Stop Bowhunting in Florida

Target: The Suwannee River Water Management District

Goal: Don’t allow bowhunting on Suwannee River lands.

Suwannee River Water Management District in Oak Park, Florida, is debating leasing its lands for bowhunting in order to raise funds for land management activities. They are holding a public meeting on July 5th to discuss fee-based hunting on the land, which would include bowhunting.

Bowhunting is one of the cruelest and inhumane forms of hunting. Rifle hunting can be cruel, but often leads to an instant death. In bowhunting, the hunter is often less than fifty yards away from their target, and using at least fifty pounds of pressure to shoot the animal. Once shot, an animal is wounded, and hunters can spend hours following bloody tracks before finding the dying animal, if they can find the animal at all. If the animal is not found by the hunter, their death is slow and painful, and it can take several weeks for the animal to succumb. In the meantime, the animal’s young often die of starvation or dehydration.

There are many other recreational activities that can be used to raise money, such as boating or hiking, and these activities are open to a wider group of people, such as families. The district does not have to allow bowhunting. Sign the petition below, and tell the Suwannee River Water Management District to find another method of raising money that does not put the animals on its lands at risk for slow, cruel deaths.


Dear Suwannee River Water Management District,

Bowhunting is one of the cruelest forms of hunting. Animals are often left to die slow, painful deaths, taking weeks to succumb to their injuries, while their young die of starvation and dehydration. However, you are still planning to consider leasing your lands to allow bowhunting in order to raise money for land management activities.

There are many other fee-based recreational activities that can raise money, such as boating, hiking, camping, or kayaking, and these activities are open to a wider group of people, increasing your chances of raising more money. I urge you to ditch fee-based bowhunting and consider another more humane avenues for raising funds.

Please listen to the public, and reconsider allowing bowhunting on your lands.


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  1. How could anyone consider this as recreation?????

  2. Dr. Christa Pardeller says:

    Do not kill. This is Law and Order of God. Do not kill animals.
    Animals are living creatures.

    Love animals, treat animals well and don’t kill animals.
    Do not kill. This is Law and Order of God. Do not kill animals.
    Animals are living creatures. Don’t eat animals, they’re also living creatures and friends.
    Forbid animal testing, treat well animals and forbid to kill animals.
    Don’t eat meat, don’t eat fish.
    Eat vegan and live vegan. Don’t eat meat, don’t eat fish.
    No products from and of animals.
    Don’t kill animals and treat animals well and treat animals rightly.
    And do not destroy the vital habitat of animals. Do not destroy the nature.

  3. A total horror that must end. Who could engage in this method of inflicting such a slow, agonizing death to these innocent living beings, who feel as we do and are trying to survive in this world?

  4. Im sorry but you people are some serious morons. You think the way they bash cows in the head is more humane, for you to get your steak. Oh wait I see let others do your dirty work, did you know that venison from the woods is more nutricious than the meat you by in the store? and don’t qoute the bible if you don’t know what it say’s, translation is to not commit murder and hes talking about to a person, not an animal. The Bible says we are to have dominion over the earth and the animals and fish in it. So lets see you dont think hooking a fish and fighting it for hours is not inhumane?? Now the trick question there is that the word inhumane is deiscribing something done to a human not a freaking animal. How do you think people ate and servived for centuries before grocery stores ??? Man you people should maybe get a life and actually worry about something important! The reason way wildlife is on the upward turn in so many places is because of the money the hunters poor into conservation of same said wildlife you ignorant imbeciles.

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