Karen Handel: Leave Georgia Congress Race After Living Wage Comment

Target: Karen Handel, Republican Congressional Candidate in Georgia

Goal: Leave the Georgia Congressional race after stating, “I do not support a livable wage.”

Karen Handel, one of the Republican candidates in the special election for Georgia’s 6th Congressional District, stated in a Tuesday debate against Democratic candidate Jon Ossoff, “I do not support a livable wage.”

Both candidates were asked if they support increasing the minimum wage in Georgia. Ossoff responded to the question by saying, “The minimum wage should be a livable wage… Look, if somebody’s working a 40-hour workweek, they deserve the kind of standard of living that Americans expect.” Handel then stated explicitly that she is not in favor of a livable wage. The minimum wage in Georgia is a mere $5.15 per hour, though the federal minimum wage (which is still well below the poverty line in the United States) is $7.25.
It is shameful that a Congressional candidate would state in such stark and simple terms that they do not support increasing the minimum wage so that citizens can live above poverty levels. Livable wages are a national issue of extreme importance. Add your name to the petition below to demand that Handel leave the Congressional race.


Dear Mrs. Handel,

You recently answered a debate question about raising the minimum wage in Georgia, including in your answer the shocking statement, “I do not support a livable wage.” The minimum wage in your state is only $5.15 per hour.

Americans who work full-time for federal minimum wage still live in poverty. As such, anyone who works for Georgia’s state minimum wage almost certainly lives below the poverty line.

Your explicit statement that you do not support a livable wage is baffling and embarrassing. If you wish to represent the Georgia 6th Congressional District, it is imperative that you understand the financial reality of the citizens who live there. Your statement makes it clear you do not. I urge you to remove yourself from this Congressional race; you will not provide the support Georgia’s citizens need in Washington.


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  1. Well….at least she was being honest! Unusual in the political arena.
    But if she thinks this way, she can go live on an unlivable wage HERSELF. That is, if – along with her honesty – she also wants to NOT be a hypocrite.

  2. Paulette Mirfield says:

    Repugnant! I don’t even live in the state but after reading this and doing some research, I’m donating to Ossoff! Attitudes such as this do not represent what I believe in. I’m sure if she went to Congress, Georgia would suffer.

  3. your minuim wage is a joke! they should fire you now for thinking that a family can put food on the table and pay their bills for you little your wage of $ 5.15!

  4. Steven Chandler says:

    She almost managed to sink the Susan B Komen Foundation in a very short time while employed by them. She needs to find some kind of job that doesn’t require compassion. Or brains.

  5. Angela Rabon says:

    That is the mentality of the Republican Party…keep people in poverty while they bask in wealth!

    • Keep people in poverty then cut all safety net programs to the bone! Seriously, remember “death panels”…..under the Trump administration and the current GOP that IS what we are seeing!

  6. Charles Barkley said that “poor people have been voting democrat for 50 years and they are still poor, if you google where are the poorest segments of the population you will find that its the southern states where you have the most poverty almost all are Republican leaning states. The states with less poverty are Democratic states.

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