelty and enforced to protect all animals from the appalling evil we force them to suffer.

    • You brought up an issue which really should be discussed and which really bothers me. The practice – inherited from the stone age – of killing all animals that kill a person, or killing an animal that hurts a person. It’s as if people label such animals as “evil” and worthy only of the death penalty. This is barbaric, superstitious, disturbing and tragic!

  7. Harsher laws need to be implemented to ensure that any person guilty of animal abuse should receive mandatory prison time and never allowed to own any animal. People who commit these horrific crimes are obviously very sick and there is no doubt that given the opportunity,their behavior will continue and possibly escalate. I am disgusted by a judge who feels only a monetary fine is necessary for the abuse & death of an innocent animal.

  8. Patricia Dumais says:

    A $5000 fine? She should be made to pay the cost of caring for all the surviving animals. And she should be held criminally responsible for the neglect that led to the euthenasia of so many animals.

    The two cats should be taken away from her for their safety and she should be barred from having animals or operating any business that involves animals.


  10. Rosslyn Osborne says:

    She needed to be jailed, all assets confiscated and sold to cover the costs for every single cats vet treatment, burial, shelter fees and adoption costs. NO Less!
    Then a ban is a ban… How dare she be allowed to keep two more innocent beings so as to abuse again?
    Where do they hire these judges from anyway? Are they also into sadism and heinous cruelty to animals?
    Shocked to the hilt! Disgusting.

  11. Crimes against NON-humanity are still grossly overlooked.

  12. Tyler Randler says:

    I’m fuckin pissed, why is she aloud to own these two cats???? I’d love to find out where this dumb bitch lives and everyday stand in front of her house till she gives them up….because those two cats are still living in a house full of urine?? All of them got sick for this so why are they aloud to stay there. I’m not joking bitch should have protesters outside her lawn to give them up she should have jail time and a 10,000 fine. That’s alot of damn cats. If they would inflict serious punishment maybe others would think twice before doing this.


  14. Stick the dumb c*** in a prison cell and forget about…feeding her, letting her out to do ANYTHING WHATSOEVER!

  15. Lisa Zarafonetis Lisa Zarafonetis says:

    Signed & shared❗️?

  16. Helen Tanguis says:

    HELL NO!!

    Make her pay for caring for these cats for the rest of their lives. What? She can own cats? Am I dreaming this pathetic, ridiculous nonsense???

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