Shut Down Factory Farm Where Workers Allegedly Mangled and Stomped Live Chickens

Target: Norm Letnik, British Columbia Minister of Agriculture

Goal: Shut down chicken factory and punish employees allegedly caught on film stomping live birds and tearing them apart.

Several workers and a supervisor at a chicken factory were reportedly caught on film stomping live birds and tearing them apart. The footage shows birds being violently torn limb from limb by factory workers. Some of the baby chickens are seen being cruelly thrown into crates. One worker is seen imitating sexual acts with a chicken. An undercover animal rights volunteer, who was hired to work at the Elite Farm Services factory, says that they saw these gruesome acts of cruelty being committed immediately after being hired on. The volunteer said they witnessed the birds being hit, kicked, thrown, and smashed into walls and transport crates.

The company, Elite Farm Services is a licensed chicken-catching service, hired to catch and gather chickens for transport to a slaughter plant. Demand that the company’s business license is revoked in order to stop this rampant cruelty.


Dear Mr. Letnik,

Employees and a supervisor for a licensed chicken-catching company, Elite Farm Services, reportedly engaged in horrifying acts of cruelty against the chickens. According to video footage obtained by an undercover animal rights volunteer, the employees were seen mangling and tearing live chickens limb from limb, smashing them into walls, throwing them, kicking them, and even simulating sex acts with the chickens.

It’s extremely disturbing that people who lead seemingly normal, everyday lives, are committing such heinous, violent acts of animal cruelty at work. There’s no reason this cruelty should be tolerated. We demand that this chicken factory be shut down, their catching license revoked, and the workers and supervisor involved severely punished.


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Photo credit: Oikeutta eläimille

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  1. Disgusting, despicable, heartless, horrific torture and sickening abuse! Shut it down and lock them up!

  2. What sadistic bastards. Close elite farm services and make public the facts about their workers’ activities and prosecute the lot of them.

  3. We can thank Mercy for Animals and their courageous undercover workers for exposing these atrocities.
    A Mercy for Animals worker who had worked extensively all over North America (I forget his name) said that animal abuse is rampant in EVERY farm he worked at.
    All the sadists involved in these crimes need to be fully prosecuted.
    In my opinion, this horrible farm and ALL others should be permanently shut down. How long are these egregious crimes against innocent animals going to be tolerated? Time to shut them all down. They are just places where sadists can cruelly abuse animals while getting paid. And they are houses of horror for the poor animals.

    • Yes, full kudos to them. I don’t know how they manage to do it without losing their minds and punching at least one of the bastards in the mouth.

      I guess this is why I don’t win the lottery – I’d spend all the money on seeking vindication, but not of the whistleblowing type !!!!!!

  4. Katherine Napolitano says:

    Big Agra business like most large corps only care about profits not how it is mad,who suffers,how animals or even people are treated. Those that work in factory farms can not get other jobs. Can you imagine what they see hear and smell all day. That is No excuse for the barbaric inhumane treatment of innocent feeling helpless animals. those running these factory farms just care about volume production as if these poor feeling animals where like cars on the factory line. Getting slaughter any way possible. They don’t care how workers meet the quotas they just think make me rich and care nothing for God’s created a
    It is all about money. We have to stop buying meat of any form. The only thing they will listen to is the sound of their profits dropping. Eat No Meat if you have a soul and heart.


  6. All of this happens only because we create the completely unnecessary demand for animal flesh in the first place. Wake up, cease consuming animals and havens like this for sadists won’t exist in the first place.

  7. Mark Betti says:

    The “people” who commit this horrific abuse are not even human. This behavior sickens me and anyone else with a compassionate heart. Please punish these depraved abusers before they abuse again.

  8. People that are hired to work with animals on any level should undergo first an extensive psychiatric evaluation! These are jobs considered to be fit for all who can’t find work either due to lack of skill or lack of intelligence. These morons, and shockingly a supervisor, are lower that the bottom on an overflowing outhouse!

    We can be assured, that our puny Animal Rights Laws will give them all a slap on the wrist. There are only a few politicians that are fighting to improve these laws, the great majority does not care. Voters vote wiser! Rid the government of useless politicians as you will support for them for the rest of their lives via hefty pensions.

    • Some may be inherently sadistic and screening would stop them.

      However given that this seems to be becoming an increasingly common occurrence amongst slaughter house workers I’m beginning to think that the violence inherent in killing actually causes previously normal people to become callous and sadistic.

      In other words killing animals often creates violent behaviour and destroys humanity in those directly involved (and indirectly too as a broader society).
      Veganisn is the only solution to that. That’s my conclusion anyway

      • Diane Petrillo Diane Petrillo says:

        When you stop to think about who would want to work in a place that slaughters innocent animals the compassionate sorts do not come to mind. I think they are the heartless and callous ones who may enjoy taking out their anger on the innocent. Universal veganism is unlikely to happen, sadly, and if slaughterhouses must go on then they should be seriously reconsidered. There is no reason to treat cruelly any poor soul that sacrifices its life so a human can eat. That’s probably as unlikely to happen as universal veganism and it’s a sad state of life frankly.

  9. Marjorie Coey says:

    We had chickens when we were young on the farm and they are intelligent and very protective of their young…I saw roosters go after foxes to save their chicks…this is just disgusting!!!! These birds are pretty helpless in these disgusting plants…I do not believe for one minute that the suppliers and plant operators did not know about this…I think it is high time to put cameras and surveillance in these awful places…throw these creeps in jail!!! Don’t let them ever work with any animals again.

  10. Inhumanely SLAUGHTER these human scum, INSTEAD of the poor birds, who did NOTHING to ‘deserve’ such violent atrocities committed against them…whereas the HUMANS involved absolutely DO deserve that, PLUS death. We HAVE to get rid of these psychos, once and for all, and *I* don’t feel like being forced to foot any kinds of bills to keep them alive.

  11. Lisa Zarafonetis Lisa Zarafonetis says:

    Signed & sharing❗️?

  12. Shut down chicken the Elite Farm Services factory and hold the owner and the supervisor as well as the employees as responsible for their cruelty in court.

    Whats wrong with some people who can behave so cruel to animals? I know it can be hard to get a job for many these days, but somewhere there has to be a limit to what a human are willing to do for money.

  13. Filthy COWARDS! I hope and pray the same exact thing happens to them. Who’ll hear their cries for pity, not I! In fact, I’d be glad to join in showing these turds what it feels like!


  15. Julie Bates says:

    Is it the Scandinavian countries or Israel that HAS CAMERAS IN EACH AND EVERY SLAUGHTER HOUSE …….??? WHY CANT CANADA AND USA???
    Animal abuse has gone on tooooo fucking long and then the beastuality thingi…what the hell have we come to.
    Minister of agriculture in Canada put your shit together sir….as a Canadian u make a lot of us feel like curling up and dying for YOUR NEGLIANCE.

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