Bring the Jamie Oliver Food Revolution to Los Angeles Public Schools

Petition Target: LAUSD School Board

Celebrity chef Jamie Oliver has been rejected by the Los Angeles Unified School District (LAUSD) in his attempts to bring his show to the LA public school system. Oliver is filming the second season of his popular Food Revolution show in Los Angeles, yet the LAUSD refuses to allow him inside the schools or to film any school lunches.

Los Angeles children, nearly 50% of which are obese or on the verge of being obese, are often forced to consume food with high levels of salt, grease, preservatives and non-nutritious ingredients in their public school lunches.

Oliver is hoping to focus the nation’s attention on this unhealthy situation, much as he did last year with public schools in Huntington, West Virginia. However, the LAUSD school board is refusing to allow Oliver to show their lunches on TV and will not permit his show on any public school grounds.

Oliver is asking the public to contact the LAUSD school board and tell them to allow the Food Revolution into Los Angeles public schools. Sign the petition below to let the school board know you support a Food Revolution for LA schools.

Petition Text:

Dear LAUSD School Board Members (Marguerite Poindexter LaMotte, Mónica García, Tamar Galatzan, Steve Zimmer, Yolie Flores, Nury Martinez, Dr. Richard Vladovic),

I strongly support Jamie Oliver’s attempts to bring the Food Revolution to the Los Angeles public school system. The LAUSD school board should permit Mr. Oliver to film on campus and to make recommendations on how to improve the health of public school lunches.

I am very concerned with the obesity and childhood diabetes rates in Los Angeles and believe Mr. Oliver can help us make a meaningful difference.

As a result, I strongly request that you open the Los Angeles public schools to the Jamie Oliver Food Revolution.

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  1. Cristina Moffitt-Jackson says:

    For the school district to refuse Jamie Oliver to film/ review the school meals proves that they are not willing to expose the shocking “meals” that they are dishing out. I wonder if any of the district board members have had a school meal?

    I sure hope that many more parents will support Jamie Oliver in his quest to bring good nutritious meals into our schools. Having lived in the UK for several years, I was fortunate enough to witness his work in changing the British school meals. Many parents, like myself, were overjoyed as were the children.

    Please support the change. The school district is contributing to child obesity with it’s present menu’s and we need to put and end to this.

    • Legitimate news journalists and organizations are always invited to view LAUSD’s food services area. In fact they are very proud of leading the nation in providing healthy and nutritious meals to their students and news organizations have covered them on a number of occasions. They just don’t want to participate in another realty TV program. Too much drama and conflict.

  2. natalie jensen says:

    what concerns me is that the school my 4 1/2 year old is zoned to is rated 10/10 on and the foods being served include chicken nuggets and pizza hut pizza! I would -considering the food on offer – provide his meals for him when he does go to a school but for him to be exposed to these high fat- high salt foods as part of the school’s normal daily meal plan really frightens me. If the schools here don’t know how to nourish a child’s body, I feel that they don’t really care. I’m so disappointed especially since I thought California had this reputation for being sporty/outdoorsy/healthy.

  3. I’ve seen this kind of behavior in my daughters schools. I’ve seen the vending machines and the soda and flavored milks and fast foods (Pizza Hut)etc. and others that are brought in. If you question this, your rebuffed or told to leave. When you combine this with the removal of Phys. Ed. from the curriculum, it’s clear that health is not a priority. Moreover, you don’t have to be a conspiracy nut to realize that someone is profiting from this, and it isn’t the kids. When an elected official tells you that everything is fine and you should trust him without question and that you aren’t allowed to see what’s going on (as exemplified by the board member’s statement on the show)…well, that’s how we got into Iraq, isn’t it? I’d like to see an investigation of not only the quality of the food but also the financials of the officials and venders to see how the money is disbursed and who is getting what. I’m not saying there is dishonesty, but then again…dishonesty has occasionally occurred in some places.(Enron, certain County Executives etc.) By the way, saying that food satisfies a government standard isn’t really saying it’s healthy…The standard measurement of quality of government officials may be legally acceptable but I imagine’t my wife wouldn’t accept me if I met the standard of a Schwarzenegger, Edwards or Wiener. The district appears to believe that if you insist on something often enough and at the same time put up barriers, people are bound to believe you, eventually. Word to the wise folks, when you hide something…people are going to think you have something to hide.

  4. Heidi Hess says:

    Steve Zimmer has to go. Can you imagine the decisions he is making for our kids when it’s obvious he doesn’t care? I know all schools are on a budget, but just remember, the people that are trying to meet the budget are the ones that need to have THEIR wages and personnel cut.

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