Punish Zoo Owners Who Fed Live Donkey to Tigers

Target: Cao Jianming, Procurator-General of the Supreme People’s Procuratorate of the People’s Republic of China.

Goal: Demand that the zoo owners who fed a live donkey to tigers be punished to the maximum degree.

Angry shareholders in a Chinese zoo fed a live donkey to tigers as a way to protest a court’s decision they didn’t like. The shareholders stated that they voted in favor of this horrific act because the court froze the zoo’s assets and they were no longer receiving profits. Demand justice for this innocent donkey torn to bits by tigers.

Shocking video footage showed the men pushing the frightened donkey down into the tiger enclosure. The tigers pounced on the donkey almost immediately and mauled it for thirty minutes before it finally died. The shareholders also planned to send a sheep into the enclosure, but zoo officials stopped them in time to save the sheep.

Officials at Yancheng Safari Park issued an apology, stating that they are working on improving their safety standards. They will be holding a meeting to “calm shareholders’ nerves.” However, this horrific act of cruelty cannot go unpunished. Sign below and demand that these shareholders face legal charges and receive the maximum penalty.


Dear Procurator-General Cao,

A donkey suffered tremendously and died after a zoo’s shareholders fed it to tigers. Video footage showed the donkey resisting while men dressed in red robes forced it into a tiger enclosure. We demand justice for this innocent donkey.

Visitors looked on in horror as the tigers mauled the helpless donkey to death. Per witness reports, it brayed in pain and desperately tried to get away. The shareholders stated that they sacrificed the live animal in protest of the court’s decision to freeze the zoo’s assets.

This poor animal did not deserve to suffer a cruel death in the name of protest. We demand that you bring charges against the men responsible and punish them to the maximum degree.


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  1. Don’t feed the tigers and drop these assholes in for them to play with. Blows my mind that anyone connected with a zoo would do such a thing. One has to wonder what other abuse goes on there..close the zoo down and rehome all the animals.

  2. THESE BASTARDS WILL BE ROTTEN IN HEEL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. B4 i even read the whole evil story, i thought * i bet this horrendous Animal torture & murder happened in shit hole China,,,,,, & yes it is,,,, the worst place on earth to be a poor Animal, disgusting excuses for humans,,, they are plain & simple,,,, PURE FUCKING EVIL, VILE SCUM!!!!!
    They’ll all suffer in hell for all they do & the REST OF THE ANIMAL TORTURING, RAPING, MURDERING FILTH in the world!!!!!!!!

    • I agree with you 100% asians are the cruelest disgusting race of people ever born

      • Please don’t generalize. While I agree with you that many Asians are inhumane and cruel in their treatment of animals, there are barbaric humans the world over; and if you often sign petitions against animal cruelty, you’d know that humans of all races cause animal suffering, including your race whatever it is.

  4. These cruel humans need to be fed to the tigers!

  5. Throw the scumbags in who did this to the poor donkey and let the Tigers kill them. Rot in HELL you bastards

  6. something has to be done about this disgusting country they should boycotted from the rest of the world they are the cruelest sickest race of people ever born

  7. Close down this shithole. These vindictive assholes should never be allowed near animals again. Confiscate their assets and donate them to animal sanctuaries.

  8. wendy Burrows says:

    WTF is wrong with chinese and asian people?
    a natural disaster for this continent is long overdue. Would like to see this continent wiped off the face of the planet for the sake of animals having the misfortune to live there, a natural disaster will kill animals in asia, i know, but better than suffering at the hands of these monsters. I do know there are kind and compassionate people in Asia who care for animals, but they need to up their game against cruelty and make a difference for the poor animals that have the misfortune to live and suffer in the hell called Asia.
    I know there are many cruelties suffered around the world, but nothing compares to ASIA in terms of cruelty.

    People who think they can treat all animals with contempt and disdain need culling. WHO ARE THE ANIMALS???? WHO ARE THE SAVAGES? HUMANS ARE A VIRUS.

    The asian people are very very guilty for all manner of crimes against animals ALL AROUND THE WORLD, NOT JUST ASIA, their cruelty is second to none.
    F*cuk you people who abuse animals, THE WORLD HAS HAD ENOUGH.

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