Tell Trump to Stop Waiving Ethics Rules

Target: Donald Trump, President of the United States

Goal: Stop the signing of ethics waivers to allow former lobbyists to corrupt the White House.

President Donald Trump entered office promising to end government corruption, but he has actively colluded with lobbyists to infiltrate the White House and serve corporate interests with taxpayer money. To accomplish this, he has so far written 17 ethics waivers allowing lobbyists to work for the White House on the same regulatory issues that directly affect their former clients. Many examples of these waivers have proved particularly unethical, such as the appointment of coal utility lobbyist Michael Catanzaro to work on the removal of coal burning regulations, and were used to appoint some of the most infamous figures in the White House, such as Kellyanne Conway, Steve Bannon, and Reince Priebus.

Trump has signed more waivers for these corporate stooges in four months than Obama did during his entire eight-year presidency, and must be stopped before he further pollutes American democracy. Sign this petition to demand an end to Trump’s ethics waivers that are quickly rotting our government.


Dear President Trump,

Over the past four months, you have signed more ethics waivers allowing lobbyists to serve in your administration than your oft-vilified punching bag President Obama did during his entire presidency, even though you were elected to office in great part for your promise to the American people to “drain the swamp” of Washington. You even signed an executive order which you claimed would crack down on government corruption, but instead has proved meaningless in the face of the 17 waivers you have so far signed to bypass ethics rule.

Adding insult to injury, you have obfuscated the truth behind these waivers, hiding behind bureaucratic technicalities and clumsiness to prevent the American people from knowing how thoroughly you have corrupted your administration. I write today to demand that you cease to sign these waivers so toxic to our democracy, and instead do your job to serve the American people.


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Photo Credit: Michael Vadon

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  1. While campaigning for presidency, Trump said he would have “no problem” banning lobbyists from his administration if elected. He has hired at least 36 known former lobbyists. That fact in itself is appalling, and proves his campaign promises to be either empty or outright lies.
    As well, him having signed 17 ethics waivers indicates his eagerness to have a functioning UNETHICAL government administration – a leadership FREE OF ETHICS, you might say.
    I think Trump is attempting to quickly bring in a totalitarian system – so quickly that it’s hard to follow all his moves.
    We need to STAND UP against this infiltration and corruption.

  2. Please Mr. Trump. Get over yourself.

  3. Trump no more executive secrets!

  4. Since when did the phrase “draining the swamp” come to be interpreted as “stocking the swamp with rapacious criminal piranhas”?????????

  5. Paulette Mirfield says:

    Waivers on ethics? Why did they bother? If you have no ethics nor understand what ethics are, then I guess it doesn’t matter what they signed.

  6. What’s the point of “ethics,” if they only apply to some of the people some of the time?

  7. Heather Brophy says:

    You may be a somewhat good business man but you suck as Pres.! I can’t believe we have to pay you for destroying our country!

    • Good business man!!!! He was bankrupt at least four times!….The banks could not afford to let him go down. The man is a filthy con who just happened to con the uneducated americans….The world does not thank them apart from the terrorists maybe who the americans are now arming. Filthy business and lethal president!

  8. dixie denis says:

    Tar & Feathers is what the creep needs.

  9. I still can’t believe you Americans fell for this egotistical, arrogant idiot’s BS and made him President. So much damage in so short a time.

  10. Put islamics out of the planet that would be ideal, but at least out of civilized countries as they only know what that devil cult teaches them. Also stop with the BS of >>oh is just some, oh the others are moderate. This were moderate till they do what they have done. Even 1 was already known by british police, but still they couldn’t stop him. And how do you stop him??? Based in we think you are? If the UK and others already had deported them long ago (british passport is only a proform send them to the parents country, or grand parents country Canada and USA do that with many much more civilized citizens fro some crimes, no one speaks about but if is islamics oh poor things, they are devil worshipers from a pedohiple, pervert, slave trade, selfish, egocentric, megalomaniac, fake prophet) if they all by ethnicity had been deported they couldn’t do what they had been doing right? At least in others country and in their own, i doubt they manage to do it, or they wouldn’t survive to tell. Stop with the moderate conversation and get informed about waht this plague is really. Most of them are mental retards yes, because of inbred for ages and forced female children to be married, which is an abuse and violation. These bodies are not ready for pregnancies and the biggest percentage of babies with problems come from teens, as more as they try to say otherwise. Their monster prophet devil worshiper, got married at 61 with a poor little girl of 9, read>>>9 ok. islam means submission not peace like they say, they can lie to infidels and for those (non islamics or non devil worshipers) the options are 2>> submitt like the word or be murdered by them. Where are the moderates when this happens? Where is the iran actress who said Trump was racist, when He was right, where is she now??? so islamics do this hate, racist acts for ages and she doesn’t see… they do all sorts of crimes to the others and is very well, when someone like me say the truth the sky falls down and we need to respect. They don’t respect no one, unless is a man from the same tribe. Stop listen the BS of media which think we are all sheep that they control and most are, and stop being cowards and say loud like me.

  11. Sharon Hall says:

    You’re all morons. Trump is not doing this. Stop confusing his wonderful acts with Barack Osama’s traitorous crimes against this country. DONALD J TRUMP IS DOING A FINE JOB!

    • This info on Trump is all over the MSM news as well as many alternative and independent news sources. Please stop living in your lala land fantasy and read up, sweetie!

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