Punish Dog Trainers Who Use Live Rabbits As Bait

Target: The National Greyhound Association

Goal: To end the use of live rabbits as bait in the training of greyhound racing dogs.

Some rabbits burrow in meadows enjoying general peace and security. Others are mercilessly tossed at greyhound dogs to be ripped apart, limb by limb. Though the National Greyhound Association has been promising to end this cruel and torturous practice, greyhound trainers continue to be caught in the act. Tell the leaders of this association that they must do more to end “live lure training” for good.

According to GREY2K USA, one trainer in Texas was recently taped using rabbits as live bait for the dogs. Though the trainer was stripped of his license, this incident follows a similar case in Arizona that occurred in 2002. In addition, GREY2K USA believes that the practice occurs on a regular basis in the dog racing industry.

The greyhound advocacy group explained that “live lure training” involves tying rabbits up and tossing them around the racetrack until they are caught and ripped apart by the greyhounds. It is similar to a puppy chasing after a treat tied to a rope, only those treats aren’t living creatures. This type of training can reportedly make greyhound dogs much more aggressive, which can help them win races. Though many have called for an end to greyhound racing altogether, we must ensure that both the dogs and rabbits are treated humanely until dog racing is made illegal in every state.

The National Greyhound Association pegs itself as “the sole registry for racing Greyhounds on the North American continent.” As a non-profit with the aim to “promote the improvement and development of the Greyhound breed itself”, its leaders must do more to condemn the senseless torture of live rabbits and hold those who continue to flagrantly defy the rules accountable for their actions. Though live lure training is illegal in some states, little is done to enforce the law. The National Greyhound Association must start taking accusations against trainers using live bait seriously. By signing the petition below, you will demand that the brutal murder of rabbits in the name of dog racing be stopped for good.


Dear National Greyhound Association leaders,

“Live lure training” is a heartlessly brutal way to treat live animals. Rabbits are painfully tied up and terrified before they are ripped apart by greyhound dogs. Trainers in Texas and Arizona have been caught using live bait to train their greyhound dogs; it is suspected that many more fly under the radar.

All animals deserve to be treated with compassion and respect. Though you have promised to put this practice to an end, there are clear indications that it continues to this day. As an organization, the National Greyhound Association should do more to ensure that trainers are deterred from using live bait in training.

It is imperative that you hold those who break the rules accountable for their actions. Please commit to taking action immediately.


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  1. There are always those who engage in these sick so called sports. The fate of the dogs is just as bad as for the rabbits. When will these atrocities end, and when will the market for attending these obscene events be stopped?

  2. It sickens me to think that this goes on. People attend these races and don’t realize that the dogs are mistreated and end up being killed once they can’t run. Rabbits are being tortured. All this in the name of sport and the almighty dollar. We should be ashamed of ourselves to say we are the smarter species.

  3. What a sad world we live in that these “people” can do this to animals and sleep at night.

  4. I feel very angry! How cruel and savage it is! How about use a live people as bait?

  5. I am so disgusted I am speechless!

  6. Telling you to stop will not make you stop. Our only hope is that some animal organization finds a way to stop you legally. The more we get this information out the faster you understand that what you are doing is cruel and insane. Greyhound racing was stopped here in Massachusetts for a reason.

  7. Use a treat to reword your dog is good way to train.

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