Catalina Island Must Remove Polluting Gas Powered Golf Carts

Target: Catalina Island Golf Carts and Mayor Bob Kennedy of Avalon, Catalina Island

Goal: Require Catalina Island to stop using gas powered golf carts and to replace them with electric powered golf carts.

There are no full size cars allowed on Catalina Island and the main means of transportation is through golf carts. When people think of Catalina Island, they think of vacation, nature, exploring the island and appreciating its beauty. But when you arrive to the island, one of the first things that you notice is that there are no full size cars and that everyone is driving around in small golf carts. At first it seems a bit odd but interesting that this is a way of life for the people who live and work on the island. When tourists come to the island, they are allowed to rent golf carts so that they can see more of the island.

However, there is a big issue with the golf carts that Catalina Island uses. They run off of gas and create a lot of pollution. The pollution that is caused by these gas powered golf carts is almost unbearable and makes it incredibly difficult to breath when one, or several, drive past you. During holidays and summers, the island becomes especially crowded with tourists and almost all of them rent these golf carts which means more pollution caused by the carts. When people drive the golf carts, you can see a thick cloud of black smoke protrude from the cart’s muffler. Catalina Island has many hills and is, for the most part, an unstable terrain. Because of the hills, these carts expel even more smoke into the air, causing more pollution.

Air pollution is not the only negative thing caused by the carts. There are a number of things wrong with them such as, being extremely loud. The noise generated by the gas powered carts also is disturbing to the wildlife that live on the island. The use of the gas powered golf carts is an unfortunate thing for Catalina Island. People come to the island to get away from busy cities with plenty of air and noise pollution, not to come to the island just to be forced to endure even more air and noise pollution. The island should be a place that people go to for peace and to appreciate the beauty and nature. Shame on the island’s mayor for allowing gas powered golf carts to ruin it and cause it to be dirty, polluted and loud. Shame on them for not respecting the island for its nature and peacefulness, and instead focusing on a way to make quick money.

A solution to the problem caused by the gas powered golf carts is to replace them with electric powered golf carts. This is a clean and more energy efficient solution and allows the island to maintain its cleanliness and beauty. It will also allow people to enjoy their time on the island better and would be more safe and less terrifying for the animals of the island. Please sign this petition to encourage Catalina Island to completely remove gas powered golf carts and replace them with the sole use of electric powered golf carts. Catalina Island is beautiful, let’s keep it that way.


Dear Bob Kennedy, Mayor of Avalon, Catalina Island, and Catalina Island Golf Carts,

I kindly urge you to rethink your use of gas powered golf carts. It may seem like a good idea for the residents of the island and for tourists to use but, in all honestly, it is not. The gas powered golf carts generate a lot of pollution, especially because the island has many hills causing the carts to force more smoke out in order to drive up the hills. There is also noise pollution involved with gas golf carts, which is not pleasing to people nor to the animals of the island.

Please think of a solution for this problem, such as replacing all the gas golf carts for only electric powered golf carts, which are more energy efficient and are cleaner. This would be an incredible decision of yours and would make the island a better place. Catalina Island is a very beautiful island, with amazing landscapes, nature and wildlife. The island deserves to be treated well and deserves that you keep it clean.

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  1. Maryam beyer says:

    I don’t intend to come to Catalina again. This is my first trip and truthfully, I am very disappointed. The smell in the air, the noise sickens me. I don’t like it here and am sorry I came.

    If you don’t want others to experience this, I suggest you look into it as a visitor. We are paying for hotel, beach front hotel and the noise is so high that we have to have the door tot the balcony and windows closed.

    This is not how I like to vacation.

  2. Martin Miller says:

    I was on Catalina Island last Wednesday (07/24/13) riding my bike on the streets. I sucked down more exhaust fumes, which contain carcinogenic benzene, from the noisy golf carts than I have driving in LA freeway traffic for the past 2 years. I had not been to Catalina since 2009. There are more gas powered golf carts than ever.

    Michelle, electric carts are a solution — for the commercial businesses that rent carts to tourists. Residents can drive whatever they’d like.

  3. I agree that the gas powered golf carts need to be banned, but there are several things that need to be done before banning them outright.

    1. Catalina Island should start regulating Golf Cart emissions, or Smog test, all Golf Carts on the island.

    3.Catalina Island should offer incentives to new or existing businesses who can provide smog reducing options like retro-fitting existing golf cart with smog reducing components.

    3. Catalina Island should build a bunch of solar panels and wind turbines on the island, and of course do so in a manner that least disrupts the local wildlife.

    4. Catalina Island should have a 5 to 10 year phase out period, after which time no new gas powered golf carts can be brought onto the island. Owners of existing gas powered golf carts on the island can keep and continue to operate their golf carts as long as they comply with the emissions standards.

  4. Turbine Diesel says:

    Another example of narrow minded conservationists.
    Where do you think the electricity is going to come from to charge all these replacement electric golf carts.
    Guess again, the local diesel powered power plant is going to have to belch fumes in the air to provide the electricity to charge these electric golf carts.
    All you are doing is move the pollution a mile or two away from the golf cart. It would be a much better idea to have cleaner running quieter golf carts.
    Wake up and smell the diesel fumes.

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