Ban Turkish President for Violence Against American Citizens

Target: Donald Trump, President of the United States

Goal: Block Turkish president Recep Tayyip Erdogan from visiting the United States as punishment for his security detail’s violence against Americans.

Donald Trump must impose penalties against the brutal dictator and president of Turkey, Recep Tayyip Erdogan, after he ordered his security detail to brutally attack American citizens on American soil.

Americans were demonstrating their freedom of assembly in their home country. A dictator of another nation ordered his men to silence them. A leader of another country has no right to rob Americans of their free speech.

Neither Trump nor Erdogan have acknowledged or condemned this violence, but something must be done to punish Erdogan for inflicting violence on American citizens. Sign the petition and demand that Donald Trump punish the authoritarian figure by blocking any future visits he has to the United States until he apologizes for the violence he and his security detail inflicted on American citizens.


Dear President Trump,

After Turkish president Recep Tayyip Erdogan ordered his security detail to violently attack American citizens in their own country, Congress is asking that you punish the authoritarian figure. A dictator in another country has no right to rob Americans of their freedom of speech and assembly.

Erdogan must not be welcomed back to the United States until he apologizes for his actions. I ask that you heed the advice of both parties in Congress and block any future visits President Erdogan is scheduled to make to the United States.


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  1. concerned citizen says:

    This is an absolute outrage and a fundamental attack on our democracy which can never be tolerated.

  2. The man has gone berserk. In commenting about it, he threatened retaliation, he condemningly asked “what kind of law is this?” (i.e. the USA one) and he pressingly “suggested” to the Greek government, directly, and to the German one, indirectly, that, on his behalf, they must overturn judicial decisions via presidential decrees, all in the name of “democracy”. Does he not understand the fundamental separation and mutual independence of powers of instituted authorities, a cornerstone of all our democracies? Naaah, he doesn’t care, this is his own brand of public rule: the grand master does what he likes.

  3. The islamics are the most evil shit persons on the world following a devil cult. They can do all about other people. They can disrespect, murder, rape, use their female children in pedophilia, in forced marriages that the children can’t express about as they don’t even know what hell is expecting them with much older piece of shit men, many times from the family (inbred they do it for years and using teens and children to get them pregnant and have babies which are many times defective as the bodies are not prepared for pregnancy even less in their horrible poor conditions without any medical care, nutrition etc so most of those islamics are all nuts in a way or another, that’s why is so easy to get them into violence, into following evil leaders etc) but they can go to other countries and impose their backwards ways from before cave times, do all sort of crimes and even this president is doing lots of horrible things against other people and where are the moderate islamics??? Where is the iranian actress that came rushing to call Trump racist, where is she now??? They only appear to point out fingers and to fake incidents and to create disruption where theypretend to be victims, all planned. We need to stop the evil islam forever.

    • Well told I agree. Islam shouldn’t exist.

    • You Sir, you nailed it.

    • If you are going to complain about how evil Islam is – and I agree that some of it’s teachings and practices are certainly evil – then why do you not also complain about other religions who do the SAME, and about the US who is a huge violator of human rights itself?
      There is a huge amount of pedophilia going on right in America. And CHILD MARRIAGE is LEGAL in America – not just in the Islamic faith.
      Stop believing in the American propaganda that they are GOOD and Islam is EVIL. America has been and presently is involved in numerous crimes against humanity in America and in many other countries.
      Please do some research with an open mind. You deserve to know the truth. We all do.

    • Selen Aktay, PhD. says:

      You sound like a hateful person. Do some research and get your facts straight.

      Moreover, those “Islamics” (Muslims) you’re attacking are also against most of the things you’re talking about. How many millions of Muslims have been running away from the same evils like ISIS? How many people in Turkey are protesting the current government and ending up in jail?

      What you’re referring to is a minority group – does the KKK define Christianity?

      • You make some excellent points. I think the problem at least partly lies in people having been trained to believe what their governments – or “authorities” – and the MSM – say. So the US government says Islam is the world’s greatest enemy, and people just believe it. They can’t imagine that their government, “authorities”, or media would lie to them.
        People need to learn to think for themselves, to do their own in-depth research, and to do critical thinking about these issues, and about every issue.

        • Selen Aktay, PhD. says:


          Not everything on TV and not everything we’re told is necessarily the truth – in most cases, far from it.

  4. Lukasz Kopanski says:

    And turkey wants to join EU hahahaha. Never ever. They are still in 18th century mentally.

    • Selen Aktay, PhD. says:

      Not THEY. The 18th century mentality = the dictator/president and his supporters. Turks in general are on par with Europe and North America in mentality.

      Do not attack an entire country. This would be like saying all Americans are rednecks that live in trailer parks. Or watching Duck Dynasty and assuming that is what the whole country looks like.

  5. Rebecca Martello says:

    Donald Trump needs to take action and protect the citizens of our country.
    Read the news story and watch the video. Should make your blood boil.

