Oppose Ohio Anti-Abortion Bill

Target: Larry Obhof, Ohio Senate President

Goal: Oppose bill that would ban a common second-term abortion procedure in Ohio.

Ohio legislators have introduced Senate Bill 145, which proposes a ban on a second-trimester abortion method. This bill, like many other anti-abortion measures introduced at the state level, is an attempt to make abortion less accessible for women despite the decades-old Supreme Court ruling on the legality of the procedure.

The method of dilation and evacuation is a safe way to perform an abortion in the second trimester of a pregnancy, and it is the most common method used in second-term abortions. Banning this procedure in Ohio would make it more difficult for women in that state to get abortions. In addition, like most anti-abortion legislation, this proposed law would disproportionately affect low-income women.

Add your name to the petition below to voice your opposition to this anti-abortion legislation.


Dear Senator Obhof,

The Ohio State Senate recently introduced a bill that proposes a ban on the most common second-trimester abortion method. If Senate Bill 145 becomes law, women in Ohio will have greater difficulty getting safe abortions, and their health will be put at risk. Low-income women in your state will be significantly impacted if this bill is passed.

The Supreme Court’s Roe v. Wade ruling protects a woman’s right to have an abortion if she so chooses, and Senate Bill 145 is an attack on that right. Making abortion less accessible in your state will not diminish the number of abortions performed; it will only diminish the number of safe abortions performed.

I urge you to protect women’s rights and to work in the Ohio State Senate to make sure this bill is not passed.


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  1. Not signing this petition.
    You are talking about “safe” abortions. Well, abortion is NEVER safe for the baby. It may be safe for the mother, but NEVER for the baby. In fact, the poor baby is carried against his or her will into a chamber of horrors, where the intent is fully to murder him or her.
    If any of you who write pro-abortion petitions also write petitions against animal cruelty……well, please do some research and you will find that abortions are extremely cruel.
    Abortions are committed against innocent living beings, who helplessly depend on their mothers to care for them.
    Women have been fooled into getting abortions, thinking they are exercising their rights. What kind of a “right” is it to have your own child brutally killed?
    Anyone considering an abortion, please think about these things and do some research. Find out how the baby is killed. They will call the baby a “fetus”, but fetus is just the Latin equivalent of the word “baby”. Why do they use this word “fetus”? Think about it.

    • Dear B Denno.

      Considering I’m a man (as it appears), I can’t put myself in the way of a woman’s feelings, as well as the way she might see in certain aspect’s of this sensitive and controversial topic.

      I do understand your point of view and admit that I agree in certain aspects of your statement.
      On the other hand I come to think of all these underage girls (puberty) as in extremely unfortunate and abominable circumstances becomes pregnant(sexual abuse), and how we respond and help them in their vulnerable situation.

      This subject is extremely difficult, for which the victims should be able to make a decision depending on the individual’s vulnerable situation.

      As I’m against capital punishment it would in some way be hypocrisy if I promote abortion. So as I hope you understand,I’m in a predicament of decisions anxiety so to speak.

      But one thing is for sure, a human life is invaluable, regardless of its situation.

      Thank You!

      • Thank you for your heartfelt comments, and I’m glad that you recognize the fact that human life is invaluable.
        In situations of sexual assault such as you mention, I agree that it’s extremely difficult to know what to do, and very heart-wrenching. I agonize over this myself as well.
        I can suggest that you go to some good websites of like-minded people and see what others have to say about this.
        One view that some pro-lifers have is that abortion is a second assault on the woman who has been raped, as she is assaulted by the doctor and his instruments. And there’s no doubt that abortion can be very traumatic, and can leave emotional scars for many years to come.
        I hope that you can find some answers to these hard questions.
        It’s great to see a man with a soft compassionate heart these days. We need more men like you.

        • Thank you dear B Denno for your most informative and caring answer up on my statement.

          Unfortunately, I do not have the energy to participate in forums so much, and the reason for that is that I have a Depression since long time back as I’m medicating for.

