Punish Man Accused of Killing His Mother’s Pets for Money

Target: Katherine Fernandez Rundle, State’s Attorney for Miami-Dade County, Florida

 Goal: Demand the maximum penalty for the man who reportedly killed his mother’s dog and chicken because his mother would not give him money.

A dog and chicken were reportedly killed in a heinous act of revenge. Per police, a son demanded money from his mother and killed her pets when she refused to pay him. The suspect denied involvement and stated that his mother killed the chicken for religious purposes. Demand justice for these innocent animals.

Jimmy Cardona, 28, reportedly recorded a video message and sent it to his father just hours before the animals’ bodies were discovered. In the message, Cardona reportedly demanded $50 from his mother and father “or something bad was going to happen.” When Cardona’s mother arrived home, she found her Pomeranian lifeless in her backyard and her chicken cut up and strewn across her bed.

Cardona was charged with two counts of animal cruelty with intent to kill. Sign below and demand that Cardona receive the maximum penalty under law, if convicted.


Dear State’s Attorney Rundle,

A dog and chicken suffered and died, allegedly as part of a son’s disturbing act of revenge. The son reportedly demanded $50 from his parents and threatened them when they refused to pay. We demand justice for these innocent animals.

Jimmy Cardona’s mother called police after she found the dead bodies of her two pets. The gruesome discovery occurred just hours after she reportedly received a threat from her son. Per police reports, her chicken had been cut up into pieces and laid across her bed and her Pomeranian was lying dead in the backyard.

This disturbing act must be punished. We demand that you seek the maximum penalty in this case.


[Your Name Here]

Photo Credit: TinaKirk

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  1. Another one for shark food!

  2. If the courts do nothing i hope someone gets justice for this poor dog and chicken,this vile man needs to be taught a lesson so he never hurts another animal again.

  3. don hughes says:

    OK, here we go again, a state that fails time and again in enforcing animal welfare laws. This piece of human garbage will no doubt get just a slap on the wrist and a fine perhaps, but nothing more, because of the morally incompetent legal system in Florida.

  4. Makes me sick 2 think that we share the same air as this sick individual. .karma will get him!!

  5. You may think that u have heard it all about how cruel,evil and sadistic humans can be then u read yet another horrific story of how sick and disgusting they really are.

    These were his Moms pets and he did it just to hurt his mom the very most. Well, he did and now it is his turn. JAIL THE MONSTER (because u know that these animals died in the most horrifically painful and cruel ways as he could find) fine him a huge amount, ban him from ever having or being around animals and monitor him, demand he get psychiatric treatment as he is a real monster. I would hate to live anywhere near this monster with my kids or my beloved pets. If I did I would never take my eyes off of him.


  6. Wendy Morrison says:

    Kill this idiot like he dud to these innocent animals.

  7. Paulette Mirfield says:

    How long before his parents attacked for refusing him money again? There has to be drug addiction involved.


  9. michelle taylor says:

    I dare this POS to make face to face contact with me as I would ensure that the required death penalty is instigated for this FW.

  10. Bautista Emy says:

    Please do the same thing to the inhuman scum

  11. Bautista Emy says:

    Please do the same thing to the inhuman scum!

  12. this scumbag needs to be done away with quickly.He needs to be put in
    prison with the hardened criminals that are lifers so he can be abused every
    day of his life from that point on.

  13. Lisa Zarafonetis says:

    Hope the bastard rots in hell❗️?
    Signed & sharing.?

  14. The man is obviously in dire need of help. His heinous acts of murdering these innocent animals must be addressed to the full extent of the law. He should seriously be evaluated for his state of mental health and concerns for drug dependency.

  15. Selena Brooks says:

    Well here comes another serial killer this pos needs the same thing done to him.

  16. Kathryn Irby says:

    Severely Punish man who killed his own mother’s pets for money–NOW!!! Animal Welfare Over Profits!!

  17. Jail is much too kind for this piece of disgusting filth. I say cut him up and toss the worthless carcass into a landfill, let it rot.

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