Ask to Church to Stop Planned Pig Abuse

Target: Joey Lyons, Associate Pastor of Bridge Foursquare Church

Goal: Replace the Greased Pig Scramble with a more humane activity that doesn’t harm animals.

The Bridge Foursquare Church in Christiansburg, Virginia, has scheduled a “Greased Pig Scramble” for their “Old-Fashioned” Fourth Of July celebration. This Scramble will consist of large groups of people chasing, grabbing at, leaping on top of, and tackling pigs in pens. There will be a lot of noise, a lot of people, and the pigs will be terrified. Worse still, they will be crammed into trucks to get to and from the venue. These types of events often result in injuries for the pigs, such as broken limbs, and even broken backs.

Pigs are highly intelligent, social animals, who are not used to screaming crowds or being chased. They can be trained, are often kept as pets, and are very loyal creatures. To subject them to being chased and tackled, ultimately resulting in injuries, is cruelty to the highest degree.

Sign the petition below, and ask the Bridge Foursquare Church to cancel their Greased Pig Scramble, and find a more humane way to celebrate Fourth of July. There are many other ways to have an old-fashioned celebration, and no pigs or any other animals need be harmed in order to have a good time. Stand up for the humane treatment of pigs.


Mr. Lyons,

Pigs are highly intelligent, social, and loyal animals. Your church’s planned Fourth of July celebration that includes a Greased Pig Scramble is cruel and unfitting treatment for such a creature. Pigs often sustain broken limbs and backs from activities such as your Greased Pig Scramble, and it’s inhumane to subject them to such injuries.

I am asking you to find another more humane activity for your Old-Fashioned Fourth of July celebration. There are plenty of ways you can celebrate the Fourth: potato sack races, pie-eating competitions, old-fashioned brass bands. None of these activities put animals at the risk of injury or cruel treatment.

Please cancel your Greased Pig Scramble, and replace that inhumane activity with something that puts harm to neither man nor beast.


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  1. Oh my god!! Is this even legal? This is animal abuse and needs to be addressed immediately. Horrific!!!!

  2. claudia pinheiro says:

    Vamos sair da idade média?!?!

  3. Paul stone says:

    In the name of religion how sad, you have no Love for the divine and create suffering towards another for money.

  4. Están las bestias… luego los bestias… Las bestian matan cruelmente para sobrevivir. Los bestias sólo para disfrutar. El hombre será lo que dice ser cuando supere su bestialidad. Sino, seguirá entre los seres irracionales, por mucho que pretenda lo contrario. Es una cuestión de hechos.

  5. Stupidity and cruelty = christians!

  6. ILIL ARBEL says:

    Church? Jesus Christ and his values? Compassion? Kindness? The pigs are better than you are. They don’t torture other animals. I sincerely hope that anyone who had particiapted in this “sport” and anyone in this so-called church who is encouraging it, suffers as much as the pigs you have tormented. And that you are shown as much compassion as you have shown to God’s creatures. Shame on you.

  7. It is my understanding that this abuse was cancelled. Can you please confirm? Thanks!

  8. Sandra Jardim says:

    Que horror, parem de sacrificar os animais para vosso proveito.

  9. Milena Vasconcellos says:

    Animal rights must to be fact

  10. There are plenty of ways to make money and entertain your congregation without abusing animals. As a Christian community your job is to teach the young compassion and a love for God’s creations. Hopefully, next year a committee will look into various games that will entertain all age groups.


  12. Y por estos malditos asesinos de horrorosa mentalidad que nosotros existimos y exigimos justicia.

  13. Roxana Albornoz says:

    Son muy bestias!, muy brutos!, muy trogloditas!. Cuál es la diversiòn?. Sus caras de sadismo espantan!. Están signando su propio destino haciendo sufrir a un ser inocente. Me apena por cada uno de ustedes, seres detestables, totalmente prescindibles!!!.

  14. Por un trato humano para todos y sobretodo castigo a estas personas pues no aprenden que a ellos los llamados animales les deben respeto y cariño y no maltrato y abusos . CASTIGO A LOS MALTRATADORES :

  15. WENDY EGRES says:

    Why would any true God Fearing, God Loving Christian person even consider doing such an evil deed, I would be ashamed to tide that church, be a part of that congregation or have any affiliation at all with such a place

  16. Who is running this church and why did they choose this evil, cruel way to celebrate? This is not entertainment for God-fearing people. What kind of church is this? Please, think of something less violent.

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