Tell Republican Governors Not to Deny their States’ Economic Recovery to Benefit Romney

Target: The Republican Governors Association

Goal: Convince Republican governors to disregard the Romney campaign’s request to deny their states’ economic recoveries.

Election politics often bring out the worst instincts in some political figures – such politicians distort the truth, smear their opponent’s character, and compromise their morals to get elected. In many cases, these politicians are no worse people than other politicians, they just get caught up in the race and lose sight of the larger picture to their tunnel-vision. Unfortunately, based upon his recent request to state governors to minimize their states’ recoveries, it appears that candidate Mitt Romney may require a little correction to avoid falling prey to his own tunnel vision.

In June of 2012, it was reported by Bloomberg news that the Romney campaign was putting out directions to Republican state governors that they should downplay the economic recoveries in their states. The minimizing of the economic recovery is an intentional attempt to manipulate the perceptions of the public and support Romney’s argument that Obama is harming the economy. While untrue, this claim supports candidate Romney’s central campaign narrative that he will fix the “Obama economy”.

While many would say that this is just political gamesmanship that has no effect on policy, these people are incorrect. If people don’t believe that the economy is recovering, they will be less likely to support the policies which are causing the recovery; if fewer people believe in the economic recovery, then there is less of a possibility that people will be able to rationally select working policies to sustain the recovery.

Politicians should not attempt to manipulate the facts to suit their narrative and we, as the public, must force them to comply when they begin to stray. Sign this petition to send a message to the Republican Governors Association that they should simply acknowledge the fact that the economy has been recovering; this is not a partisan choice, merely one between the use of facts or propaganda in political debates.


Dear Republican Governors Association,

It has recently come the attention of the public that Mitt Romney, the 2012 Republican candidate for president, has requested that Republican governors minimize their talking about the economic recovery. Despite being false, a public perception that the economy is weak and not improving, would benefit the Romney narrative and give him an advantage with ill-informed voters.

A public perception that the economic recovery is not real not only affects politics, but it has a real effect on the economy. If people don’t believe that the economic recovery measures currently in place are working, they are more likely to stop them and stall the recovery. If investors are convinced that the economy is not recovering, they will be less likely to invest in the country.

I, as well as everybody else to sign this letter, ask Republican governors across the country to simply tell the truth: Accurately describe the economic recovery which your state has experienced and promote accuracy in the economic record. By telling the truth about the economic situation in your states, you will allow voters to make rational choices at the voting booths based upon factual information. Nobody should be allowed to get themselves elected based upon falsehoods and specious arguments, regardless of whether there is an R or a D next to their name on the ballot.


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