End Negative Stereotypes of Black Cats

Target: Halloween companies, Friskies and other cat supply companies

Goal: End negative advertising of black cats and educate the public that black cats are not bad.

When people think of black cats, they usually think of them as bad, evil and that they bring bad luck. This negative stereotype is not true. The negative myths associated with black cats need to desperately be put to an end. As documented in history and according to The Committee for Skeptical Inquiry, cats were worshipped by Egyptians millenniums ago and to kill one was considered a capital crime. Cats were so well-loved and worshipped that when a cat died, people went into mourning. However, by the 17th century, the cat began to be associated with witchcraft and its luck turned from good to bad in many areas. A practice that became popular for a time was to burn cats and other animals on Shrove Tuesday (before the start of Lent), in order to protect one’s home from fire and other calamities.

Unfortunately, the horrible myth that black cats bring bad luck has continued on to this day and because of it, many black cats have had to suffer torturous deaths. It is even more unfortunate that Halloween companies portray black cats as evil, mysterious and as bringing bad luck. This is part of the reason why this myth of black cats lives on and why so many people believe it is true. It has been documented that as Halloween nears each year, more black cats are found mutilated and killed. For example, people who believe in witchcraft and voodoo kill black cats most around that time of year. This is absolutely sick and in this day and age, such acts should be considered felonies and the people who kill black cats, or any cat, should be sentenced to jail time.

Similarly, many cat supply companies choose not to show black cats when in advertising commercials or photos of their products in that they feel that people will not buy their products because of the bad connotation associated with black cats. Instead, they advertise mostly cats with lighter fur colors. For example, the cat food supplier Friskies, does not advertise black cats on the cat food photos nor have they advertised them in their commercials. Friskies is just one cat food company out of many more that do not include black cats when advertising their products. This is not fair and in the same way continues on the belief that black cats are not good. Sadly, due to the bad connotation of black cats, they are among the highest kill rates in animal shelters worldwide compared to all other cats. Unfortunately, this sad and untrue stereotype has been the main cause of all the torturing and killings of black cats.

The truth about blacks cats is that they are no different than any other cat. They are kind, loving and affectionate. People should think this way of black cats and it should be illegal for Halloween companies to portray them in negative ways. Instead, Halloween companies should not be allowed to include black cats in their advertising. Cat supply companies should portray black cats in good ways which will hopefully one day end this horrible lie. Please sign this petition to ensure that Halloween companies stop showing black cats negatively and to encourage cat supply companies to start advertising black cats more fairly. Tell them that black cats are no different than other cats and that they do not deserve bad treatment nor suffering from anyone. Hopefully one day this negative stereotype will vanish, that black cats will be loved by all, and hopefully they will not have the highest kill rates in animal shelters anymore.


Dear Halloween companies and cat supply companies,

I want to kindly yet strongly urge you to stop portraying black cats is such horrible ways. The myth that black cats are evil and bring bad luck is entirely untrue and should not be shown for Halloween advertising. They are extremely loving, affectionate and are no different than any other cat. Please take a moment to realize that advertising black cats negatively only continues on this myth and because of it, many people will not adopt black cats in shelters and unfortunately, they end up being euthanized.

Instead, could you please portray them for what they really are: loving and adorable? Cat supply companies, please do more positive advertising of black cats and please try not to only show cats with lighter colored fur on your commercials or photographs. This is not fair and again continues on the horrible myth.


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Photo Credit: Black Kitten via captivatedbymandie.com

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  1. Christopher Evans says:

    Black Cats are very special and loving companions in many homes.

  2. Marguerite White says:

    Black cats were very well treated in egyptian times and then because of stupid superstitions were condoned evil in the 17th century as was written in the topic,but it seems when we think people would be more intelligent nowadays there is a stupid belief in idiotic remedies and superstitions,that make us look more barbaric in this day and age than our ancesters,black cats are no more evil than any other animal,its humans nonsense that is evil.

  3. Ruth Rogers Ruth Rogers says:


  4. Cannot understand why black cats are portrayed as bad luck and yet they are also used for weddings as symbols of good luck!!

  5. This is the stupidest shit I have ever seen, you people need to do something more constructive with your time. Do you think the cat gives a shit what we think about it? Do something with your life that actually matters.

    • Stephen Dickinson says:

      You are obviously missing the entire point. It’s not what the cat thinks about what people think about them, that would be ludicrous and stupid. This is about ignorant people believing that cats are bad luck and evil then torturing, mutilating and killing these poor helpless creatures due to totally bogus nonsense.

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