Councilors Must Step Down After Racist Remarks

Target: Councilor Keith Roberts, Chair of Billinge Parish Council Standards Committee

Goal: Ask councilors who made racist remarks to step down.

Two councilors on the Billinge Parish Council in England have been accused of racist remarks. Councilors Terry McEvoy and Paul Roberts, Chairman and Vice Chairman of the council respectively, have been accused of discriminating against an Asian constituent.

In addition to their alleged racist remarks, both councilors have also inhibited the democratic process by not allowing residents in their parish to speak, and even threatening them when they did. According to reports, they’ve told residents to “shut up” and have even called them “louts.”

These men, who were chosen to represent their community, are supposed to listen to the men and women they represent, not silence them. Sign the petition and demand that the parish’s standards committee, which has already judged their behavior to be against the council’s code of conduct, ask for their removal so that councilors who really care about the well-being of residents can take their place.


Dear Councilor Roberts,

Troubling allegations have been made against two of your parish’s councilors, Chairman Terry McEvoy and Vice Chairman Paul Roberts. They’ve been accused of making racist remarks against residents and of even silencing residents during meetings.

These men were put in place to represent residents, not bully and silence them. I ask that you urge these two men to step down so that people who really care about the well-being of residents can take their place.


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  1. Gen Lovyet Agustsson says:

    racism against people of color? this has to stop!

  2. racism needs to stop now! they need to be fired!

  3. Want racism to stop? When blacks quit vulgarity, racism, hatred, violence to each other, ONLY THEN can you bitch, bellyache, make demands on everyone else.

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  4. Cheetah and justice for animals – you both sound like racists yourselves.
    Justice for animals – are you a white supremacist? You sound like one.

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