Keep Birth Control Affordable

Target: President Donald Trump

Goal: Stop President Trump from rolling back the Obamacare birth control mandate for employers and insurance companies.

According to a leaked draft, Donald Trump is planning to undo the current rules under Obamacare which require employers, schools and insurance companies to cover birth control for women. If this plan goes through, up to 55 million women who are currently benefiting from the mandate may now find it more difficult to obtain birth control at an affordable cost.

Access to birth control has been linked to lower rates of abortion, something which should appeal to conservative politicians and organizations. Unfortunately, many of these same groups have raised religious and moral objections to the idea of making sure insurance plans provide coverage for birth control. Without access to affordable contraception, it is likely that the number of unplanned pregnancies will rise, which may mean higher abortion rates and a greater chance that children born will end up living in poverty. Other women who simply rely on hormonal birth control to manage symptoms of heavy periods or endometriosis will also likely suffer.

This is yet another example of the Trump administration’s regressive stance on healthcare issues, particularly when it comes to women’s health. The birth control mandate has helped ensure that millions of women have access to the medications they need and has reduced the demand for abortions. Sign this petition to tell Trump that his plan is damaging and that this mandate must remain in place.


Dear President Trump,

Your decision to remove the birth control mandate which ensures that employers and insurance companies must provide coverage for contraception is unacceptable. If the mandate is rolled back, potentially millions of women could lose access to affordable birth control, which will in all likelihood will mean an increase in unplanned pregnancies and abortion.

Access to birth control is linked to better outcomes for children who are born once parents are ready to financially and emotionally provide for them. Furthermore, many women rely on birth control for treating hormonal issues or a variety of health conditions unrelated to contraception. Removing this mandate will unfairly harm them on the false justification of religious or moral obligations.

I am urging you not to deny coverage to the women who rely on these medications, and demand that you not repeal this mandate.


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  1. tina robertson says:

    Wtf? Come on Trump doesnt want poor ppl to breed. And thats one of the only things I can agree with. If you cant provide for a child you shouldnt be allowed to have one. Harsh? If this was the rule, white trash would die out. Come on. Its worth it. Besides ppl should want their kids to be safe and healthy which means they dont qualitheyo be parents. selfish stupid reasons they breed- mostly to trap a man anyway. Selfish. No they dont need to breed just bc thats all they are good at.

  2. The current WH administration says they are pro family and pro life. But, without access to birth control what you get is more unwanted pregnancies and more abortions. How does that help anyone? This would lead to more unwanted children that are abused, that do not receive proper care and a decent upbringing and so on. This is a really bad idea and should be dismissed as the joke it is.

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