  6. After all the violence you fucking Americans have unleashed on hundreds of countries and millions of innocent beings .. you have a lot of fucking hypocritical nerve circulating a petition like this you war mongering pieces of shit !!! Fuck you . . fuck your petition/site .. and fuck the evil, terrorist bastard USA .. may you all rot in hell !!!

  7. Arzu Demirel says:

    Shame on you!who do you think you are that call dictator to our elected legitimate president?don’t believe every head of news if you are even a avarege mind funtion and moral code.And back your damn business

    • Selen Aktay, PhD. says:

      And people like you are the reason he is in power in the first place. Thanks for destroying everything Ataturk worked for.

  8. Islam is not the problem. Dictatorship is. Unless you have actually been in mosques and spent close time with people who practice the Muslim faith, you have no idea what you are talking about. There are many Muslims in Canada. Many good, loving, generous, highly educated, open-minded Muslims in Canada. While I don’t agree with all Muslim practices and beliefs, I do agree with many beautiful and generous ethics and practices of Sufism. I am sorry to read in these comments, blanket statements of hatred, without understanding the richness of Islam across a wide spectrum of peoples, whose underlying cultures and languages are different. Don’t we have the same thing going on in the US now with the Republicans and their very narrow views, climate change denial, hatred of women’s rights on one hand, and open, thoughtful, responsible democratic people’s on the other? Its the same in other countries, including Muslim countries. Some have wise and caring leaders, some have dictators. Don’t forget, the US interfered in Iran for decades, and other areas as well. The US bombed Iraq into devastation, killed Saddam Hussein and caused horrendous upheaval. A whole generation or two of young people lost their access to education, clean water, safe homes, hospitals, safe loving families because of US and EU bombing. Some countries had more open minded approaches to the west, but the backlash has been intense because WE, the West, devastated countries throughout the middle east…think Afghanistan. The US, and Canada to some extent, owe a big debt to the countries we bombed into smithereens. Killing wedding parties of over 50 people with bombs, killing children, grandparents….it was a sickening bloodbath, because the US wanted oil. And as for backwards…I wonder about rural US, the lack of education, the incredible state of denial about climate change, the most serious issue we face today. We must learn to work together, and stop dividing nation against nation, and religion against religion. We need to unite now against climate change, and do everything we can personally, nationally and internationally to stop the rapid change of temperature on our planet.

    • Selen Aktay, PhD. says:

      Thank you for being a voice of reason on this comment thread. Some people’s ignorant comments are appalling. Hoping the petition owner does something about it.

      The problem is not the Turks or Islam. The problem is a dictator that is destroying both.

  9. jiggabongo says:

    turks are genocidal scum

  10. I feel that Dump has asked for this ! I am NOT a dump fan for various. He us bliid tbirzty and beyond NARCISSISTIC. He is not worthy of running anything, never mind a country ! However, I fully agree with the poster, justice for animals, June 18, 2017. Furtger to that, though, Turkey has no respect for ANYONE \ thing in that they are extremely cruel to animals, too, which are the most important things to me. People have choices, which other animals have, too, but LOWLIFE humans have stolen their lives and choices and food. That said, I Don’t condone terrorism \ cruelty in any form and Dump AND the Turks, Chinese, otger EasternAsiam countries, all countries in the Middle East, all countries in Panama and South America, and a large amount if selected states \ countries, as well. If CRUELTY is the motto of those places, then everyone can expect cruelty to people to take charge, as well ! People of all races, creeds and colours should start practicing responsibility and behaving like the civilised things they are under the impression they are. If Turkey wants to look for unnecessary trouble, then it (which is a much smaller country) must expect that retaliation is going to be the norm for the day. All countries are way too overpopulated and THAT is why all these problems are arising. And, at the rate that PEOPLE (ALL kinds) are producing to the detriment of the children AND the world, the more common occurrences like this AND worse are going to recur. People need to start using their intelligence, not that I think many even know what that is. WAKE UP WORLD !

    • What the president has done does not mean it is okay to attack random citizens; that’s an illogical connection so far as I can see.

      • Selen Aktay, PhD. says:

        EXACTLY! I don’t understand these uneducated trolls attacking people without understanding the situation.

  11. Nick Boone says:

    Turks = turds.

    Ban them from Everything !!!!

    • Selen Aktay, PhD. says:

      OK this has to stop. Do you guys even read news or articles? This guy is a problem for all of us. Ask any educated Turk and they will tell you that this guy is destroying our country and democracy. He even rigs the votes to ensure he gets his way.

      The issue isn’t us, it is the dictator/president. So please educate yourselves before attacking innocent people who want the same thing as you. Do you know how many intellectuals he has put into jail for speaking up against him? He attack our women, he attacks our journalists and anyone who dares to speak up against him. He is not even representative of Islam at this point. It is all about him and his agenda.

      Get your facts straight because you sound like an uneducated troll.

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