Support Carbon Taxation to Fight Climate Change

Target: Kevin Brady, Chairman, Joint Committee on Taxation

Goal: Adopt nationwide carbon taxation policy to encourage large-scale emission reduction.

Carbon pricing has been regarded as a market-friendly strategy for reducing greenhouse gas emissions. This is accomplished through a revenue-neutral tax on emissions, which incentivizes reduction by offering corresponding tax cuts to individuals and companies. Two former World Bank economists have issued a report concluding that worldwide adoption of aggressive carbon taxation policies is necessary to avoid catastrophic climate change.

The report specifically calls for implementation of a $40 to $80 per ton tax by 2020, which would then rise to $50 to $100 per ton by 2030. According to the report authors, a tax of this magnitude is necessary if the world is to avoid reaching 2 degrees of warming and fulfill the Paris Climate Agreement. It may also represent the most politically viable long-term strategy in countries such as the United States, which has cited economic concerns in resisting calls for climate action.

A modest carbon tax adopted in British Columbia, Canada provides a glimpse of the potential benefits for both economic growth and emissions reduction. The revenue-neutral tax was phased in over a four-year period, with pricing starting at $8 per ton in 2008 and rising to $22 per ton by 2012.  Total emissions in the province fell 16 percent between 2008 and 2014, as compared with a 3 percent overall increase across the rest of Canada. The tax also did not hamper economic growth, as per capita gross domestic product in British Columbia consistently exceeded the other provinces.

Carbon taxation is an emissions reduction strategy which can be embraced by both political parties in the United States. Please sign the below petition calling on Congress to seize this rare opportunity for bipartisanship and pass a federal carbon tax.


Dear Chairman Brady,

I am writing to urge that the Joint Committee on Taxation propose a modest, revenue-neutral carbon taxation policy. A carbon tax is a market-friendly strategy for both reducing emissions and preserving economic growth. This has been illustrated in British Columbia, where emissions have fallen 16 percent and GDP has consistently outpaced the other provinces, since adoption of a carbon tax in 2008.

Carbon taxation also represents a rare opportunity for bipartisanship in addressing climate change. Please demonstrate that Congress remains a functional policy-making body by advocating for a carbon tax proposal.


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Photo Credit: Martin Nikolaj Bech

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  1. Sorry, not signing this petition. Though the carbon tax in B.C. began as being revenue neutral, it ceased being revenue neutral in 2013/14.
    People do not need more taxes laid on them. The taxes we already pay are being used for all sorts of purposes that we do not agree with. Do you want your tax dollars going to scientific research – torture – on animals in universities and in the military? Or to more warmongering including the killing of innocent civilians? Or to the ethnic cleansing of the Palestinians? Or to the brutal clubbing of baby seals (Canada)? Governments already outrageously misuse OUR money we give them.
    Are governments going to suddenly become angelic when they get our carbon tax money, and use this money for good?
    Do you really think 2 former World Bank economists really care about people or the environment? Sure they want to “aggressively” tax the world. No surprise. The surprise to me is how they have convinced citizens to call out for themselves to be taxed.


  3. caitlin caldwell says:

    If this petition was aimed and giant corporations and rich people who take jets to work, I would sign it. But I do not agree with further taxing the little people like you and I. Who have been forced into using energy from the grid as it is. It has been made next to impossible to put solar panels on your home in Phoenix Arizona, APS has been fighting it every step of the way, using loop holes and fighting to make it so there are heavy fees and taxation for going solar. Our electric bill is almost ALL FEES, it doesn’t matter how little electricity we use, every month we still pay hundreds of dollars in fees. So no thank you to taxing us more, tax the billionaires, corporations and factories that are pumping out emissions, esp oil companies who are blocking American citizens from having cars that get 70-100 miles to the gallon like they have in Europe. Google all this, I’m not making it up…..

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