Demand Justice for Shih Tzu Thrown Into Traffic and Killed

Target: Assistant Prosecutor Michele Miller

Goal: To demand that the maximum jail sentence be assigned to Haniyyah Barnes, the woman who broke into a neighbor’s home and killed her dog by throwing it into oncoming traffic.

Many people, whether their dog is small and fluffy or a seasoned guard dog, expect that their dog will try to protect their home if it is broken into. That is exactly what Honey Bey, a two-year-old, four-pound Shih Tzu, did when her owner’s Newark, NJ home was broken into on August 27th, 2011. Twenty-five year old Haniyyah Barnes, upset to find her parking spot blocked, reportedly became infuriated and kicked down her neighbor’s door. After verbally threatening the home’s occupant, Barnes turned her attention to Honey Bey, who was reportedly barking, as most dogs would, at the intruder.

Barnes grabbed Honey Bey by the neck, ran outside, and threw her directly into oncoming traffic. Honey Bey was struck by a car and killed instantly. The incident was witnessed by a patrolling Newark police officer.

On June 18, 2012, Barnes faced charges of animal cruelty, burglary, theft, and criminal mischief. She pleaded not guilty. Barnes’ next court appearance is scheduled for July 30. If convicted, she faces up to a five year prison sentence for third-degree animal cruelty, and up to an additional ten years for second-degree burglary. Barnes’ bail is currently set at $35,000.

Please sign the petition below to demand justice for Honey Bey. The death of this innocent dog was completely unnecessary. Barnes should receive the maximum prison sentence for her brutal act of violence that caused Honey Bey to lose her life.


Dear Assistant Prosecutor Michele Miller,

This letter is in regards to the murder of Honey Bey, the four-pound Shih Tzu who was thrown into oncoming traffic when she barked at an intruder in her home. For her cruel act, please consider sentencing Haniyyah Barnes to the fullest extent of the law. What she did to Honey Bey was not only completely uncalled for, but displayed a level of violence and lack of self control that could prove dangerous again in the future if not addressed.

To take the life of another living being, especially over something so trivial, is completely uncalled for. Honey Bey did not deserve to lose her life, and her family did not deserve to go through the stress of losing a family member, all over something as insignificant as a parking issue. Please show the world that animal cruelty is not something that will be tolerated in NJ.


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  1. Laurette Chartrand says:

    What would have she done if this was a small child yelling at her, do the same thing? She should be charged with murder to the fullest extent of the law.

  2. Dawn Blair says:

    This woman needs to be sentenced to death….I would great pleasure in killing her myself and not have the slightest regret…I would do it with a smile on my face…may she rot in hell.

  3. This is why sentencing is somewhat subjective. It provides a review of the motives behind crimes and allows for human analysis of the nature of those acts, including how violent they are, and consideration beyond the letter of the law of how likely the offenders are to commit heinous or violent crimes in the future. Considering the high statistical likelihood that animal abusers will commit violent crimes against people, a maximum sentence is in justified.

    Read this:

  4. An evil person should not be allowed to threaten others. To kill a neighbor’s pet should demand a prison stay. Not only was the dog killed but the neighbor’s look on life will always be affected. A jail term would give this person a chance to think. There are consequences for people who do not live and act within the bounds of society.

  5. Maybe if she was thrown into the street instead of the helpless shihtzu, I could see it in her eyes how angry she is. What a poor excuse of a human being. Yes!!!!! to the fullest degree of the law

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