Don’t Let GOP Legalize Police Brutality

Target: Chuck Schumer, United States Senator

Goal: Stop proposed GOP bill relieving police of liability.

The Republican party has proposed a bill that would all but legalize police brutality. This bill, if made law, would relieve the police of any liability for acts of gross misconduct as well as making it impossible for their victims to seek justice.

It is already a challenge to hold the police accountable for acts of brutality and even murder; the number of black males shot and killed by the police for crimes they did not commit is testament to that. This new law would take it a step further; if a police officer shot an innocent person, the most they would have to do as “punishment” is to pay for the funeral services. They would not be held accountable for their recklessness or even flat-out murder. Additionally, their victims of the families of those they kill would be blocked from suing or even demanding an apology for their mistreatment. Essentially, the police would be rewarded and praised for harming innocents.

Crimes committed by the police are still crimes. There is no profession so moral, righteous, and pure that it should declare one exempt from facing justice should they violate the law, the constitution, or the personal rights of another human being, and the police force is no exception. Sign this petition to stop this bill in its tracks so that we may continue to hold the police accountable for any misconduct.


Dear Senator Schumer,

The Republican party is proposing a bill that would relieve the police of any liability for acts of misconduct and make it impossible for their victims to seek justice. Over the past several years it has already been painfully hard to hold the police accountable, such as in the cases of Eric Garner and Tamir Rice. Should this proposed bill become law, the police would essentially be rewarded and praised for harming innocents.

You must stop this bill immediately. Do not allow it to more forward. No profession is so sacred that it should declare anyone exempt from facing justice should they harm others, and the police have been getting away with far too much lately. You must ensure that police officers will continue to be held responsible for any misconduct or violations.


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Photo Credit: Chase Carter

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  1. As I’m sure most people realize, this is a truly horrifying prospect. We can all imagine where this will lead.
    And where could the Republican Party be getting such a nasty idea from? Could it be Trump’s favorite country – and human rights abuser – Israel?
    The American proposal has a parallel in Israel. Israeli Deputy Defense Minister Eli Ben-Dahan has proposed a new law giving immunity to soldiers who are on the battlefield and who are engaged in security operations. See, Jan 26, 2017.
    And if you think this parallel sounds irrelevant, consider this: Many American police are being sent to Israel to be trained there. As well, police also receive training from Israeli officials on AMERICAN SOIL. See, Aug. 25, 2016.
    So cops are being trained to brutalize us by the same people who brutalize the Palestinians.

    • Dear B Denno.

      Sweden have not the same tragic magnitude of Police brutality as USA (in the way I see it).
      So every time I see (in news or YouTube) something so tragic as US Police excessive force against US citizens I feel so sorry for the victim in their vulnerable situation and the way they are treated.

      Whats even more discriminating is in the naive and pathetic way Police justified their behavior and the self-denial to the brutal way of carrying out their heinous offenses.

      This a typically psychological group-dynamic effect in the way of “We & Them” attitude as are very common among people without Courage and self confidence to stand up for what is right.

      Last but not least, I have something for you B Denno (as well as others) to look at.

      DOCTOR PHILIP ZIMBARDO: The Lucifer Effect – Understanding How Good People Turn Evil – At (MIT) Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

      As well as My YouTube Channel 🙂

      • Bengt – I am glad Sweden isn’t as bad that way as America. It is tragic and heartbreaking to see constantly in the news people being brutalized by cops, including being murdered.
        Cops do definitely have a “We vs. Them” mentality, with themselves thinking that they have a right to lord it over us. And being in a group where they brutalize one innocent person shows their utter cowardice.
        Thank you so much for the links. The video looks really interesting and I will definitely watch it. And I bookmarked your YouTube channel and will be checking out more of your vids on there. So thanks!
        You – and others as well – might want to check out a great book by Larken Rose called The Most Dangerous Superstition. He also deals with the issue of why good people become evil, and with police brutality as well. His book is available free in PDF form. (Sorry I don’t know how to do links.) He also has vids on YouTube.
        Thanks, Bengt!

        • I really agree to your point of view regarding US police behavior. But I have to correct my self as above, thank GOD these bad police officer are the minority (in the way I see it, correct me if I’m wrong).

          I will for sure look up that recommended book of yours B Denno.

          My YouTube is based on 6 department.
          1. Wolves, as I love dearly.
          2.Our planet and the way we act upon it.
          3. Native American, Canadian & Alaska Tribal Indians.
          4. Music Down The Memory Lane.
          5. Harley-Davidson Choppers, since I build one my self 1981.
          6. Computers & Computer Hardware’s.

          That’s all for this time my friend.

          Take good care of you.

          • I found the PDF file of the book for you my friend.

            THE MOST DANGEROUS SUPERSTITION by Larken Rose 2011.


            Hope it’s the right one since I for sure going to read it.

            Thanks B Denno for your suggestion.

          • Your YouTube channel looks really interesting. I will definitely be checking out the videos on there.
            It’s amazing that you built a Harley Davidson motorcycle! Impressive!
            As to whether it’s all police or just a few bad apples, for me – and I hope for everyone – it’s a matter of researching to find out how deep and extensive the corruption is. Doesn’t look pretty to me so far.
            Thanks so much for providing the link to the book! Yes it is the right one, so thanks.
            You take care too.

  2. Gen Lovyet Agustsson says:

    no weapons please! no violence!

  3. Laurie Miskell says:

    They already kill our fur babies whenever they feel “threatened” without reprisal… do NOT allow them to kill innocent people the same way.

  4. Kathryn Irby says:

    Make no mistake!! The GOP will do it if they can get by with it!!

  5. Phyllis Sistrunk says:

    ENOUGH of Police Brutality!


  6. Leigh vice says:

    I am definitely NOT a cop person. So many of them are so crooked…they take up for one another. They strap on a gun and a badge and become bullies. I am sick of them being allowed to “chase” suspects, running people off the road even running into innocent people killing them. They never have to account or be held responsible for any of this. They should be able to be sued. They are allowed to shoot innocent animals ( many incidents have happened in this state where they have killed animals for no reason) No wonder so many people are hostile against them. These in this town are arrogant,rude and run this town.

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