Protect Undercover Farm Investigations in Missouri

Target: Missouri State Senate

Goal: Don’t ban undercover investigations on Missouri farms

Recently, Missouri’s House of Representatives passed a bill which makes it illegal to record pictures or video of a farm without the owner’s consent. This bill was drafted following videos that exposed inhumane conditions at farms across the United States. Although these videos were not filmed on Missouri farms, Missouri lawmakers still seek to protect the industry. However, this protection will only allow the industry farms to continue any inhumane practices.

Undercover investigations have exposed terrible things at factory farms, including animals being beaten and inhumane holding conditions. These practices would have continued if the investigations had not occurred. Although the agriculture industry’s support of banning these investigations does not directly prove there are any cruel practices going on in Missouri, it does lead to some people wondering what exactly the industry’s motivations are. Matt Dominguez, a spokesman for the Humane Society of the United States, has said, “What’s interesting with the Missouri bill — and similar ones being considered in other states — is that it singles out agriculture. Other industries don’t need these kinds of protections. So, the question becomes, what do these industrial farms have to hide?”

If there are any inhumane conditions at farms in Missouri, they will never be discovered because of this bill. Undercover investigations allow consumers to see where their food comes from, and are a vital part of making sure farms keep humane conditions. If there is no cruel action in the agriculture industry, then there would be no reason to ban these investigations. Therefore, it seems likely that farms are banning these investigations because they may have something to hide. Tell the Missouri legislature to continue to allow undercover investigations to show what is truly going on at these farms.


Dear Missouri State Senate,

Recently, a bill was passed by the Missouri House of Representatives that bans undercover investigations on industrial farms. Undercover investigations have, in the past, exposed such inhumane practices as cruel beatings of animals. Stopping these investigations will allow these practices to continue.

I ask you to oppose this bill and protect undercover investigations. If there is no wrongdoing at any of Missouri’s industrial farms, then there is no harm an undercover investigation can do. The agriculture industry is an important industry, but that does not mean that cruel actions should be allowed to continue.


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  1. If they’ve got nothing to hide,why go to all this trouble to create,draft,submit and promote a bill like this?In light of some incredibly depressing undercover films that have documented horrors that ran the gamut from extreme animal cruelity,to unsanitary animal husbandry practices(including chickens stacked on top of each other(and covered in feces)in tiny cages in swelteringly hot warehouses.(Many of the birds were blinded by ammonia fumes,and suffered from respiratory illnesses(+infections)caused by breathing in the ammonia fumes.The chickens beaks were cut off(to keep them from pecking at each other(a response to overcrowding+stress);they were then fed antibiotics to encourage weight gain;unfortunately;this fostered drug-resistant bacteria(including salmonella-which has been found Inside the eggs).Finally,many of the hens had had the wire-bottoms of the cages cut into their feet,(which were ulcerated+infected.)I dont want my eggs produced at the cost of such suffering and cruelity! As consumers,we have a right to know if our food is safe,clean,and produced as humanely as is possible.Undercover operations are an esssential tool for monitoring our food supplys safety.We also need to know if a farmer is using a banned pesticide,or is spreading human sewage sludge(full of contaminants) on our crops. Contaminated foods can lead to hideous deaths for our most vulnerable citizens;babies,children,pregnant women,elderly folk,and those who are in fragile health. We need undercover operations to expose these violations before they maim and kill folks.

  2. You only did this to hide your EVILDOING, Missouri. All you cruel and exploitive sneaks need to be exposed and brought to justice.

  3. “If you have men who will exclude any of God’s creatures from the shelter of compassion and pity, you will have men who will deal likewise with their fellow men. —St. Francis of Assisi…”

  4. Sue Griffiths says:

    What are the Republicans afraid of? Why are they all for keeping their practices hidden? It’s obvious that they are guilty as hell on the way they treat animals. They don’t want anything to get in the way of them making money. Money is their God.

  5. Nothing humane is ever going to happen in a slaughterhouse. Just evil. If you go in you’re in hell and you’re not coming out.

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