Stop Support of Rainforest Destruction

Target: Chief Executive Officer of the Deutsche Bank Josef Ackermann

Goal: Stop providing support for destructive Indonesian palm oil plantations.

The booming palm oil industry of Indonesia has become an extremely profitable enterprise. The yield from the oil palm is in extremely high demand. In addition, oil palm plantations also have the capacity to produce more oil per hectare than any other oilseed crop in the world. These factors have given rise to unprecedented growth in the industry, a great asset to a region with many poor, rural communities that are in need of an economic boost. Unfortunately, it has evolved beyond such communities into a cash crop capitalized upon by international big business.

Support from large multinational corporations adds continued pressure on the Indonesian government into allowing far more land to be cleared than is ecologically viable. In short, the palm oil industry is rapidly destroying Indonesian rainforests. Attempting to target a cash-strapped government under pressure to provide for its citizenry is proving to be ineffective. Instead, attention must be given where the support for this environmentally destructive plantation boom stems from.

One major contributor is the Deutsche Bank, whose roll of seeking out investment capital for the Malaysian palm oil firm FELDA has allowed the company to grow to unhealthy levels and support its practice of large-scale rainforest destruction. This funding allowed the firm to debut as the second largest IPO ever, leading to plans for expansion after it attains its goal of three billion dollars in global ventures.

There is now a growing suspicion that companies such as FELDA are using this capital to influence election voting, skewing results to favor those who are more likely to allow corporations to have free reign over where they can clear away rain forest landscape. I urge you to lend your voice in targeting the root of the problem by eliminating international funding. Demand that the Deutsche Bank to stop its aid of FELDA today.


Dear Mr. Ackermann,

Palm oil has quickly evolved into Indonesia’s greatest cash crop and export item. The combination of a huge global demand, and the crop’s capacity to produce more per hectare than any other oilseed crop, has led to a burgeoning industry which has grown at an unhealthy rate.

For a nation with many rural communities in desperate need of an economic stimulus, this has been a tremendous boon. Sadly, however, it has quickly evolved into a business dominated by multinational corporations whose regard for Indonesia’s environment is nonexistent.

These companies, such as the Malaysian company FELDA, continue to mount pressure upon the Indonesian government to allow additional land to be granted for palm oil plantations. The result of this has been an enormous clear-cutting of Indonesian rainforests, which is continuing at an unsustainable rate.

The support of Deutsche Bank in seeking investors to provide capital for FELDA has allowed them to debut as the second largest IPO ever. This, in turn, has given FELDA the power to seek out additional expansion and exert an unhealthy influence on the nation’s election process.

Continued support for FELDA will only contribute to the rapid destruction of Indonesia’s rainforests, as well as the possible extinction of wildlife, such as the critically endangered orangutan. This is not only ecologically reckless, but a poor business decision as well.

The repercussions of supporting this industry will be a global backlash that can lead to far more business lost than is gained in the short-term by aiding FELDA. I urge you, make the right business decision and withdraw the support you are giving FELDA; help protect Indonesia’s rainforests now before it is too late.


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  1. Rainforests are our major source of oxygen and air purification, so why destroy them if the end result is suffocation of the planet, nobody excluded?

  2. agnes liu says:

    Protect rainforest is important and necessary. Those forest is our resources.Please, respect that.

  3. Pierre Darmangeat says:

    « … Quand le dernier arbre de la dernière forêt aura été abattu… quand le dernier poisson de la dernière rivière aura été pêché… » (Chef Seattle — ?)

    Le problème ne date pas d’hier, hélas !

    Déjà, Pline l’Ancien se plaignait de la destruction de la forêt sur le pourtour méditerranéen de l’Empire romain…

    « L’espèce humaine disparaîtra ? Bon débarras ! » (Yves Paccalet)

  4. Muriel Servaege says:


  5. People need to vote unacting authorities acting irresponsibly to futuregenerations and living creatures out of occupations once and for all!



    “It is horrifying that we have to fight our own governments to save the environment.”
    – Ansel Adams, photographer.

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