Muslim Teen Allegedly Attacked and Told to Leave Country Deserves Justice

Target: Joseph Cassilly, State’s Attorney for Harford County, Maryland

 Goal: Demand that the man who allegedly attacked a Muslim teen and told him to leave the country be charged with a hate crime.

A Muslim teen was reportedly attacked and told to leave the country following a near collision on the road. The State’s Attorney refused to bring hate crime charges and stated, “It’s a road rage incident where the victim and defendant happen to be of different ethnic backgrounds. It’s not like the guy just picked the guy out of a crowd and walked up to him for no reason.” Demand justice for this innocent teen.

“I wouldn’t wish this pain and humiliation on my worst enemies,” stated 19-year-old Dawar Aamir. Per Aamir’s statement, he parked his car after he and Charles Valle Jr. had a near-collision on the road. Valle then allegedly pulled open Aamir’s door, hit him in the face, and told him to get out of the country.

Valle has been charged with second-degree assault and malicious destruction of property. The Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR) has asked prosecutors to bring hate crime charges against Valle. Sign below and demand that Valle be charged with a hate crime in this alleged attack.


Dear State’s Attorney Cassilly,

A Muslim teen was reportedly attacked following a near-collision on the road. Per the teen, the suspect hit him in the face and told him to leave the country. We demand that you bring hate crime charges against this suspect.

“The physical, emotional, and psychological toll of such attacks must not be ignored or trivialized,” stated Zainab Chaudry, outreach director for CAIR Maryland. CAIR came to Aamir’s defense following the reported roadside attack, where he was punched in the face. Aamir was reportedly on the ground, helplessly searching for his glasses, when Valle told him to leave the country.

We cannot allow anti-Muslim bigotry to become our new normal. We demand that you charge Valle with a hate crime.


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  1. To me as a Swedish citizen and believer of GOD, Jesus and The Holy Spirit. A person have the freedom to believe in what ever they like as long as they don’t heart and/or force some one else to believe in the same.

  2. This is Bullshit Moslems this Moslems that.Sie Lügen wenn sie ihren Mund Aufmachen kommt nach Österreich und schaut euch an was diese Moslems aus diesen Land gemacht haben eine Schande.

  3. Yeah BS. muslins are the worse haters of everybody less they are men from the same tribe. Shup up, stop lying oh poor muslins. They are devil worshipers. They are scumbags impose all to the others who need to respect them, their traditions and shit evil cult, but they don’t respect the country that receives them, and gives them the cahnce to be alive. They came to Europe and USA and other countries to parasite, to live on others money and are always upsetting everybody. They can murder and their shit cult says they can kill infidels>>> for all ignorants>>>infidels are all non muslin. They can lie, distort, they are perverts, pedophiles and there are no moderate. They are all very well shut up aren’t they??? Where is that suppose actress iranian that came saying TRUMP (GREAT MAN WITH TESTICLES IN THIS MATTER CAN HAVE SOME STUPID WAYS BUT WE ALL HAVE AND AT LEAST THIS IS A POLITICIAN THAT ACTUALLY IS DOING OR TRYING TO DO WHAT HE PROMISED WHICH IS MUCH MORE THAN OTHERS HAVE DONE) is a racist?? muslin are racist, are disrespectful, are abusers, are pedophiles, are perverts, are selfish, are evil all that comes from islam is evil. Look the way they treat they own women (which by the way is a superior being comparing with men, there is no doubt on that but they think they are much inferior) they are lots of them with mental problems as they had been doing inbred for ages (cousins with cousins, nephew of course a female child with a much older oncle) and it is proved that children and teens are not ready fro pregnancy, so they have the biggest % of babies with problems particularly mental.STOP LYING ABOUT MUSLIN. THIS ONE PROBABLY ABUSE THAT PERSON AND GET THE RIGHT ANSWER. i APLAUD IS ATTITUDE WE NEED MORE AND MORE.

  4. Paulette Mirfield says:

    The ignorant xenophobic comments make me realize some people are worse than animals. I’m in more danger from those extremist Christians and gun nuts than I am from from Muslims. There’s no good reason to believe one is better than another because of skin, ethnicity, or religion. No one chooses their parents or heritage. All religions propose the same credo – do no evil. Educate yourselves instead of spewing hateful misinformation and sewage.

  5. This should certainly be charged as a hate crime. This violence against innocent fellow citizens must stop.

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