Don’t Imprison Mentally Ill Young Mother

Target: West Haven Police Department

Goal: To ensure that a mother who physically abused her infant daughter receives mental health treatment instead of a jail sentence.

Twenty-year-old Kellie Park is being held in prison in West Haven, Connecticut after she videotaped herself abusing and tormenting her 10-month-old daughter. Park sent the tape to the child’s father, her now ex-boyfriend, along with several disturbing text messages, including one that reads, “I love abusing your kid!” The video shows Park pouring food on her child, kicking her, pushing a baby gate on top of her, shaking her crib until she falls out, and shouting comments that can only be described as emotional abuse. The 10-month-old screams and cries throughout the tape.

Park faces 14 years in prison for these despicable crimes, and she is currently being charged with third degree assault, second degree threatening, risk of injury, and cruelty to persons. A clue to the incentive behind these actions could be the statement she made to her child in the video: “Don’t you get it? Your father doesn’t care so guess what, I’m not gonna care.” Whether or not Park is desperately seeking attention from her ex-boyfriend, this mentally ill woman needs professional help instead of jail time.

Sign the petition now to request Park’s necessary and immediate placement in a rehabilitation center where she will get the help that she needs and eventually see the seriousness of her crimes.


Dear West Haven Police Department,

I write in regard to Kellie Park, the 20-year-old mother who videotaped herself abusing her 10-month-old daughter. Currently she is being charged with third degree assault and second degree threatening and faces up to 14 years in prison for her crimes, but I would like to suggest another option for her future.

I have to stress that a woman that abuses her child is not emotionally healthy and needs to be treated for a mental instability. Recovery will not necesarily come out of fourteen years in prison, so instead of jail time, I recommend that this abusive mother gets sent to a rehabilitation center so she can receive professional help. The idea is not to reward her for her crimes, but to prevent her from repeating her actions ever again. Rehab will accomplish this goal more than any number of years in jail ever would.

Please consider placing Park in the nearest rehabilitation center immediately, for her sake and for the sake of her child.


[Your Name Here]

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  1. This is a stupid, naive petition. This lady is evil, period. You can’t rehab someone who gets off on abusing an infant. I don’t care if she was treated poorly by her ex. Thousands of mothers have had lame or terrible husbands or boyfriends and not used it as an excuse to torcher their own child. I hope she gets the full 14 years and wish it could be more. History has proven that rehab doesn’t work for the violent. Just look at recidivism rates among abusers.

    • Evil people aren’t born evil, dear. They are mentally ill and need help. Yes you can rehab people who abuse infants so they don’t do it again. Sitting in jail for 14 years is not going to solve the problem. Don’t cut the leaves off a weed. Rip up the roots. Simple logic.

      • I can sympathize with the girls family because my sister has some issues, but this chick went too far. Regardless of how she feels about the father, her child should be the most important thing to her and never wish harm to. It’s not an addiction, it’s an illness. Rehab won’t help this woman if she is already on medication and it’s not working. Besides, she does deserve a good amount of time. I’m sure all the mothers in prison (who aren’t in there for abusing their kids) will teach her a pretty good lesson on why she shouldn’t abuse kids.

    • She doesn’t need help, she needs to be out of society and forcibly ‘fixed’ so she can never have another kid to abuse!! This is more like a psychopath than someone who is bi-polar… oh boo-hoo, the baby daddy left. Get over it, instantly, the kids should ALWAYS come first! I can’t believe the bleeding heart garbage that some people spew – THAT is the reason people (especially teens) no longer fear consequences for their actions… it’s not that kids are worse, it’s that the fear is gone.

  2. Jasmine Percento says:

    Ok first of all, I came from a horrible abusive relationship and a child came about. NEVER ONCE did I EVER take that out on my child. To this day his father has had NOTHING to do with him. Not even child support. I was diagnosed with depression and anxiety after I had him and still, never once did he have to suffer for it. All this dumb bullshit trying to keep her out of prison is absolutely ridiculous. She repeatedly abused her child over and over again. She had plenty of chances to stop. She willingly chose to do the things she did to that little girl knowing it wasn’t her fault. The fact she kept mentioning the father shows she just wanted attention from the father and was willing to do anything to get it. Just like a teenager that experienced a break up. If she wasn’t mentally capable of taking on her child, she shouldn’t have had sex. Plenty of women are diagnosed with conditions as bad, if not worse and you dont see them abusing their infants. She deserves every day in prison shes going to get.

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