Prosecute Man Accused of Binding Dog’s Mouth With Rubber Bands

Target: Joyce E. Dudley, District Attorney for Santa Barbara County, California

Goal: Demand that the man who allegedly bound his dog’s rear legs and muzzle with rubber bands receive the maximum penalty under law.

A dog was reportedly bound with rubber bands and trapped under a heavy box. Firefighters rescued the dog from a house fire, during which he could have died. Demand justice for this innocent dog.

Lompoc firefighters reportedly entered Edward Kyle Joseph Fuentes Vantassel’s home in response to a devastating house fire. When they arrived, Vantassel told them that his dog, Pooh, was inside of his house on the second floor. Firefighters reportedly found Pooh trapped under a heavy box and his rear legs and muzzle were bound with rubber bands.

Pooh was freed and transported to a local veterinarian for treatment. He is expected to fully recover. Vantassel was arrested and charged with felony animal cruelty. Sign below and demand that Vantassel receive the maximum penalty under law, if convicted.


Dear District Attorney Dudley,

A dog could have died when he was bound with rubber bands and trapped in a house during a fire. Firefighters rescued the dog just in time. We demand justice for this innocent dog.

Firefighters allegedly found Pooh trapped under a heavy box when they entered the fiery home. Reportedly bound at the muzzle and back legs, he stood no chance of saving himself from the dangerous situation. This isn’t the first time that his owner, Vantassel, has been in legal trouble. Per police, Vantassel was found waving an unloaded pistol around on the La Cumbre overpass and was charged with stalking actor Tom Cruise in 2008.

This horrific cruelty cannot go unpunished. We demand that you seek the maximum penalty in this case.


[Your Name Here]

Photo Credit: Lompoc Police Department

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  1. What if there had not been a fire ???

    What about the poor dog then, would he have ever been found ??

  2. Please prosecute to the full extent of the law or people like this cruel excuse for a human being will continue to abuse animals. THERE IS NEVER ANY REASON FOR THIS KIND OF ACT!!

    • Deborah Gilliam says:

      Amen….please give him the stronges pun9shmenan also make him go thru counseling….when he gets out, he will do it again or worse….I have heard of it happening so many times…stop a future killer…..anyone who could do this to an innocent animal, there’s no telling what else he will do…..and I ask the same question as Wendy above….what if there had not been a fire….Pooh may have been left in there to die…

  3. Denise Devereux says:

    Well done California law makers. Here we have your next “Serial KIller in Training.” World Research states monsters like this first start with abuse, torture and murder of animals and then move on to humans. Children first as like animals they cannot fight back. Check research out and see which country is noted for having the most serial killers. Most of the notorious cowards started this way. People of the World you know the law will do nothing to severely punish or deter these crimes so find this piece of excrement and deal with him.
    Perpetrator we are coming for you. Your worst nightmare is about to come true and just when you think it is all over we will get you. Satan is waiting for your where you will Burn in a Sea of Fire, receive no mercy and your pain will be constant for eternity.

    • 1425 crown circle Lompoc California 93236 approximately half of the time. 399 Wyola Santa Barbara California the rest of the time. Unfortunately there’s still a dog at that address he and his brother Randy enjoy tormenting. They have both attacked their significant others repeatedly as well with out ANY consequences.

      • Deborah Gilliam says:

        Sarah, have you reported this to your Animal Control people & the police where this is….if you haven’t I’m begging you to do so….if we know something like this is hsppening to another animal & do nothing we are quilts too….the significant others….they are probably afraid to do anything….these guys are going to be serial killers at this rate….please help put a stop to it….thank you.

  4. Marilyn Glasgow says:

    Once again, I ask the seemingly unanswerable question. Why are these subhuman “things” here, walking this earth, breathing our air? I want to thank the firefighters for saving this poor dog. Now if only the courts gave a damn.

  5. It is a common fact, if they abuse animal’s next it’s people! Put this piece of crap in jail to let him die!!!

    • Actually he has already hurt people including killing people in Iraq and was arrested in 2014 for domestic violence.

      • Deborah Gilliam says:

        There you go Sarah….you seem to have so much info on these guys…..please, I’m begging you to do something for the sake of the other innocent dog and possible the girls living with the guys….again, thanks….please let me know how this ends up .

  6. This is no man, this is a MONSTER that should be exterminated!!!

  7. Please punish this dog abuser harshly! No more pets for him forever!

  8. This cruel evil vile scum bag should be locked up forever. I hope the sick piece of shit rots in hell.

  9. This evil sick Vantassal needs to be locked up for good! He is a threat to both man and beast. If he cannot be locked up for ever, he must receive the maximum penalty and served with a lifetime ban from owning ANY animal. Pooh, once he has fully recovered from his despicable ordeal, must be re-homed to a caring and loving home where he can be treated with respect and given the love that he so deserves.

    • Pooh recovered and was released to a foster family 2 or 3 days after the firefighters found him and thankfully suffered no permanent injuries only some temporary swelling at places he was bound

      • Deborah Gilliam says:

        There you go Sarah….you seem to have so much info on these guys…..please, I’m begging you to do something for the sake of the other innocent dog and possible the girls living with the guys….again, thanks….please let me know how this ends up .

  10. Helen Tanguis says:

    Needs more than anger management!

  11. he needs elastic bands wrapped around his head so tight he can’t breath this sick bastard should jailed for a long time after he’s tortured

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