          Regarding abortion is a second assault on a woman who has been raped, and as I understand is performed by a doctor without any empathy or even sympathy, when assaulted by a doctor and his instruments.
          Is extremely horrendous as I have a great understanding of the poor woman exposed to this. I only wish I could be in one of those situations to support and comfort the vulnerable woman in her situation.

          Last but not least, I like to thank you for your nice words about me. In addition to that I can admit that I have been working as a fireman for many years as I still care for the human being, animals and nature.

          Good Bless You B Denno.

          Thank you.

          • Bengt, I thank you for your kind comments.
            I am sorry to hear that you are suffering from depression. I feel for you, as I have experienced some depression myself. To see all the awful things that are happening in the world today is enough to make a person depressed, especially if one has a caring heart.
            I am sure that some of these pregnant young women in horrible situations would be happy and privileged to have such a person as you to help them.
            As a fireman, you must be helping people in that capacity. So I hope you feel good about that.
            I don’t know if there is a god, but if there is, I wish you God’s blessings also.

  2. Paulette Mirfield says:

    Everyone against abortion until it affects them or a loved one…then it’s OK. You find out you’ve been infected with the Zola virus, your daughter is 15 and still in high school, you and your wife are already struggling to raise your four kids and BOOM! You find out there’s a pregnancy and another child will put the whole family in unmanageable debt. Your pregnancy shows serious birth defects with no life expectancy. Force a woman to go through pregnancy to watch it die? Yes, there are people who want children and can’t have them. The problem is they only want healthy, white children. If there are so many people pining for children, why are there so many in foster care or waiting to be adopted? They can easily get their child “fix” by adopting or fostering.

    • There are undoubtedly many different situations in which a woman – and often the man – can find themselves, which cause them to consider abortion as an option.
      In a commentary by Kristine Kruszelnicki, President of Pro-Life Humanists, she quotes Frederica Mathewes-Green, who said “No woman wants an abortion as she wants an ice cream cone or a Porsche. She wants an abortion as an animal caught in a trap wants to gnaw off it’s own leg.” Then she goes on to say “Abortion advocates correctly perceive the trap, but they merely offer the woman a sterile knife to aid in the amputation. Real help does not sacrifice one human life at the expense of another but goes to the source of the trap to unscrew the hinge and free both….If we all work together to come up with real choices for women….abortion may roll itself into the world of obsolescence regardless of it’s legal status”.
      I think we need to look for solutions that do not devalue and dehumanize an innocent child. The baby is a person too – a person with no less value than anyone else.

  3. Totally in favor in any case. if the mother doesn’t want and particular if there is not enough money, or a non stable employment situation, DO AN ABORTION IN ANY WAY. Have babies for the other to pay or to mistreat is a much bigger crime.Be Denno is a delusional, like some others, a minority. And the funny thing is I already met people totally against, but the girl friend had done 1, and that guy was the father, but in his case of course was a different situation LOL. Mistakes happen, is natural so don’t do a 2 mistake having a baby you are not prepared. I have done when it was forbidden and ilegal and i paid a lot of money and I will do any time a mistake happen. It was only that time, but in other cases is better to do an abortion that having a baby you are not sure, GO FOR IT.

    • Why do people think so little of another human life? That kind of thinking is part of the whole problem in society – people thinking that one life has more value than another. And it’s always the most innocent and vulnerable that they decide has no value.
      You are pro-abortion but you are here because your mother didn’t abort you. Why do you have a right to life and another person doesn’t?
      You call me delusional. Why? Because I think an innocent baby has a right to have a chance at life, and not be killed? Because this view is in the minority? Are all pro-lifers then delusional?
      I am sorry that you think abortion is ok. And I disagree with just telling a woman to have an abortion. Every woman considering abortion has the right to learn everything she can about abortion, and to consider every option, not just the one put forward by Planned Parenthood and the medical industry – which, by the way, profit financially by doing abortions.

    • Yes, but when a woman is pregnant, it’s not just her body involved. There are 2 bodies – and only 1 is yours.

  4. Ginger Neimo says:

    And what about the baby’s RIGHT. Just because it has not taken it’s first breath does not mean it does not exist. IT DOES..

    • Yes, the baby’s right is forgotten in all this. The baby is devalued to give the perception that he or she is not worthy of having rights.

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